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May 9, 2003 12:00 PM, Sarah Benzuly


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News April 16-30

Buzz Audio Releases SSA Mic Preamp
Buzz Audio announced the arrival of its SSA-1.1 microphone preamp. The Stereo Source Amplifier (SSA) is the latest extremely low-noise, transparent-sounding mic preamp that builds on the company's MA-2.2.

The SSA-1.1 utilizes Buzz Audio's Class-A front-end design, resulting in a remarkably transparent and musically sounding mic preamp. Using the same front-panel styling of the Stereo Optical Compressor (SOC-1.1), the front panel includes a new dedicated instrument interface (DI), as well as independent detented gain controls for both the microphone and the DI input. Other controls include a switchable 50Hz highpass filter, soft on/off phantom power, phase reverse and output mute controls.

The SSA-1.1 is now available from Buzz dealers with an MSRP of $1,299.

For more, visit www.buzzaudio.com.

Soundfield Offers Free 5.1 Mic Demo DVD
A free SoundField 5.1 DVD-Video Demo Disc is now available from the Transamerica Audio Group Inc., the exclusive U.S. distributor of SoundField microphones; visit www.transaudiogroup.com to register for your free copy.

To make the demo disc, a SoundField microphone was used to record various types of sources, including live concerts, sound effects and local bar bands. The results of these recordings can be heard on this free SoundField Demo DVD in 5.1 played through a Dolby 5.1 Decoder; also included on the DVD is an overview of the entire SoundField microphone product line.

Skywalker Sound Adds Hitachi Gear
Hitachi Data Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, announced that Skywalker Sound has chosen its Data Systems to consolidate storage and meet the demanding requirements to record, design, edit, mix and play back film soundtracks in real time.

"We needed a high-performance, highly scalable storage solution to maintain and manage hundreds of virtual volumes of sound and film files," said Tim McGovern, director of engineering for Skywalker Sound. "Our new Lightning 9980V has the performance power we require, and having centralized storage instead of individual drives has greatly simplified that aspect of our IT management. Most importantly, it creates a more integrated, collaborative environment for the editorial staff by making all soundtracks easily and instantly available to anyone on the system at any time."

Skywalker Sound selected a Hitachi Freedom Storage Lightning 9980V system with 12 TB of capacity to centralize all of its editorial storage. The solution successfully scaled in performance to support 75 Macintoshes running real-time, highly dense audio tracks. Hitachi ShadowImage software was used to create point-in-time copies of Mac volumes that were then delivered to the recording systems. HiCommand Device Manager manages the whole array.

Prior to this install, Skywalker Sound relied primarily on removable hard drives to share soundtracks. It has edited many film soundtracks on the Lightning 9980V storage system since its implementation in November, including James Cameron's upcoming IMAX feature, The Ghost of the Abyss and Pixar's summer 2003 offering, Finding Nemo.

For more, visit www.hds.com.

Native Instruments' Vokator Now Available
Native Instruments has released its Vokator (for Windows and Mac OS 9.x/OS X), available immediately through authorized dealers everywhere and in the NI Online Shop.

This complete vocoding toolkit features an extremely high-resolution FFT engine, flexible sound sources including an independent synthesizer with granular sampler, a dynamic modulation section and more. Vokator comes with over 400 presets for all types of productions, as well as 300 MB of professional-quality sample material from Zero-G.

For more, visit www.nativeinstruments.com/vokatorshop.info.

Doyle Technology Demonstrates DTV Control System
At NAB, Doyle Technology Consultants unveiled its multichannel master control solution, designed to address management requirements of ATSC data streams. This system combines Doyle’s systems integration with technology innovations from leading industry players NVISION and Sundance Digital.

According to John Hartwell, CTO at Doyle Technology Consultants, "The business and operations of broadcasting are changing, from the present simple management of signal flow to the management of information delivery in data formats. The tried-and-true methods employed in monitoring a NTSC transmission, mainly percent of modulation, will need to be augmented with the monitoring of the used and available data space in the ATSC transmission."

The master control includes an integrated signal management and master control engine built around NVISION’s new NV5128-MC Master Control/Multiformat Routing Switcher. In addition to 128 system inputs, this system provides mixing, keying and voice-over capabilities, as well as built-in squeezeback and a logo store. Also included is a Titan automation system from Sundance Digital, designed for multichannel, server-based broadcast facilities. The system’s graphical user interface (GUI) allows easy monitoring and control of playlists. The Doyle solution will also be usable with Sundance Digital’s FastBreak Automation systems.

For more information on Doyle Technology, please contact Tom Beal at 425/785-5106.

Cycling '74 Releases Max/MSP for Mac OS X
Cycling '74 released OS X versions of the interactive graphical-programming environment Max, and MSP, the collection of audio signal-processing objects.

Max allows users to build programs (called "patches") by connecting graphical objects together. Some objects perform calculations and others make up the user interface of your program. MSP adds a large set of objects that users connect together to make audio patches where signals flow from one object to the next. MAX/MSP takes advantage of Mac OS X's Core Audio and Core MIDI, which makes the use of multiple I/O audio interfaces straightforward and renders OMS and ASIO unnecessary.

Max has a suggested retail price of $250; Max/MSP has a suggested retail price of $495. The OS X version of MAX/MSP is a free update for registered owners of Max 4 and MSP 2. For more, visit www.cycling74.com.

Ned Steinberger Signs With Gibson to Design Instruments
Ned Steinberger, creator of headless guitars and basses, has signed a five-year consulting agreement with Gibson Musical Instruments; GMI purchased the Steinberger company in 1986.

"It's been almost 20 years since GMI bought Steinberger, and during that time, Ned has continued to think about new designs, as well as improvements to existing designs," said GMI representative Jim Rosenberg. "We're very excited about working directly with Ned again and for the future of Steinberger."

