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Jan 22, 2004 12:00 PM


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News January 1 - 15

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Audient Releases ASP008 Mic Pre
The ASP800 is a compact, 1U rackmount unit featuring eight ultrahigh-quality mic preamplifiers developed from the mic pre design used in the ASP8024 recording console.

The designed uses an 8-transistor discrete Class-A front end with extended bandwidth and a noise floor close to the theoretical Johnson limit. Carefully chosen close-tolerance components are used to achieve high CMRR at all gain settings, and distortion is minimized to less than 0.001% at 20dB gain and +10dBu output. Each mic amp also features switchable input impedance, allowing the user to explore the subtle variations in microphone character that are determined by output termination.

All channels include an XLR input, "soft start" 48V phantom power, switchable input impedance, 25 to 250Hz highpass filter and line input selection. Channels 1 and 2 also feature a -20dB attenuator and a high-impedance instrument/DI input on a front panel-mounted jack. LEDs provide indication of signal present and overload. A digital output option is available in addition to the standard balanced analog outputs.

Other features include optional ADAT, AES/EBU and S/PDIF outputs with selectable sample rate (44.1/48/88.2/96 kHz) and dither (16/20/24-bit).

For more information, visit www.audient.co.uk/asp008main.html.

Steinberg Releases Cubase SL 2.0
Offering new features and capabilities, Cubase SL 2.0 uses the same next-generation technology and workflow features as the Cubase SX 2.0 digital audio workstation except surround mixing and advanced score editing.

New features include VST 2.3 audio engine with full plug-in delay compensation, new look and feel for enhanced workflow, flexible new mixer with FX return channels, Freeze function, new Time Warp tools, improved handling of multiple parts, and configurable toolbar and track controls.

For more information, visit www.steinberg.net.

Gibson Chooses Klipsch Loudspeakers for Digital Jukebox
The first consumer electronics products from Gibson Audio will be a new line of digital jukeboxes designed specifically for the home, which will be sold under the Wurlitzer jukebox name and uses amplifier and loudspeaker technologies by Klipsch Audio Technologies.

Featuring a sleek, contemporary design and cutting-edge functionality, the Wurlitzer Digital Jukebox allows the user to store up to 1,000 CDs in digital format and then control the music from a simplified wireless touchscreen remote. It also connects to the Wurlitzer Music Service, which offers 100 channels of digital radio and a download store where hundreds of thousands of major-label songs are available. Users can build personalized playlists, create mix CDs, export songs to a portable MP3 player or distribute music wirelessly to other Wurlitzer receivers.

The Wurlitzer Digital Jukebox will be available in two versions: The flagship Wurlitzer Digital Jukebox comes with Klipsch floorstanding loudspeakers and a subwoofer built into the base of the jukebox unit. The smaller Wurlitzer Digital Jukebox, "TT," is a tabletop version that comes with a built-in two-way Klipsch speaker system. Both versions will be demonstrated at the 2004 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (January 8-11, 2004).

Kris Carter, president of Gibson Audio, said his product-development team completed a comprehensive evaluation of loudspeaker brands and technologies before choosing Klipsch as the audio partner for Gibson's entry into the consumer electronics business. "We wanted to make a statement with the Wurlitzer Digital Jukebox by combining cutting-edge functionality with true audiophile sound. Klipsch's horn-loaded speakers provide such incredible volume and detail, that statement will be heard loud and clear."

"When Gibson first approached Klipsch with the Wurlitzer Digital Jukebox, we believed they had a superior, easy-to-use design that could do very well in the marketplace," said Paul Jacobs, president of Klipsch. "The fact that they made a commitment to using more expensive, high-performance Klipsch audio components illustrates the importance Gibson Audio places on quality and customer satisfaction."

For more information, visit www.gibson.com or Klipsch Audio Technologies at www.klipsch.com.

