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Sep 23, 2008 4:16 PM

Focusrite OctoPre MkII
OctoPre MkII features eight channels of Focusrite preamplification and a built-in 24-bit/96kHz ADAT output, providing an affordable input upgrade for your Pro Tools system or any digital audio workstation. Combining award-winning Saffire PRO preamps with high-quality digital conversion and JetPLL™ jitter-elimination technology, OctoPre MkII is the best-sounding multichannel mic pre in its class. OctoPre MkII's first two channels also feature DIs and everything else you’d expect from a multichannel mic pre solution: 5-LED input metering on every channel, switchable phantom power and a variety of internal and external clocking solutions. U.S. MAP: $499.99.
AES Booth: 129
More information on the OctoPre MKII

Grace Design m501
The m501 is a 500 Series module of the company's acclaimed m101 microphone preamplifier. Included is the exclusive Ribbon Mic mode, a HPF, 48V phantom and a ¼-inch hi-Z instrument input. The m501 is designed to provide Grace Design's signature transparent, musical audio performance to 500 Series rack users.
AES Booth: 448

Phoenix Audio DS48 Mic Preamp
Phoenix Audio's new 8-channel mic preamp, the DRS8, is a solid-state, Class-A discrete model. Each channel has its own dedicated level control, -30dB pad, phantom power, phase reverse, highpass filter and mute buttons. The unit has an 8-channel monitoring output facility so all eight channels can be sent directly to a monitor controller or a patchbay, as well as having individual channel outputs
AES Booth: 860

Rupert Neve Designs Portico II: Channel Strip
The Portico II: Channel Strip is a fully featured mic preamp with a 4-band equalizer, compressor/limiter and revolutionary tonal controls. By combining circuits based on Mr. Rupert Neve's single-sided, discrete RNHV2 op amp cards and custom transformers with a new array of features—such as Texture Control, a mulit-variable de-esser/EQ, multiple VCA filtering/detection options, a transient-optimized swept HPF and parallel compression blending—every element of the the Portico II: Channel Strip is geared toward providing unprecedented sonic performance and control.
AES Booth: 540

SPL Frontliner
The Frontliner is a modular channel strip and merges preamp, de-esser, compressor, EQ and tube saturation. Each of its processing stages provides separate I/Os, and can be inserted into studio environments or DAWs like analog plug-ins.
AES Booth: 361
More information on Frontliner

Triton Audio FetHead
A low-noise, in-line mic preamp, FetHead’s relatively high input impedance benefits ribbon and dynamic mics. Due to a much better impedance match (which lessens the load on the microphone), better overall transient response characteristics are achieved in the signal chain. FetHead’s high-quality, low-noise circuit also extends the usable range of a low-output microphone by making it more suitable for recording softer passages without introducing noise. Some ribbon microphones do not tolerate phantom power. FetHead's circuit uses phantom power but shields it from its input and the mic’s output; as a result, it offers effective protection to the microphone.
More information on FetHead

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