For more information about Steinberger, visit www.Gibson.com and www.SteinbergerWorld.com.

Digidesign Offers Contest for Focusrite Swag
Digidesign, North American distributor for Focusrite products, Focusrite and Blue Microphones announced a contest to reward online surfers who visit their Websites with cool swag. For a chance to win one of 50 coffee mugs and T-shirt combo prizes that will be awarded monthly from April 1 to June 30, 2003, contestants must learn about the Blue Mic and Focusrite ISA Series products on www.bluemic.com and www.focusrite.com and go to www.digidesign.com/focusrite_contest to answer some questions.

"We like to have fun with our customers," said Dino Virella, Focusrite's sales and marketing manager. "This contest enables people to learn about our respective product lines and win some cool stuff."

Millennia Announces Twin Direct Recording System
Millennia (Pleasant Valley, Calif.) introduced its TD-1 Twin Direct Recording System with Twin Topology, which merges vacuum tube and discrete solid-state circuit topologies. Twin Direct offers instrument input (1/4-inch), line input (XLR), Speaker Soak™ input (1/4-inch) and optional HV-3 mic preamplifier (XLR) in a single half-width, road-hardened, rack-mountable chassis.

Other features include full-range parametric EQ (20 Hz to 25 kHz), three input-impedance settings (470k, 2M, 10M) and up to 35 dB of standard gain. Combined with Millennia’s HV-3 microphone preamplifier (65dB gain, optional), and the TD-1 can be used as an analog channel strip. A Millennia-designed DI transformer is also included, offering 100% galvanically isolated mic-level DI output. The new DIT-01 transformer exhibits nearly flat frequency response from 3 Hz to 300 kHz. Rounding out Twin Direct’s feature set are individual input, output and earth ground lift switches, along with internal jumpers that offer various points of ground "isolation" (resistive and capacitive lifts).

TD-1 also employs a number of utility functions, including -20dB balanced pad switch for all inputs, signal present and overload indicators, phantom power switch with optional HV-3 microphone preamplifier, polarity reverse switching on all inputs, REAMP-only output polarity reversal (each output), direct-out buffer select, logic-controlled switch mutes, dual stage power volts to 240 volts), side- or top-mount steel carrying handle, substantial rubber feet for stage and studio isolation, available padded Cordura-nylon "gig" bag, and built-in chassis fastening for mounting a stereo pair of TD-1 units into a standard 19-inch rack.

MSRP: $1,395; optional HV-3 Mic Pre: $400; optional Platinum Crackle finish: $300; and cordura nylon padded gig bag: $300. See the Millennia Website for additional technical specifications at www.mil-media.com.

SSL Mic System Used on Fuel Album
While recording Fuel’s latest project, producer Michael Beinhorn and multiple Grammy Award-winner Frank Filipetti used the Solid State Logic XL SuperPre SuperAnalogue Remote Signal Acquisition microphone preamp system at Chalice Recording Studios.

"We listened to a wide variety of microphone preamps because we were recording guitars and we wanted to find the best ones for the job," said Beinhorn. "Out of all the microphone preamps that we tried, the results were definitely a revelation. The [SSL's] response was faster than everything else, and the detail on them was really spectacular to the point that the artist was actually able to notice the improvement over their experience with other gear."

According to Filipetti, "The results were especially eye-opening because we put the SSL’s up against vintage, discrete circuit mic pre’s, and the SSL SuperPre’s were better. One, they have a lot of bottom-end power and, at the same time, they have a lot of air and openness at the top. They were also very smooth in the upper mids. It is a very nice combination and I wish we could have used them on the entire project."

For more on the microphone preamp system, visit www.solid-state-logic.com.

Composer John Hodian Adds Yamaha 02R96
Composer, conductor and pianist John Hodian's (The Real Gangs of New York, Toshiko Takaezu: Portrait of an Artist) Woodstock, N.Y., studio recently upgraded with a Yamaha 02R96 Digital Mixing Console.

"The wonderful thing about the 02R96 is that it’s an economical and powerful solution," Hodian said. "With 56 inputs, I don’t even need a patchbay anymore: Everything can be plugged in directly. Four ADAT cards allow me to go from recording 24 tracks of synthesizers to 32 tracks of live material coming right from the computer. I work a lot with Digital Performer and used to have to unplug and reconfigure my previous board every time I wanted to go from synth stuff to tracking and mixing live audio; now, it’s all ‘right there.’

"The 02R96 has definitely increased my efficiency in recording and mixing," he continued. "The versatility is phenomenal: It operates at 48k, which is common when working with film and TV, since everyone now edits video digitally on the Avid."

Hodian’s current projects include a new CD for Epiphany Records co-founder Bet Williams. "Originally, we were going to try to mix the album somewhere else [other than his studio], but the 02R96 mix sounds so good, we’ll probably mix the entire album on it. It has a second mode of EQ that is brand-new, and it sounds a lot warmer than most other consoles on the market."

For more on the Yamaha 02R96, visit www.yamaha.com/proaudio.

Cool Edit Pro Now Supports Mackie Control
Mackie Designs (Woodinville, Wash.) announced that Syntrillium Software has made support available for Mackie Control in Version 2.1 of Cool Edit Pro audio editing software; Mackie Control is also supported by Cakewalk Sonar, Digidesign Pro Tools, Magix Samplitude, MOTU Digital Performer, RML Labs SAWStudio and Steinberg Cubase SX, Cubase SL and Nuendo.