Front End Audio Now Distributing Safe Sound Audio P1
Front End Audio has taken on distribution of the Safe Sound Audio P1 audio processor in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The P1 processor is a high-quality microphone preamp/instrument DI/line-level expander/compressor/limiter/mixer headphone amp in a half-rack space. The preamp features Burr Brown INA217 chip. The multiple side-chained compressor offers musical gain control unlike other types, and the limiter functions in a "look-ahead" manner without the use of delay, helping to prevent hard clipping and protecting DAWs from digital overload.

For more information, visit Front End Audio at www.frontendaudio.com or Safe Sound Audio at www.safesoundaudio.com.

Brauner Introduces VMA Mic
The latest microphone from Brauner is the VMA (MSRP: $7,000), which offers users a choice between the original and a "vintage" sound with the flick of a switch. The VMA is derived from eight years of experience with the VM1. This new microphone combines the core design of the VM1 with additional input from Brauner customers worldwide.

A toggle switch on the power supply allows users to set the mic to two different operational modes. One represents the sound of a VM1 and the second sets the microphone to operate with a sweet and mellow tube sound reminiscent of vintage mics.

Unique circuitry and biasing help the VMA achieve each of its sounds. Switching from one position to the other introduces parameter changes, rebiasing the microphone and introducing different sets of components into the circuit.

The first Brauner VMA was ordered by New York's Sony Music Studios president David Smith at the show. Brad Lunde, president of Transamerica Audio Group, the U.S. distributor for Brauner, said that Elliott Scheiner was so impressed with the VMA at the recent AES show that he said it was the best-sounding microphone he had ever heard. "He said that he can't wait to use it in front of Donald Fagen on the next Steely Dan album next year," said Lunde. According to Lunde, Al Schmitt was also overheard enthusing about the VMA.

For more information, visit Transamerica Audio Group at www.transaudiogroup.com.

Now Shipping: Grace Design m906 5.1 Monitoring System
Grace Design is now shipping production versions of its new m906 5.1 reference monitoring system. The m906 is a stand-alone, high-fidelity 5.1 monitoring system that is comprised of three system components; a 2U, 19-inch rackmount I/O and processing mainframe, a remote-control unit and an external half-rack linear power supply.

Multiple analog and digital inputs are provided for both 5.1 and stereo sources. Digital formats include AES3, ADAT, S/PDIF and optical, and incorporates Grace's latest-generation, ultralow-distortion 24-bit/192kHz D/A converter technology. Two 5.1 control room outputs and up to three stereo pair outputs are provided with individual channel solo/mute capability.

Comprehensive system calibration tools allow users to fine-tune input levels, individual interchannel balance and control room output levels. Other features include a built-in reference headphone amplifier with two headphone outputs and a talkback mic input with an associated TB switch for communicating with talent in the studio. Control room and headphone output levels are precisely controlled via a pair of stepped rotary encoders, each with a 100dB level range adjustable in 0.5dB steps. Two large 7-segment blue LEDs show output levels.

For more information, visit www.gracedesign.com.

Rip Rowan Employs True Precision 8 Mic Pre at Own Studio
Rip Rowan splits his days between his editor-in-chief duties at prorec.com and operating his new Dallas-based recording studio, Pleasantry Lane. Recent music projects include scoring with composer/recording artist Rhett Miller for the ABC-TV sitcom I'm With Her, a new CD by Salim Nourallah and a new Deathray Davies opus on Idol Records.

When Rowan planned Pleasantry Lane Studios, he conceptualized a control room without the central focus of the traditional large console. "I wanted it mixer-less, really a low footprint design. And I wanted minimal rack gear, because I've been trying to move away from using that equipment altogether. As opposed to a large mixing console or even a control surface, I wanted to center the entire workspace around the computer DAW and a single keyboard because I'm very comfortable with this working arrangement," Rowan said.

True Systems Precision 8 has recently been coming into use at Pleasantry Lane in a unique way. Rowan continued: "I've got a small collection of outboard mic preamps I could have used, but when you are running mixer-less, you really need a good utilitarian, multichannel mic preamp always at the ready for any and all recording tasks. I wanted a unit with a good price-to-performance ratio and, more importantly, a good, clean, transparent, uncolored and natural sound. I require it to be sonically out of the way.

