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New Formats:
DVD? SACD? MP3? Mix breaks down today's platforms.

Audio Middleware

Mar 1, 2007, By Alexander Brandon

When I first played games such as Pac Man and Asteroids in the early '80s, I was fascinated. While others saw a cute, beeping box, I saw something to...

Get Your Game On

Feb 1, 2007, By Paul D. Lehrman

If you've been playing (or watching your kids playing) any new videogames recently, you've probably noticed that the soundtracks have become incredibly...

Setting the Bar

Feb 1, 2007, By Alexander Brandon

For those of us who tend to seek the cutting edge, I am about to pull a Bill Gates. Yes, the richest man in the world once looked into the future and...

You Can Take It With You

Nov 1, 2006, By Alexander Brandon

I've always wondered just what went into creating mobile audio and how to get into the development community. Mobile audio these days is very similar...

From Scarface to Simlish

Oct 1, 2006, By Blair Jackson

The San Francisco Bay Area was the birthplace of the personal computer revolution and also a primary starting point for the computer videogame industry....

The New Face of Audio

Oct 1, 2006, By Alexander Brandon

Welcome to new monthly column which is devoted to making sense of the ever-so-burgeoning categories of digitally distributed music and mobile audio in...

The Surround Game

Sep 1, 2006, By Paul D. Lehrman

A few years ago, the chief engineer at one of the busiest audio post houses in Boston, a multiroom facility that does mostly TV commercials and hosts...

Sounds Good When I Go Vroom

Aug 1, 2006, Compiled by Sarah Benzuly

More than 10 years ago, Acura teamed up with Grammy Award winning engineer Elliot Scheiner and Panasonic to create the first ELS DVD-A surround sound...

All Media, All the Time

May 1, 2006, By Heather Johnson

As album sales continue their decline and music consumers lean more toward downloading singles via iTunes, MP3 blogs and podcasts, building a loyal fan...

Satellite Soaring

Apr 1, 2006, By David Weiss

Where's the spirit of radio? Instead of looking for invisible wavelengths originating from tall terrestrial towers, focus your eyes on the skies. Train...

Hi-Def Backbone

Apr 1, 2006, By Mel Lambert

The FCC's scheduled 2009 date for analog terrestrial television for U.S. consumers elicits a sigh of relief from major networks and independent broadcasters....

The Musical World of 'The Godfather' Game

Mar 1, 2006, By Blair Jackson

One of the most eagerly anticipated videogame releases this spring is The Godfather: The Game, based on Mario Puzo's famous book and Francis Coppola's...

Sound Effects for 'King Kong, the Game'

Mar 1, 2006, By Blair Jackson

Serious gamers will be the first to tell you that not every great action movie can be successfully turned into a videogame. Indeed, for every successful...

Sound Design fSound Design for Motocross Gamesor Motocross Games

Mar 1, 2006, By Heather Johnson

On a dry, sunny day just outside of Phoenix, pro motocross drivers speed through the wide-open desert, doing crazy jumps and otherwise kicking up a lot...

Game Characters Speak Up!

Mar 1, 2006, By Heather Johnson

It wasn't so long ago that speaking roles in videogames comprised a few repetitive words, a grunt or maybe an oomph for effect. But as games have become...

Marketing to Myself

Feb 1, 2006, By Paul D. Lehrman

Whatever happened to the democratization of music production? Wasn't that supposed to be here by now? And wasn't it supposed to be a good thing? Wasn't...

Odds and Ends, High and Dry

Feb 1, 2006, By Oliver Masciarotte

I wonder how many of you out there watch TV. More specifically, how many of you watch via over-the-air television reception? How about your mom or bro?...


Dec 1, 2005, By Oliver Masciarotte

Back when I was in school, radio was a simple thing. It had a carrier wave and your choice of modulation AM or FM. Life was good. Bandwidth, SNR and other...

The Masters Come Alive

Dec 1, 2005, By Paul D. Lehrman

What is the point of restoring a historical music recording? Is it to re-create the recording session so we can hear the original instruments, the room...

Attack of the Pod People

Nov 1, 2005, By Paul D. Lehrman

Okay, pop quiz: Podcasting is a) the next big thing; b) the current big thing; c) no big thing; or d) How the heck should I know? The correct answer is...

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