Mackie offers a custom Cool Edit Pro-specific overlay for the Mackie Control's master section, indicating key software control functions for each button. The Cool Edit Pro overlay currently ships with all Mackie Controls and is also available to current Mackie Control owners via the Mackie Website at www.mackie.com. Existing Cool Edit Pro users can download the free Version 2.1 upgrade from www.syntrillium.com.

Avid Equips NBC Newsrooms
Avid Technology is installing its iNEWS newsroom computer system in NBC's newsrooms; the installation will also be extended to NBC's recently acquired Telemundo facilities.

NBC is among a group of broadcasters in the U.S. that have purchased and installed Avid's iNEWS technology; since September 2002, iNEWS systems have been installed by 19 different broadcasters, including Sinclair Broadcast Group in Baltimore, The Golf Channel (Orlando), KVVU (Las Vegas), KAKE (Wichita, Neb.), WNJU (New York/New Jersey) and Salt Lake City-based KSL.

We're extremely pleased with the rate at which broadcasters are adopting the Avid iNEWS system," commented David Schleifer, director of Avid Broadcast. "No other newsroom computer system in the world offers such full control of a newscast."

For more, visit Avid online at www.avid.com.

IndieMusicClub.com Tracks News, Tips for Indie Musicians
Spincycle Media Inc. (Orlando) has launched its www.IndieMusicClub.com, a daily news and information service for independent musicians. A free, weekly e-mail digest will be sent every Tuesday morning.

"With so much information floating around for emerging artists, we felt it was time to provide a focused digest of news that's critical for musicians," said Joe Taylor Jr., Spincycle's founder and head of the editorial team that updates the site daily. "The Weblog format allows us to highlight some of the best writing on the Web in a spontaneous way."

The site's news and commentary are grouped into five distinct categories: "Build Your Own Band's Site," "Get Your First Gig," "Grow Your Band's Audience,' "How Your Own Concerts" and "Start Your Street Team."

Blink Digital Expands DVD Authoring Center
New York City-based Blink Digital has nearly doubled its size of its authoring center with the addition of new technological capabilities–most notably a 5.1 surround audio suite for sound design, mixing and mastering–a pair of high-powered motion graphics workstations and a recently constructed DVD presentation suite. Additionally, the company has added to its production staff with two veteran DVD project managers: Ross Goodman (formerly of Masterdisk) and Zooey Tidal (formerly with eagle Vision).

"We needed to boost capacity to meet current demands and accommodate future growth," said Blink Digital's managing director and founder Jeff Stabenau, adding that the new facility is in a great part of town: overlooking both Rockefeller Center and Time Square.

Goodman had been at MasterDisk since 1998, serving as director of DVD operations. He oversaw DVD authoring assignments for such clients as Arista Records, BBC Worldwide, Lion's Gate Films, Trimark Pictures, KOCH International and American Express. At Eagle Vision, Tidal was involved in the production of numerous music-related DVDs, including hip hop compilation The Up in Smoke Tour and Marilyn Manson: Guns, God and Government World Tour.

For more, visit Blink Digital online at www.blinkdigital.com.

Soundtracs Launches Digital Post, Broadcast Console
At NAB 2003, Soundtracs launched a new console for the broadcast, post-production and music-production marketplaces: the modular, expandable, digital DS-00.

The main mixing console of the DS-00 provides a 17-fader surface with 64 fully featured channels and 40 buses. It has two large, full-color, backlift TFT touchscreens, with eight user-defined macros that are instantly programmable with single or multiple functions. The DS-00 is capable of handling stereo, LCRS, 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, and the 40x8 matrix has two calibrated levels and insert points for Dolby insertion. Also standard are eight line/mic inputs, 16 line outputs, 24 AES/EBU I/O with SRC per XLR and eight optical I/O. A second MADI port is provided for DigiTracs connection or third-party editor connection.

The optional EX-00 is an 8-fader unit with a single digital touchscreen, allowing the user to expand the work surface to up to 49 faders. Up to four EX-00s can be added.

Final additions include the FP-00, a specially developed film panel for large-format film mixing, and the HD-00 19-inch rack section.

For more, visit www.digiconsoles.com.

Jack Casady Installs Furman Gear in Home Studio
Bassist Jack Casady recently installed a Furman Sound HDS-6 Headphone Distribution System and five HR-6 Headphone Mixing Stations in his Los Angeles-based home studio.

Casady, former bassist for Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna, is currently recording his first solo release for Eagle Records, entitled Dream Factor. The new album features Ivan Neville on vocals, Jorma Kaukonen and Warren Haynes on guitars, and Matt Abts and Steve Gorman on drums, to name a few.

According to Casady, "In a small recording environment, it’s important for each musician to create the right individual headphone mix in order for them to feel the rhythm and correctly play in the pocket. Every musician should have individual control over their headphone mix, because when you do, everyone can play off each other and create great live tracks!"

Casady is using the HDS-6 System and HR-6 Mixing Stations for both live basic tracks and overdubs. "The live basics generally consist of bass, drums, rhythm guitar and Hammond organ," Casady said. "All of the basic tracks are being done live, so the Furman headphone system is constantly in use, and it really makes everyone feel comfortable. Even when we do Ivan Neville’s vocal overdubs, we put a stereo mix of the basic tracks on one track and Ivan’s vocals on another. That way, he doesn’t need to keep bugging the engineer to adjust his levels; he can just change them himself."

For more on the system, visit www.furmansound.com.

Genex, Merging Technologies Form Alliance
Genex Audio and Merging Technologies have formed a strategic alliance to provide a seamless transition between sound acquisition and post-production.

"Genex Audio is the world's leading developer of multiformat digital multitrack recorders and converters," said Genex president Kevin Brown. "Through our close co-operation with Merging Technologies, we have developed a series of unique interchange tools that will dramatically reduce the time needed to exchange data between our products."