"All things considered and after hours of A/Bs," Rowan continued, "I liked the P8 best. It's very quiet, interacted nicely with the mics in my collection and it sounded like there wasn't a preamp at all—like a straight wire with gain. The P8 had great transient response with an extended but not overly bright top end—transparent with nonexistent noise and wide imaging—most noticeable with drum overhead recording."

Rowan's P8 is his utility preamp for recording everything from drums to vocals to quiet acoustic instruments. "Unless I'm looking for a certain coloration from a mic preamp, the P8 continues to be my workhorse. I especially like to use the M/S decode feature when doing a minimalist drum kit recording or just recording a stereo room track. I use my pair of Audio-Technica AT-4050s for this and get great results. Using the P8 with my DAW is a pleasure since you can calibrate the metering on the unit with the DAW's meters; peaks and overloads will correspond exactly where you want them on the computer's metering. This way, you always have accurate metering no matter what screen(s) you have up on the computer interface. I also like running the P8 with lots of headroom left in the unit. With a low-noise, high-headroom preamp like the P8 paired with a modern 24-bit converter set, it is now possible to make very high-resolution digital recordings that maintain maximum headroom throughout the signal chain. Thanks to the P8, my digital recordings never sounded so good."

The Precision 8 is designed and built by Sunrise Engineering, a design and build manufacturer located in Tucson, Ariz. Neumann distributes True Systems in the U.S. For more information, visit Neumann at www.neumannusa.com.

Ashly Introduces SRA-120 Power Amplifier
The single-rackspace SRA-120 (10 inches deep, weighs 20 pounds) professional stereo amplifier is suitable for full-range applications, such as small control room monitor systems or as a headphone distribution amp, as well as driving the high end of a bi-amplification sound system setup.

The amplifier will deliver 60 watts per channel into 4 ohms stereo; 45 watts per channel into 8 ohms stereo; or 120 watts total into 8 ohms mono-bridged. The amplifier design is based on Class-A voltage amplifier stages with a complementary bipolar output section for low distortion and excellent overload behavior. Features include turn-on delay circuitry and instantaneous turn off to eliminate any transients to the speaker. Each channel will also independently turn off its output if an overheated condition occurs.

The SRA-120 features rear panel switches to select between two choices of input sensitivity, stereo or mono operation, or normal or bridged mode. Rear panel input connections may be made via 1/4-inch balanced phone jacks or barrier strips with ground lift provision. Level attenuators for each channel are provided on the front panel, along with a stereo headphone jack. Status LEDs on each channel include signal present, clip alert and "protect-mode" indication.

In other company news, Ashly Audio, an Inconcert platinum-level partner with AMX Corporation, announced that the Protea Series Digital Processors and he VCM-88 are now AMX NetLinx-compatible. NetLinx modules for the 4.24C Digital Crossover/Equalizer/System Processor; 4.24D Distribution System Processor; 4.24G, 4.24GS and 2.24GS Graphic Equalizer/System Processor; 4.24PS and 2.24PS Parametric Equalizer/System Processor; and the VCM-88 VCA Matrixing Level Controller are now available for download from the AMX Website.

Jim Stachowski, director of marketing for Ashly Audio, stated, "Our dealers, integrators and installers demanded our products to be AMX-controllable and we responded to their needs. By making our digital processors part of the Inconcert Program, our customers can now benefit from the ease of use and time-saving features made available from AMX with one-touch control automation."

RS232 is used as the control method for operating the processors. Functions controlled for all Protea products include preset/scene recall, all level controls and muting. VCM-88 functions controlled include individual level control of channels 1 through 8, master level and muting. The system installer simply uploads the code block into the AMX NetLinx controller for one-touch A/V control automation.

For more information, visit www.ashly.com.

Khaliq Glover Relies on Metric Halo Mobile I/O
Khaliq Glover, a Grammy-winning recording engineer based in Los Angeles who also produces under the Khaliq-O-Vision title, has been relying on the quality of the Mobile I/O for numerous products, including those with Smokey Robinson, Jeffrey Osborne, Patti Labelle and, most recently, Herbie Hancock's Future to Future and Future to Future-Live albums.

