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AES 2009 Show Report

Oct 15, 2009 3:39 PM


ADAM SX Series

ADAM SX Series

ADAM Audio demoed its new SX Series. The new triamped S3X-H updates the popular S3A with dual 7-inch woofers, a 4-inch HexaCone midrange and the new X-ART ribbon tweeter for a 32 to 50k Hz bandwidth.

Genelec expands its DSP-driven monitor line with the 8260A, a three-way design incorporating a coaxial mid-high-driver offering smooth on/off-axis response. Loudspeaker Manager software manages crossover filters, driver EQ, driver alignment, room-response correction and distance-compensating delay, and Genelec’s AutoCal automated room calibration/system alignment provides accurate response in varying environments.

Legendary speaker designer Harvey Gerst worked with noted amp designer Russ Allee to create the new HG3 powered close-field monitors for Trident Audio Developments. The HG3 speakers combine a mid and HF driver in a separate swiveling enclosure set into a ported subwoofer cabinet, with the swiveling action greatly reducing diffraction distortion, while letting you adjust directionality for improved imaging.

Consoles, Large and Small

Last month, Mackie Designs created a stir by “leaking” its Onyx 820i mixers with a prototype driver that allows interfacing with Pro Tools M-Powered 8 software. At AES, Mackie announced shipping its entire line of Onyx-i mixers (820i/1220i/1620i/1640i) and that its $49.95 driver for PT M-Powered 8 is downloadable at the company’s site. In addition to a high-quality 24-bit/96kHz FireWire recording interface for use with all major DAWs, Onyx-i mixers offer pro analog features.

Audient’s Zen analog mixing console combines DAW I/O integration with moving-fader automation, transport control and a sonically pure signal path. Designed in a compact frame, Zen features two inputs per channel, DAW record output on each channel, L/R mix bus, two stereo buses, two mono buses, four aux, two cue sends and a stereo compressor.

SSL bowed the improved Duality SE console featuring an Ethernet connection between the mixer and DAW host computer. A dual-layer DAW control lets Duality control two DAWs simultaneously with seamless hardware control surface switching. The channel strips’ Solo/Cut tiles have been replaced with LCD screens, providing a greater level of information. The analog side of Duality also received 25 individual feature additions.

Calrec Artemis

Calrec Artemis

Calrec’s new Artemis console uses the same advanced FPGA core technologies as Bluefin2 and Hydra2, with up to 640-channel processing paths, 128 program buses, 64 IFB/track outputs and 32 auxes, and up to 8,192x8,192 crosspoint routing. Using a combination of OLED displays, touchscreens and light-emitting knobs, the Artemis control surface provides instant visual feedback while enabling you to reconfigure the desk.

Designed to meet the increased demand for slimmed-down user interfaces, the StageTec Crescendo digital mixing system has a compact footprint, but provides full 40-bit floating-point processing with up to 300 channel paths, 128 summing paths and 96 auxes.

Lawo’s MC266 console features a completely redundant signal path and support for 500-plus DSP channels and 8,192x8,192 routing crosspoints. The system supports hot-swapping of the router board and supports configurations from 8x8x8 to 48x8x48 faders. Extender frames range from eight to 16 to 24 faders, while stand-alone extenders are available from 16 to 24 faders.

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