Extensions to the MADI (Multichannel Audio Digital Interface) AES-10 standard protocol will allow a conventional MADI interface to transmit and receive up to 24 channels of DSD data between Pyramix and either the GX9000 Series Multiformat converters. "Optional plug-in MADI cards for our recorders and converters use optical-fiber interconnects to carry digital audio data hundreds of meters with no interference," Brown said.

Both companies support the DSD IFF and AES31 file formats, and have developed extensions to the AES31 interface to support multichannel DSD recordings. "The new GX9000 and GX9048 Digital Multitrack Recorders are now capable of generating Pyramix-formatted waveform files during the record process," Brown said. "A disk drive can now be hot-swapped from a GX9000 or GX9048 recorders to a Pyramix workstation for direct access to waveform editing and plug-in tools."

"While multichannel transmission of up to eight channels of DSD audio signals is possible with transmission mediums based on existing AES/EBU- or SDIF-format I/Os," said Claude Cellier, president of Merging Technologies, "clearly the industry needs a more practical transmission standard–even more so as the first DSD products with capacities in the range of 16 to 48 channels are being rolled out. We are very pleased to see Genex adopt the DSD-M format, which is based on well-proven, reliable and cost-effective MADI technology."

For more, visit Genex online at www.genexaudio.com or Merging Technologies at www.merging.com.

Great River Introduces ME-1NV Preamp
Great River Electronics' (Inver Grove Heights, Minn.) ME-1NV ($1,499) single-channel preamplifier is designed to bring the classic '70s vintage sound to project and personal studios. The ME-1NV offers identical performance and specifications to its dual-channel predecessor, the MP-2NV "Mercenary Edition," to re-create the vintage sound of the Neve 1073 preamp.

The ME-1NV is a product of a collaboration between Great River Electronics, Mercenary Audio and Sowter Transformers. The custom-designed Sowter transformers and modern components result in a lower noise floor, extended frequency response and superior bass clarity.

The front panel includes a 12-position, gold-plated gain control adjustable in 5dB steps from 5 dB to 60 dB, and an output-amplifier continuous gain control that can be adjusted from -25 dB to +10 dB, providing an overall maximum gain of 70 dB. The front-panel 1/4-inch, hi-Z instrument input feeds an input transformer and a unique FET buffer amplifier. The output amplifier is a single-ended proprietary transformer-coupled design. Switches are provided for phantom power and signal polarity, as well as input impedance selection between 1,200 ohms and 300 ohms, and output transformer loading in/out. Dual six-LED ladders allow the metering of both the second amplifier and output stages and the optimization of levels through the device. The fully balanced inputs and outputs are accessed via rear-panel XLR connectors, and a TRS patch jack allows users to insert a compressor or equalizer ahead of the output amplifier. A 1/4-inch, -10dbV output jack can be used to feed a no-latency monitor mix.

Fore more, visit www.greatriverelectronics.com.

BIAS Unveils Peak 4
At NAB, BIAS showed Peak 4, an upgrade to the stereo waveform-editing application for Macs. New features in Peak 4 include support for Audio Unit plug-ins, multiprocessor support, Redbook CD burning from within Peak, new DSP tools (PureVerb, Bit Usage, Squeez) and much more.

Peak's graphic user interface has been streamlined and sports a brushed-metal look. The upgrade is also a Mac OS X-only app, allowing users to take advantage of the OS X-only services within OS X.

"Peak 4 really raises the bar for editing and mastering professional audio on the Macintosh platform," said Jason Davies, VP of worldwide sales for BIAS. "Peak 4 really represents what a Macintosh user loves and expects from a professional audio-editing experience. And, the addition of powerful new features really does make this the most exciting revision of Peak ever."

Peak 4 will be available Q2 of this year with a SRP of $499; Version 4 of Peak LE and Peak DV will be available soon thereafter. Upgrades to Peak 4 are $149. Customers who purchase Peak/Peak LE/Peak DV 3 after April 1 will receive a free upgrade. For additional product information, head on over to www.bias-inc.com.

Club Mobius Powered by Turbosound
For the past three years, Los Angeles-based Club Mobius has been using a Turbosound rig that, according to club owner and promoter Robert Diaz, can be heard for some considerable distance.

In the main room, eight Turbosound Floodlight Series TFL-760H active three-way, mid-high enclosures are combined with eight TSW-718 dual 18-inch low-frequency speakers and four TSW-124 single 24-inch subwoofer units; the system is powered by 20,000 watts of QSC amplifiers. A pair of TSE-111 two-way enclosures and a pair of single 18-inch bass units cover a smaller lounge and dance studio upstairs. XTA, BSS and Turbosound processors provide speaker control throughout.

"You can walk a block-and-a-half and the floor is still vibrating, through several buildings," said Diaz. "Those are the best bass cabinets for low frequencies. Four will do a stadium, really."

Although Club Mobius has played host to top DJs, Diaz and his business partner Christian Manchester have turned the Mobius Arts Performance Center into a black-box space that is equal parts gallery, performance space and traditional DJ-friendly nightclub venue. "We've been developing Mobius over the last year-and-a-half, doing special events, gallery shows, one-off events," said Diaz. But the club is only a small part of the pair's business ventures, which revolves around Whump Sound, the duo's sound, lighting and production company.

For more, visit Turbosound online at www.turbosound.com or Club Mobius at www.clubmobius.com/.

Sigma Electronics Offers New Line of Audio Signal-Management Tools
At NAB, Sigma Electronics unveiled its OctaStream family of AES digital audio signal-management products. Designed to cost-effectively address 8-channel audio and the integration of AES and multichannel digital audio into a DTV stream, the OctaStream family consists of the DA5320 mixer and subframe router, the DA5315 variable delay compensator, the DA5325 sample-rate converter and the SG5605 audio-reference generator.

