Plunging Into the Vortex

Jul 1, 2007, By Alexander Brandon

Surround sound. If you're into next-gen audio, then you need to get hip to multichannel audio. Forty percent of game consoles are hooked to surround systems,...

Technicolor Interactive

Jun 1, 2007, By Alexander Brandon

There are many great houses of game audio production that deserve attention, and in due course I'll cover all of them. The first of these has the gusto...

Audio Middleware, Part 3

May 1, 2007, By Alexander Brandon

In my March and April columns, I began a report on videogame audio middleware, examining the value of this software in game production. In this final...

Audio Middleware, Part 2

Apr 1, 2007, By Alexander Brandon

In the March 2007 column, I began my report on middleware game audio engines: what this software is, how to get it and its value as an essential cog in...

Audio Middleware

Mar 1, 2007, By Alexander Brandon

When I first played games such as Pac Man and Asteroids in the early '80s, I was fascinated. While others saw a cute, beeping box, I saw something to...

Setting the Bar

Feb 1, 2007, By Alexander Brandon

For those of us who tend to seek the cutting edge, I am about to pull a Bill Gates. Yes, the richest man in the world once looked into the future and...

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Game Audio

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