"I think it's one of the very best-sounding audio interfaces on the market," enthuses Khaliq. "As an engineer, I must have the very best sonic tools available to handle any situation. The Mobile I/O is truly an upper-echelon-class audio device capable of producing a pristine signal that can stand side-by-side with any other audio format available."

Khaliq finds himself using various combinations of hardware and software depending upon his clients' needs, including Pro Tools, Logic Audio, Nuendo and Digital Performer. "Since the Mobile I/O can be used with almost any software, it maintains the audio quality of my portable recordings that I need once I get back in the studio," he said. Having passed a variety of audio signals through both Mobile I/O and Pro Tools, said Khaliq, "I really found the best usage with both Logic Audio and Pro Tools hardware. I noticed a richness and a round, fat and warm sound that I preferred when running virtual instruments through it. But I must say that, depending on the source material, many times I preferred the sound of the Mobile I/O.

"I love taking it around on my Powerbook to do quick and dirty (but not sonically!) recording," he continued. "You don't hear a bunch of noise and artifacts in your audio after you record with it."

For more information on the Mobile I/O, visit Metric Halo's distributor, Transamerica Audio Group, at www.transaudiogroup.com.

XARC Mastering Launches Internet-Based Mastering Studio
XARC Mastering's Internet-specific designed online mastering studio is available to artists, musicians and others needing high-quality time/cost-efficient professional mastering anywhere in the world, with the entire process provided via a secure SSL-encrypted connection ensuring that the entire experience is safe (delivering results by MP3 or .WAV files back to the client for a final sign-off and payment), secure and fast.

Based in Germany and founded by Lorenz Vauck (pictured), XARC Mastering is already working with dozens of clients from 19 countries (including Japan, the U.S., UK, Australia, Germany, Canada, Spain and Italy). Additionally, XARC is offering partnerships with independent artists and studios that can now add XARC to their own service options.

Vauck commented, "We felt it was time to offer high-quality, but affordable, mastering while making use of today's communication possibilities. Because our costs are lower than conventional studios, mastering is no longer only a luxury of the professional musician. Artists at all levels can now use our experienced engineers to ensure that their material is mastered to the high quality required for commercial success."

More information about XARC Mastering, as well as information about its free mastering trial, can be found at www.xarcmastering.com.

Contour Design Upgrades Macro Capability for Mac ShuttlePRO V.2 Jog/Shuttle Users
Contour Design Inc. has released its Key Composer, a new keystroke macro creation and management functionality for its ShuttlePRO Version 2 multimedia jog/shuttle controller. Contour Design will be featuring the ShuttlePRO V.2 with Key Composer for Macintosh at this week's MacWorld Expo (booth #1042), being held January 6 to 9, 2004, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

The ShuttlePRO V. 2 is preprogrammed to make editing fast and easy right out of the box for many leading audio and video applications, providing productivity for users across their entire production workflow. Supported Macintosh applications include Apple Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express, Avid Express DV, Alias Wavefront Maya, Digidesign Pro Tools, Emagic Logic Audio, Macromedia Flash MX, MOTU Digital Performer, Steinberg Cubase SX and Nuendo, and many more. Through an intuitive control panel interface, the ShuttlePRO V. 2 is easily programmed to work with virtually any application. With Key Composer, Macintosh audio/video application users can now assign multiple keystroke combinations, or macros, to execute from a single button on the ShuttlePRO V.2. These macros can be executed either all at once or step by step.

Key Composer is built into Version 2.5 of the Macintosh driver for the ShuttlePRO V. 2, available via free download from the Contour Design Website (www.contourdesign.com); a version for Windows users is also available.

M-Audio Ships FireWire Audiophile
M-Audio is now shipping the new FireWire Audiophile interface for Windows and Macintosh computers. The FireWire Audiophile unites new technology with features from the company's FireWire 410, Audiophile USB and Audiophile 2496 interfaces.