The series is designed for Sigma’s new S5000 signal-management frame, which allows full, unrestricted access to all modules, and is also capable of hot-swapping of all modules and power supplies. The high-density frame holds up to 10 modules, each with 10 connectors, and allows module status indicators to be fully viewable when the door is installed.

The DA5320 offers timing, mixing and synchronizing solutions for eight individual audio channels from four AES input streams. The unit derives its timing reference from AES input 1/2. The DA5315 sets variable delay up to 10 seconds for each of four independent AES signals on eight channels, and allows delay to be selected in units of seconds or NTSC/PAL frames. The DA5325 serves as the audio equivalent of a video frame synchronizer. The module is designed to retime four asynchronous AES inputs to a local reference while maintaining perfect phase. DA5325 allows selectable conversion of sample rates from 28 to 108 kHz to 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz or can be steered by an external reference. Finally, the SG5605 tracks audio channels by generating AES tone/silence with eight audible channel identifiers. It can operate as stand-alone or may be locked to a master video reference. The unit can generate simultaneous outputs of tone and silence, and features a user-selectable ID timing period that can be turned on or off on a channel-by-channel basis.

All of the modules feature front-panel controls for basic functionality, and include GUI software to control all of the units’ functions when paired with the optional CI705 control interface module.

"There are many systemic technical issues associated with digital audio, and if engineers haven’t faced them yet, they will be facing them soon," said Nigel Spratling, president of Sigma Electronics. "Among them is the fact that the timing relationship between digital video and digital audio is the one that often goes awry. Also, if stations want to deliver a digital multichannel stream, how are they going to manage, manipulate and deliver the content? These are just some of the questions that OctaStream was designed to answer."

For more, visit www.sigmaelectronics.com.

Soundminer 3.0 Geared for OS X
Soundminer Inc. (Toronto) announced its new flagship application, Soundminer 3.0, for both OS 9 and OS X and with advanced support for both Steinberg’s Nuendo (Mac-only) and Digidesign’s Pro Tools 6 and DigiBase.

"We realized with the move over to OS X, we had an opportunity to add things we had wanted to add for some time," said Soundminer’s Steve Pecile. Most notable advancements include Nuendo 2.0 and Pro Tools 6 support; metadata support for DigiBase and The Pool; BWAV support; multichannel support, including the ability to spot surround tracks; and the new multiple spot feature, which allows users to "lay up" multiple files to a Nuendo/Pro Tools track.

Soundminer 3.0 works with all Digidesign session formats from 5.1.1 up and with all levels from LE through to Pro Tools 6 HD/TDM systems, as well as Nuendo 1.5 to 2.0 systems (Mac-only).

For more information, visit www.soundminer.com.

Yamaha Adds to Mini-YGDAI Expansion Cards
Yamaha Pro Audio has expanded its line of Mini-YGDAI expansion cards with the introduction of the MY16 Series. The three new cards are capable of supporting up to 16 channels of simultaneous ADAT, AES/EBU and TDIF formats, respectively, via a single expansion slot located on the Yamaha 02R96 and 01V96 digital audio consoles.

All 16 channels can be used independently at sample rates up to 48 kHz. The MY16 Series can also be "channel-stacked," providing eight channels of I/O at 88.2 or 96 kHz.

For more, head on over to www.yamaha.com/proaudio.

Country Music Hall Adds Artifacts
Nashville-based Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is making changes to its exhibit, "Sing Me Back Home: A Journey Through Country Music," depicting a chronological story of country music's history from the 19th century to present day.

According to VP of museum services Lauren Bufferd, artifacts are periodically returned from the exhibit cases to the archives and different items take their place on display. Among the items to be returned to archives are Minnie Pearl's signature hat and Loretta Lynn's homemade dress. New additions are expected to be completed for the 32nd Annual Fan Fair celebration to be held in downtown Nashville from June 5 to 8, 2003.

New additions include Chet Atkins' D'Angelico guitar; the Delmore Brothers' 1942 018-T Martin tenor guitar and 1940 000-18 Martin guitar; Cora Cline's hammered dulcimer; Cliffie Stone's three-neck classical guitar; Pearl's bronze Country Music Hall of Fame plaque; a Jim Reeves' costume; the dress Lynn wore to Opry statesman and Country Music Hall of Famer Roy Accuf's 80th birthday gala; Don Law's (head of Columbia Records' country music division in the 1950s and '60s) black-leather studio logbook; Roger Miller's Gibson classical guitar (serial #127647); Ernest Tubb's Ernest Tubb Radio Song Book No. 2: 20 Favorites; and many others.

For more, visit www.countrymusichalloffame.com.

Music Choice Reaches Royalty Agreement
Music Choice announced a joint settlement with the RIAA, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) and American Federation of Musicians (AFM) for royalty rates and terms through 2007; the agreement covers the time period of January 1, 2002, to December 31, 2007.

Music Choice provides cable and satellite customers with 54 channels of commercial-free, CD-quality music 24 hours a day. Headquartered in Horsham, Pa., the service is a partnership among subsidiaries of Microsoft, Motorola, Sony Corporation of America, Warner Music Group, EMI Music, Adelphia Cable Communications, Comcast Cable Communications, AT&T Broadband, Cox Communications and Time Warner Cable.

Also joining in the settlement were other cable/satellite music-subscription services, DMX Music and Muzak. The agreement–submitted as a petition to the U.S. Copyright Office, which must officially ratify the terms–was recently published in the Federal Register. The organization SoundExchange will be responsible for collecting royalties from these digital music channels and distributing them to artists, record companies and other copyright holders.

