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Schyman Composes 'Destroy All Humans' Third Installment

Dec 3, 2008

Film, television and videogame composer Garry Schyman has created the original music score for the newest installment of the Destroy All Humans! videogame series. Developed by Sandblast Games (THQ Inc.), Destroy All Humans!® Path of the Furon™ is set in the 1970s and the game’s score is inspired by music styles from that era. Schyman’s musical influences for the game include classic 70s film scores by Lalo Schifrin, Jerry Goldsmith and Roy Budd. The score was recorded with a live symphony orchestra, as well as brass band, flute soloist, saxophone soloist and wah wah guitar performed by A-list musicians in Hollywood. ...

Consumers Vote on 3-D

Dec 3, 2008

Meant to be Seen, a group on stereoscopic 3D (S-3D; the ability to display true volumetric 3-D content through 2-D media) gaming and home entertainment, has announced the preliminary results of the U-DECIDE Initiative, an ongoing study of what customers think of 3-D entertainment technologies and why, made possible with the assistance of AMD, iZ3D, Blitz Games Studios, The Game Creators and Guild Software. ...

Bigpoint Makes Move Into U.S.

Dec 3, 2008

Publisher/developer of multiplayer online games Bigpoint has announced that it will incorporate its most popular games on USA Network's Character Arcade Website and SCI FI Channel's Game Center site, with other NBCU properties to come. ...

Novint on Its Way to 'WoW'

Aug 6, 2008

Novint Technologies is developing 3-D touch-software drivers for World of Warcraft (WoW), which has more than 10 million users. Novint plans to release the drivers for the Falcon game controller, which allows users to feel realistic game actions, objects, environments and force feedback later this year. ...

Gamers Rock the Drums

Aug 6, 2008

ION Audio has released Drum Rocker ($299.99), a drum set for the Rock Band 2 videogame. The unit is adjustable and configurable, with drum and cymbal pads mounted individually on a professional aluminum drum rack. ...

'Alone in the Dark' Game Soundtrack Released

Jun 2, 2008

Atari Interactive and Milan Records will release the soundtrack to Alone in the Dark action survival videogame, developed by Eden Games, on May 24, 2008. ...

Become a Rock Star Flash Contest Winners Announced

Jun 2, 2008

Mochi Media and Gaia Online's winners of its "Become a Rock Star" Flash game contest include "Captain Skyro" created by Daniel Adijans (first place) for the judged portion of the contest....

'Rock Band' Soars

Jun 1, 2008, Compiled by Sarah Benzuly

In just four months since its November 2007 release, Rock Band videogame's downloadable content went six-times Platinum; that's 6 million downloads. And...

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