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Oct 8, 2009 5:53 PM

Audio Precision AG52
The AG52 analog hardware generator option for Audio Precision’s APx Series of audio analyzers can generate exceptionally clean square waves with a rise time better than 2 ms. The AG52 can also generate all popular DIM test signals to complement a corresponding new DIM distortion-measurement capability in the software, ideal for power amp test and measurement. Other benefits include a 2dB improvement in THD+N (to -110dB typical) and an increase in maximum output level from 21.21 Vrms to 26.66 Vrms (balanced). The AG52 is supported by APx’s 2-channel APx 520/521/525/526 models. Price: $1,000.
AES Booth: 442

GoldLine TEFnet
Designed for studio or live sound installations, TEFnet is a complete TEF 25 analyzer with five MUX inputs and an additional input for special applications. The system is used with a dedicated house computer. The consultant installs microphones in selected locations and sets the parameters for Pass/Fail evaluation. The software will prevent any unauthorized change made to the consultant’s specifications. The Pass/Fail evaluation is based on a TDS test sweep and automatic sequential activation of MUX microphones. The Pass/Fail evaluation test uses modified Sound Lab speaker test software. The TEFnet system will also include Sound Lab Modules to measure RTA and NLA.
AES Booth: 331

NTI Americas XL2 Audio Analyzer
The XL2 is NTi's new flagship handheld audio and acoustics analyzer. Featuring both comprehensive acoustic and audio measurement functions at performance levels that until recently were only available on cumbersome benchtop audio analyzers costing thousands of dollars more.
AES Booth: 244
More information on the XL2

Stanford Research Systems SR1
The SR1 dual-domain audio analyzer from Stanford Research Systems is a stand-alone instrument that delivers cutting-edge audio measurements, with specs such as -110dB THD+N, ±0.008dB flat response and 24-bit/192kHz resolution. With its high-performance generator and analyzers operating symmetrically in analog and digital domains, the SR1 handles analog audio, digital audio and cross-domain audio signal analysis. Measurements include level, THD+N, harmonic distortion, IMD, FFT, frequency response, multi-tone, crosstalk, histogram, jitter amplitude, spectrum and more. Options include a digital audio carrier digitizer with eye diagrams and carrier spectra, multichannel I/O switchers and an atomic rubidium system clock. Price: $6,900.
AES Booth: 767
More information on the SR1

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