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Understanding Integration

Apr 1, 2008, By Alexander Brandon

Way back in the December 2007 issue of Mix, we scratched the surface of game sound integration techniques. (See AudioNext: Roll Your Own Level.) We explored...

Let's Play Peek-a-Boo

Mar 1, 2008, By Alexander Brandon

It wasn't too long ago that videogames represented an interest of less than 10 percent of the nation's population. That meant if you sold 1 million copies...

The Importance of Being Earnest

Feb 1, 2008, By Alexander Brandon

People are beginning to take games seriously, but not as seriously as they regard film in terms of dramatic presentation. This is in large part because...

Game Composers Get Their Fair Share

Jan 1, 2008, By Alexander Brandon

Those who work in the videogame industry now face most of the same issues as their counterparts in the film and television industries. For example, in...

Roll Your Own Level

Dec 1, 2007, By Alexander Brandon

A lot of audio issues have been covered in this space lately, from facility design to education programs. But for many of you, the actual process of integrating...

Education Generation

Nov 1, 2007, By Alexander Brandon

There are a lot of audio education programs out there, from weeklong studio classes to Master's programs. From Berklee College of Music to Musicians Institute,...

A Day at Obsidian Entertainment

Sep 1, 2007, By Alexander Brandon

I have built three audio studio/departments during my decade-long stint in interactive/game sound. The latest is a temporary setup for Los Angeles-based...

Soundelux Design Music Group

Aug 1, 2007, By Alexander Brandon

In our June issue, we profiled Technicolor Interactive, one of many studios providing services to games and interactive entertainment. This month, we...

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