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Sep 25, 2008 2:39 PM

Galaxy Audio Any Spot Wireless Mics
Galaxy Audio introduces the PSE Series, TRC Series and the DHT Series wireless mics. The PSE has 16 selectable UHF channels, whereas the TRC and DHT offer 120 selectable channels. Features include backlit LCD with channel display on transmitters and receivers. All receivers have XLR and ¼-inch outputs and squelch adjustment. Each handheld transmitter features a gain control, and bodypacks have a 0/-10/mic selector switch. Wireless transmitters can be mixed to work with different rackmount receivers. This allows the user to pick the features desired of each component. The HH64 and HH76 both have the option of a changeable microphone element head from cardioid to supercardioid.
More information on Any Spot

HME DX121 Wireless Intercom System
DX121 wireless intercom system plugs into intercom headset jack of any hardwired intercom station, extending range 1,000 feet. Single-channel, 2.4GHz device with relay capabilities to access multichannels in matrix. Eight systems can be used at same location. Great for one to four users and for expanded wireless support for large venues.
AES Booth: 729
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HME CL200 Call Light Actuator
The CL200 is a practical complement to HME’s recently introduced WS200, the industry’s only wireless speaker station with full-duplex, two-way communication capability. The CL200 is used to send a visual call signal to the WS200, as well as an audio call signal to all wireless communicators. It can also be used as a Call indicator to interface the BS200 to any two-wired intercom Call function. The portable speaker station does not need to be hardwired to a master station, and is designed to easily pick up and transport anywhere “speaker box” communication is required.
AES Booth: 729

HME DX300ES Wireless Intercom System
HME’s new DX300ES wireless intercom system supports hands-free, two-way digital communication. Interfacing for two audio channels for radio or intercom communication. Compact and portable; easy setup and operation. Each base enables five users (three wireless) to operate in full-duplex, hands-free mode in the 2-channel configuration, supporting up to 15 users.
AES Booth: 729
More information on the DX300ES

Lectrosonics SMV, SMQV
The new SMV and SMQV "super-mini" Digital Hybrid Wireless® beltpack transmitters include variable RF power: 50- and 100mW for the single AA battery SMV and 50; and a100- and 250 mW for the dual-AA battery SMQV. The transmitters are splash-proof, have removable antennas and are milled from solid aluminum for extreme durability.
AES Booth: 441
More information on the SMV, SMQV

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