FixIt: Kid Rock Front-of-House Engineer Steve Cross

Nov 1, 2011

[Avid ReVibe] is versatile enough for all my needs in this show. With the exception of one “effect” verb, I try to keep all the verbs for the vocals and instruments very similar in type and decay. If I move from a large hall to a plate verb, I make that change for all verbs and then tailor the times to get them to layer nicely with each other. Another plug-in I use a lot is the Crane Song Phoenix. It has a nice way of bringing things forward in a mix without simply turning them up. Other than that, there are lots of delay cues that use the Avid delay. I use channel compression where needed, but no compressor plug-ins at all. ...

Iridium Club | Live From the House of Les

Nov 1, 2011, By Sarah Benzuly

Though still considered a nascent technology, concert Webcasting—especially in a festival atmosphere—can be a great marketing opportunity or alternate revenue source for artist and venue. Always keeping an eye on the future, Iridium Club (New York City)—the home of the late Les Paul—has begun a series of Webcasts featuring performers gracing the long-storied club’s stage. ...

Meyer Mixing Workshops Online

Nov 1, 2011, By Sarah Benzuly

Buford Jones, front-of-house engineer and founder of Meyer Sound’s Nashville office, has been promoted to live audio and education specialist, where he will focus on bringing his Mixing Workshop seminars online. Taking his place, Lee Moro is the new touring liaison and manager of Meyer Sound’s Nashville office at Soundcheck Nashville. ...

MOM Gets QSC Treatment

Nov 1, 2011, By Sarah Benzuly

Part of an A/V system integration for Budapest’s MOM Cultural Center is a QSC ILA line array system, with a dedicated SC28 system controller to optimize and control L/R hangs of six WL2081-i models and two WL118-sw elements per side, powered by RMX5050HD, RMX4050HD and RMX2450 amps. QSC’s Hungarian distributor, Interton Electroacoustics, worked with acoustic consultant András Kotschy and contractor Market Ltd. “We ran the main system in a tri-amp-plus-sub configuration using the recommended settings, but with some EQ fine-tuning to meet the needs of the operators,”says Interton design engineer Ferenc Volár. ...

Buford Jones Webinars Announced

Oct 4, 2011

Buford Jones, front-of-house mixing engineer (Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Prince, David Bowie, many more) and founder of Meyer Sound’s office in Nashville, has been promoted to the role of live audio and education specialist. In his new role, Jones will expand his focus on education by bringing his Mixing Workshop online, while continuing to host hands-on sessions around the world. One of his first Webinars is scheduled for October 18 entitled "Subs on an Aux." ...

Danley Plays In BeatBox

Oct 1, 2011, By Sarah Benzuly

New San Francisco live music venue BeatBox is the first club on the West Coast to feature Danley Sound Labs loudspeakers and subwoofers. The 30x10-foot stage can move to different locations and take on different configurations. Matt Long, principal of A/V integration firm Sonic Sustenance, installed four Danley SH-60 full-range loudspeakers and four Danley TH-118 subwoofers. On each side of the stage, paired SH-60s deliver a combined 120 degrees of coverage horizontally and 60 degrees of coverage vertically. Powersoft amplifiers with integrated DSP and network accessibility serve as a front end for the system. ...

FixIt: Eighth Day Sound Systems Engineer/Crew Chief Edgardo "Verta" Vertanessian on Juanes Tour

Oct 1, 2011

Juanes is particularly big in South America, where he plays at big outdoor soccer stadiums pretty much all the time. The challenge at those locations is to have a powerful yet crystal-clear P.A. response even when many times we have to supplement what we carry with us with local P.A. add-ons. We would have mains and side arrays, maybe a 270-degree hang, flown subs, four to five main ground sub stacks, and two to six delay towers with distributed sub stacks, depending on the venue. ...

Music In the Park

Oct 1, 2011, By Sarah Benzuly

Walking through Madison Square Park this past summer, you would have heard the sounds from concert series “The Oval Lawn Series.” The New York branch consulting firm SIA Acoustics designs and implements the portable P.A. system each year. The audio crew comprises SIA’s Adam Shulman, Gino Pellicano and Chris Greco. The system employs two Danley SH-96 full-range boxes in a stereo configuration, with two SM-60F compact molded horns for the audience areas on the sides of the stage....

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