"We are pleased to have reached an agreement with the music industry groups that provides us with license terms and avoids costly and time-consuming arbitration," said David J. Del Beccaro, president and CEO of Music Choice.

For more information on the service, visit www.musicchoice.com.

Martin Audio Completes W8L System
Martin Audio (Kitchener, Ontario) will introduce the new compact W8LS Line Array Subwoofer at InfoComm in early June; this product completes its W8L Line Array system.

The W8LS is a dedicated, high-performance, sub-bass system designed to augment the low-frequency output of the W8L in large-scale applications where the sub-bass enclosures must be flown. It's physically identical to the W8L and features the same proprietary rigging system, allowing flown arrays to be constructed rapidly and safely.

Featuring a high-power, dual-long excursion 18-inch direct radiator design, the W8LS produces 138dB continuous and 144dB peak from a single half-space unit; it has an extended response of 32 Hz to 180 Hz, ±3 dB, and a usable response to 28 Hz (-10 dB). The cabinet has twin, 1,000-watt 18-inch (460mm) drive units with magnet structure and suspensions engineered for maximum linear excursion. The drivers are reflex-loaded by ports at either end of the enclosure, and substantial internal bracing is employed to minimize energy absorption by the cabinet walls.

For more information about the W8L, visit www.martin-audio.com.

Calvary Chapel Chooses Blue Sky Surround System
Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, a 3,650-seat facility, is one of Florida’s largest modern worship venues, featuring state-of-the-art audio/video recording capabilities along with extensive live sound and lighting systems. The Chapel recently added a Blue Sky 5.1 surround monitoring system, which was purchased from Harris Audio of Miami in 2002, and the speakers were installed in Calvary Chapel’s in-house recording studio, which also features a new Pro Tools|HD system and a Neve V Series console.

Calvary Chapel is beginning to do onsite recording and mixing for live DVD release, entitled Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale Live. The DVD presents a night of worship music performed by the church’s choir and band, with release set for early 2003. "We knew that we’d be moving more into DVD and surround audio formats in the future," said Michael Grosso, chief sound engineer for Calvary Chapel, who mixed both the live sound and the recordings. "I had been introduced to the Blue Sky monitors by Mike Harris, of Harris Audio in Miami, who really raved about their performance. But what clinched it for me was hearing them perform, which I was able to do at Spectrum Recording Studios, a studio in Ft. Lauderdale that has Blue Skys installed. I was knocked out by them there, and they sound just as good here.

"Also," continued Grosso, "I like the fact that the Blue Sky speakers are very well-balanced: They’re pleasant to listen to but not hyped, so you can work on them a long time but still know you’re getting an accurate playback. They’re a great speaker system."

Eventide Names New Director of Product Management
Eventide (Little Ferry, N.J.) announced that pro audio industry veteran David Fournier has recently joined the company as director of product management. Fournier will be responsible for overseeing every aspect of product design, engineering and implementation.

"David brings to Eventide more than 10 years of experience on the manufacturing side of the industry," said Ray Maxwell, Eventide's VP of sales and marketing. "His integral knowledge of product development and manufacturing processes are essential for our success in bringing these many new products to market. With the introduction of our Clockworks Legacy plug-ins, the Reverb 2016 and Plugzilla, and a new generation of Linux-based digital voice loggers for the Communications division, David will play an integral role in making sure these products are built with the feature set that our customers demand, as well as identifying opportunities and developing new products for the future."

"I am thrilled to join a company as well-respected as Eventide," commented Fournier. "Eventide has a strong heritage of technological leadership in professional audio, communications and avionics, and continues to remain a leading innovator. I look forward to contributing my knowledge and experience to help continue that rich tradition into the future."

Fournier was recently at Line 6, where he was the pro audio product manager.

For more, visit www.eventide.com.

L-Acoustics U.S. Launches Pro-Tour Seasoning Leasing Program
L-Acoustics U.S. (Oxnard, Calif.), in partnership with Accent Leasing, announced a new leasing program created for the professional touring sound reinforcement industry.

Known as the Pro-Tour Seasonal Leasing Program, the L-Acoustics U.S. financing plan differs from other leasing programs by being based on the typical seasonal cash flow common to the sound reinforcement/rental business. With this program, the lessee makes payments for nine months of the year, and then only makes $100 maintenance payments in December, January and February: the three months when cash flow from tour operations ebbs to the lowest point. This allows the tour sound company to more appropriately focus remaining cash flow on other operational costs during that period.

"With our new leasing program, touring companies have the financial power to get the gear they need on a payment plan that truly makes sense for their industry," said L-Acoustics U.S. director of sales and marketing Paul Freudenberg. "We currently offer five complete system packages that combine our various respected speaker systems with rigging, cabling and amplification, as well as two packages sans the amplifiers. Companies can also choose to customize packages to meet specific needs if they wish. Whatever the case, all systems are ready for immediate delivery."

For more information on the Pro-Tour Seasonal Leasing Program, contact Freudenberg at paulf@l-acoustics-us.com.

Motown Songwriting Team to be Inducted Into RockWalk
Motown songwriting team Holland-Dozier-Holland, known as the architects of the Motown Sound, will be inducted into the Hollywood RockWalk on Monday, May 12, 2003 at noon.

The trio, whose hits include "You Can't Hurry Love," "Reach Out I'll Be There," "How Sweet It Is to Be Loved By You," "You Keep Me Hanging on," and "Stop! In the Name of Love," among others, have composed more than 200 songs, 130 of which have scored on the pop charts, with more than 70 Top 10 hits and more than 20 songs reaching the Number One chart position.