The FireWire Audiophile is a 4x6 24-bit/96kHz mobile audio/MIDI interface designed to take full advantage of the high bandwidth, ultralow latency and dependability of today's FireWire (IEEE 1394) protocol. Compact design, rugged steel construction and powering via either a laptop's 6-pin FireWire bus or the included DC power supply make it ideal for DJs, live performers, and desktop or laptop recording setups.

FireWire Audiophile features two analog RCA inputs and four analog RCA outputs. Coaxial digital S/PDIF I/O supports 2-channel PCM, as well as AC-3 and DTS passthrough of surround-encoded material. The integrated software mixer provides ultralow-latency ASIO direct monitoring and flexible routing options. The combination of virtual aux sends on all channels and aux output assign, for example, allows for dedicated headphone mixes and sends to external effects. High-powered stereo headphone output with front panel momentary A/B switching between two selectable sources for cueing make it ideal for club and stage work. In addition to independent headphone volume, the assignable level controller allows users to adjust levels for output, input, software return or aux send right from the front panel. The 1x1 MIDI I/O completes the unit's functionality as a one-stop interface for computer-based musicians.

FireWire Audiophile is now shipping at an MSRP of $349.95. For more information, click here.

Lowell Announces New Sequential Switching Systems
Lowell announced its models SCS-4R (shown) and SCS-8R, which are rackmount sequencers that provide time-delayed activation and de-activation of equipment that is connected to the company's remote power controls.

Model SCS-4R provides four control outputs and SCR-8R provides eight outputs. Each output can activate equipment connected to a maximum of 10 remote power controls. Additionally, each output also includes a separate auxiliary relay contact for sequenced operation of other devices. Sequencers feature a 1RU chassis, variable time delay, LED status indicators, UL-listed power supply, and rocker or keyswitch activation. Optional switch(es) may also be used to activate the sequencer from remote location(s).

For more information, visit Lowell online at www.lowellmfg.com.

Sabine Now Shipping 2.4GHz Wireless Systems, Components
Sabine is now shipping all systems and components of the new 2.4GHz Smart Spectrum® Wireless Microphones. The newly shipping SWM7000-ND Series receivers include both analog and digital audio outputs and allow for networking of up to 70 channels using a single computer.

"Customers have been waiting for a wireless system with digital output because it fits in with the digital mixers they use in their applications," commented David Klutz, Sabine's key account manager and longtime professional sound engineer. "The networking capabilities of the SWM7000-ND systems give sound engineers superior show control by allowing them to view and edit up to 70 channels from a single computer screen."

SWM7000 receivers are available in single- and dual-channel models and come with Sabine's built-in Targeted Input Processing, which includes the FBX Feedback Exterminator®, a compressor/limiter, an adaptive de-esser and a set of 10 parametric filters. This onboard digital signal processing also includes Sabine's Mic SuperModeling!". A touch of the front panel dial brings up the sound of several well-known dynamic or condenser mic elements. Sabine's standard capsule on the SWM7000 series is an Audix OM3, with the Audix OM5 available as an option.

In addition to the added processing, the SWM7000 series allows users to save and recall up to 10 presets per channel on the receiver. All front panel information is saved in each preset, so custom settings can be retrieved for fast setups or even on-the-fly changes during the program.

All transmitters are made of aluminum and built for heavy-duty applications, with controls hidden behind security covers. The on/off switch on both transmitters is programmable, and the antenna on the beltpack transmitter is hard rubber and integral to the case. Switchcraft TA4F connectors allow users to choose other lavalier and headset mics for use with the 7000 Series. Accessories include a rackmount antenna-distribution amplifier for up to six receivers and an attractive, low-profile extension antenna well-suited for unobtrusive wall mounting.

Long-life rechargeable NiMH batteries power the SWM7000 transmitters, and each transmitter has a built-in charger jack. The convenient handheld microphone clip doubles as a charger stand; whenever a handheld mic is in the clip, the battery is recharging. All SWM7000 systems also come with powerful remote control software.

