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Sep 23, 2008 1:25 PM

RealTraps MegaTraps
MegaTraps ($249.99 each) absorb more, and to lower frequencies, than any other bass trap product made at any price. MegaTraps are meant for corner placement only, and boast a front face nearly three feet wide. They're meant to be stacked floor to ceiling, filling the corner completely for maximum absorption. MegaTraps are built similarly to other RealTraps bass traps, using a proprietary limp mass membrane behind the front fabric for maximum absorption at bass frequencies. When placed in a room corner, all you see is the solid color fabric front. Because they don't look like typical acoustic panels, they have very high "spouse" acceptance. They also look terrific in recording studios and control rooms.
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A new design change lets clients assemble the WhisperRoom completely from the interior. Older models were equipped with straps and required space around the WhisperRoom for assembly; the new models allow complete assembly to be accomplished from the interior with hinged brackets connecting the ceiling and floor to the walls. This eliminates the need for straps and additional space.
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