The songwriters will also be honored as the 2003 BMI ICON recipients and will receive their awards at the 51st Annual BMI Pop Awards dinner on May 13 "in recognition of their unique and indelible influence on generations of musicmakers."

For more, visit www.rockwalk.com.

Apple Unveils Music Download Service
SAN FRANCISCO–At a press conference held April 28, 2003, Apple announced its new music digital download service, dubbed iTunes Music Store and making use of the company’s iTunes music jukebox software.

According to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, " The Internet is built for music delivery," and the subscription services currently online are the wrong path. Garnering licensing deals with the five major labels, iTunes Music Store currently offers 200,000 high-fidelity tracks, with more added daily. Features include: unlimited CD burns (though a user must modify the playlist after every 10 burns); compatibility with an unlimited number of iPod portable MP3 players; the ability to use the downloaded music with other "i" software; and the provision to play on up to three Macs at once via OS X's Rendevous software. This last feature allows the user to stream–not download–another user's playlist (as long as he/she is using iTunes jukebox) to his/her computer.

Unlike the subscription services, users can preview a 30-second snippet of a desired track (AAC-encoded at 128 kbps) for free and then purchase that track for $0.99 (or $9.99 for an entire album). Credit card charges are made via Apple's one-click shopping, where a user's card is charged each time a purchase is made.

Other features of the new service include original CD artwork; the ability to browse by genre, artist or album; exclusive tracks from 20 (and growing) artists; streaming video; and links to artists' Websites.

Available immediately, the currently Mac-only (Windows compatibility is expected at the end of this year) service is available as a free download at www.applemusic.com; there is a free software upgrade for iPod users who need to upload iTunes 4.

Other product announcements at the conference included Version 3 of iPod, which includes a headphone jack, FireWire and USB2 cables ($19 accessory cable for USB2 expected in June), a dock to connect it to a user's computer, a Mac and Windows version in one box; AutoSync, AAC decoding, on-the-go playlists and a personalized main menu. Levels include 10 GB for $299, holding 2,500 songs; 15 GB for $300, 3,700 songs; or 30 GB for $499, 7,500 songs.

Stax Museum of American Soul to Open Shortly
The Stax Museum of American Soul Music (Memphis) will have its grand opening today and May 1, 2003. "Soul Comes Home" is the theme for the international celebration that will include concerts, artist tributes and reunions, conference luncheons, a benefit celebrity golf tournament, tours and the movie premiere of the digitally remastered WattStax.

Scheduled to appear during the three-day event are Stax soul legends Isaac Hayes, Mavis Staples, Booker T & The MGs, Eddie Floyd, Carla Thomas, William Bell, The Bar-Kays, The Temprees, Big Star, the Rance Allen Group, The MarKeys (also known as the Memphis Horns), Little Milton, Mable John, Jean Knight and Linda Lyndell. Hi Records recording artist Ann Peebles, Wilson Pickett, Bootsy Collins, Solomon Burke, Jimmie Vaughan, Warren Haynes (of the Allman Brothers), Luther Vandross and many others will join in the celebration, with posthumous tributes to Stax powerhouses Otis Redding, Johnnie Taylor and Rufus Thomas.

With over 17,000 square feet of exhibit space, the Stax Museum will preserve, promote, interpret and present the life and cultural contributions of soul music. The Museum’s state-of-the-art, acoustically treated music exhibitory will outline the roots of American soul music, its significant contributors, its alignment to history and heritage, and its enduring presence in society. On the original site of Stax Recording Company’s studios, the museum will house archives and over 2,000 artifacts of the soul music label and its artists.

Part of a $20 million revitalization project, the museum is adjacent to the 27,000-square-foot Stax Music Academy that provides urban youth music programming and lessons.

For more, visit www.soulsvilleusa.com.

Synchronicity-Music Adds Blue Sky Monitoring
Synchronicity-Music Inc.–a hard disk recording-based project-type facility, located in a comfortable homey atmosphere–offers services such as music composition and recording and audio for television, film and commercials. The studio recently purchased Blue Sky System One 2.1 speakers from RSPE, a Hollywood-based pro audio resource.

"I’ve never encountered a speaker in this price range or higher, in many cases, that covers the entire spectrum so fully and so smoothly," said Graham Ward, owner and producer at Synchronicity-Music. Ward, also a drummer who has worked with such artists as Paul McCartney and Tom Jones, as well as a mainstream session musician in London for some 25 years, said that the types of music that have passed through Synchronicity-Music have varied: Collaborating with music colleagues Mike "Smidi" Smith and Brian Steckler, Ward and Synchronicity-Music have created and produced theme music for the Fox network’s Nascar broadcasts, as well as worked with artists on Sony Records, Capitol Records, Atlantic Records and J Records, including recent tracks for O-Town and Play. The studio has also done audio-for-video work for cable television companies including Showtime, MTV and VH1.

"What we’re getting is a tremendously broad range of projects, from urban music that requires low frequencies to perform well, to television, in which an entire frequency spectrum has to be compressed into a smaller dynamic range, but still sound good," Ward said. "The Blue Sky 2.1 system was the only speaker system that could cover this wide a range of projects and give us clear, clean and accurate monitoring. They do it with no ear fatigue and, remarkably, they sound as good and are as accurate at either high or low volumes."

For more information on Synchronicity-Music, call 818/505-5522. Check out the Blue Sky Systems at www.abluesky.com.

Technical Data From BSS Available Within Stardraw
BSS Audio (Nashville) announced that the full complement of technical data on all of its products can now be accessed from within Stardraw design and documentation packages via URL links within symbols.

BSS Audio has supplied Stardraw with links to dynamic pages on its Website that use a script to give users instant and specific access to all available online product data through a single mouse click. For example, a single click on the appropriate link within the symbol for BSS' Soundweb device takes users straight to the online data files for that product, at which point they can view tech specs, DFX files, images and much more.

According to David Neal, marketing manager for BSS Audio's worldwide headquarters in the UK, "This is a prime example of how technology is integrating in order to deliver an even more efficient and streamlined service to our customers. To be able to retrieve all of our technical information from within a design and documentation package is a hugely powerful tool and an extremely modern and forward-thinking solution that is clearly of great benefit to all concerned. Stardraw has harnessed the power of the Web to enhance its service, and we, in turn, are able to make use of that to provide customers with access to all of the information they could possibly require on our products with just one click of the mouse."

For more, visit BSS online at www.bss.co.uk.

PrimeSounds Releases New Sample CD
PrimeSounds has released a new sample CD entitled Metriam, which is packed with ancient ambiences, ritual rhythms and shaman sound effects.

The CD comes as .REX2 (and compatible applications), .WAV and audio, and can be played in any CD player or computer.

More info about Metriam can be found at www.primesounds-cd.com/metriam.html.

John Oram Restructures Company
John Oram announced the establishment of the Alphabet Belmont Group of which he is currently chairman and managing director.

"The changes in the global economy have demanded a more streamlined business operation, and our new development incorporates more advanced technology in our offices and in our factories," said Oram. "Our entire marketing and product promotion is now tuned to higher volumes, yet still retaining our high-end 'Made in England' quality. The Trident Audio and Oram Pro products are still made in their respective factories, although procurement and stock management are now combined; sales and marketing are also combined, as are the group accounts."

Oram also announced his new recording studio, which has been completely redesigned and now known as John Oram's Analogue Barn; it was previously called the Old Forge Barn. As part of the redesign, Oram has installed new multitrack tape machines, along with a plentiful assortment of outboard from the '70s. "The sound is totally stunning. Many artists from the '70s and '80s are booking time to re-create the original sound quality that made their hits," commented Oram. Recent projects include mastering a single with P.J. Proby, due for release later this year.

See the Oram/Trident/Studio Website at www.oram.co.uk, www.tridentaudio.co.uk or www.johnoram.com.

Soundart Releases Fahrenheit for Chameleon
Soundart announced the first full release of the dance music module software, Fahrenheit, for the Chameleon platform, a fully reprogrammable DSP-based rack unit.

The final release of Fahrenheit includes a multitude of routing options and new production features, such as a freely assignable resonant KeyFilter and audio input to the mixer section. Other highlights include: emulation of Roland's dance music production tools, the TR909 and TR808 drum machines and two TB303 bass synths, with all parameters; every sound (including the individual drums) can be processed independently through the mixer section; the mixer section has 26 channels, one for every sound source, with two FX inserts, two FX auxiliaries, and stereo panning and volume; and totally flexible mixing and routing options to filter, distort and compress individual sounds of any combination of sounds, as well as Reverb FX and three delays.

Mixer inserts feature four compressor and four distortion units, as well as a global resonant KeyFilter for sonic sculpting. Users can trigger the KeyFilter envelope from a MIDI keyboard, while mapping frequency across the octaves. Users can input any line-level audio into the Fahrenheit mixer to route alongside the internal sounds.

Fahrenheit is available now as a free download for Chameleon users on Soundart's Website, www.soundart-hot.com/english/users1_4.htm.

Maserati Relies on A/V SAN
Mix engineer Tony Maserati has been using a Studio Network Solutions' Fibre Channel-based A/V SAN drive system on sessions with Beyonce Knowles, Christina Aguilera and Destiny’s Child.

"I transfer files either from CDs or SCSI hotswaps," said Maserati. "Whole projects fit on one A/V SAN drive, which allows me to manage everything completely and easily. On the recent Christina Aguilera sessions, I never once had to think about the drive, which is optimal for me. No matter what stress I put on the A/V SAN, it simply never stops working.

"I have my own A/V SAN that I cart around with me from studio to studio," continued Maserati. "I will not go into a session without it. I don’t have to do anything! I don’t ever have to initialize or defrag the drives. In fact, I’ve never defragged the drives and I’ve had it for a year-and-a-half. It works flawlessly every single day of the week, and I work a minimum of six days a week."

The A/V SAN can deliver 128 tracks of 24-bit/48k audio from a single drive. Featuring up to 400 MB/s of throughput and concurrent access for multi-users, the unit also allows simultaneous data backup while using the drives. The A/V SAN package includes a 1U enclosure, up to four Fibre Channel drives, a Studio Network Solutions' PCI card, custom SNS software and optical cables.

Find out more at www.studionetworksolutions.com.

ICIA Focuses on Importance of A/V at InfoComm
The International Communications Industries Association Inc has announced funds for a three-year, $1.2 million industry awareness campaign, branded "AVolution," to promote the contributions of Audiovisual Solutions Providers (AVSPs) to the success of professional communications and presentations. The awareness campaign will launch at InfoComm, May 31 to June 6, 2003, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla.

ICIA will conduct the AVolution campaign through its International Communications Industries Foundation (ICIF), a non-profit charitable and educational organization chartered to support the A/V communications industry.

ICIA and ICIF representatives will contact broadcasters and video professionals, among others, to demonstrate the practical and creative uses of A/V technology.

"ICIA is active in 60 countries, and everywhere we go, we see new and exciting applications of A/V. Although the A/V industry is ubiquitous, it’s often misunderstood and taken for granted," said Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D., ICIA's executive director. "Through this campaign, we want to open customers’ eyes and ears to the importance and necessity of A/V technology to modern communications, and to recognize the professionals who design and integrate permanent installations, as well as event systems that support meetings and conferences."

For more, visit ICIA at www.icia.org.

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