Programmable LCDs for each channel provide RF and DSP status indicators, and employ Sabine's Tweek-n-Peek!" feature. Whenever a front panel knob is touched, the LCD indicates its precise value, and a bar graph display indicates the relative range of each selected setting. Front panel lockout is easily implemented for security installations.

For a list of SWM7000 Series components, plus software and receiver front panel tutorials, visit the Sabine Website at www.Sabine.com.

NAMM 2004 Preview: SM Pro Audio RED Valve TB202
SM Pro Audio will release the "Red Valve" TB202 mic preamp at NAMM 2004, booth #6809.

The new Red Valve Series TB202 valve (12AX7) mic preamp is a twin-channel valve mic preamplifier that features independent switchable phantom power, phase reverse, -20dB pad, optical compressor and fully functional EQ housed together in a single 1U rackmount chassis./P>

Tailored for use in the home project studio, the TB202 is suited for use as front-end mic inputs for a digital recorder or any other application requiring mic preamplification.

Other features include: 2x hand-tested tubes 12AX7 tubes, switchable phantom power per channel, switchable phase reversal per channel, 2x optical compressors and 2x independent EQ circuitry.

The TB202 has a MSRP of $319.

More information on the Red Valve series can be found at www.smproaudio.com.

Apple Unveils GarageBand
Included in the recently released iLife '04 from Apple, GarageBand is a new music application that turns a Mac into a pro-quality musical instrument and recording studio for musicians. iLife '04 also includes iTunes 4.2, a digital music jukebox software.

According to Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO, "GarageBand does for music creation what iMovie did for video and iPhoto did for photos: makes the creative process easy and affordable for everyone. Over half of U.S. households have at least one member who currently plays a musical instrument, so we think GarageBand is going to find a very receptive audience."

GarageBand turns a Mac into a complete recording studio, allowing users to easily play, record and create music using a simple interface. With GarageBand, recorded performances, digital audio and looping tracks can easily be arranged and edited, and it comes with more than 50 software instruments, including a premium-quality grand piano, that can be played and recorded with any USB or MIDI music keyboard. More than 1,000 professionally pre-recorded audio loops can be combined to make complete songs or backing tracks. Vocals and live instruments such as guitars can be recorded digitally via microphone or analog input. All these tracks can be edited and mixed together with more than 200 pro-quality effects presets, including reverb and echo. With GarageBand's advanced modeling technology, guitar players have access to vintage amplifier sounds with six guitar amps, including clean jazz, arena rock and British invasion. GarageBand can also export completed songs to iTunes for burning to CD, encoding in MP3 or high-quality AAC, transfer to iPod or for use in the other iLife applications.

A 600MHz G3 processor or faster is required for GarageBand, and a G4 or G5 processor is required for GarageBand software instruments.

For more information, visit www.apple.com/ilife/garageband/.

C.A.S. President's Awards to Honor Kubrick Film Sound Restoration
The Cinema Audio Society (C.A.S.) Board of Directors has voted to present the C.A.S. President's Award to four sound editing professionals for the soundtrack restoration of seven classic Stanley Kubrick films. The presentation will be made at the 40th Anniversary C.A.S. Awards Banquet, held Saturday, February 21, 2004, in the Crystal Ballroom of the Biltmore Hotel.

Seven-time Oscar winning re-recording mixer and sound designer Gary Rydstrom, CAS, will receive the C.A.S. 2004 Career Achievement Award at the banquet. "Gary has made significant contributions to the professional standards of movie sound," said Richard Lightstone, C.A.S. president. "He has amassed an extraordinary body of work."

The President's Award will be shared by Chris Jenkins, senior VP, Sound Services, Universal Studios; Ned Price, VP mastering, technical operations, Warner Bros.; Tom Regal, manager, audio restoration, Chace Productions; and Leon Vitali, director of Kubrick Restoration, who worked on the project. The titles involved in this incredible effort to preserve these films and their soundtracks are 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon, Full Metal Jacket and The Shining.

"The care and love that went into restoring the tracks to their exact creative intent while making them more presentable by today's playback standards need to be recognized," said Lightstone.

Jenkins, who supervised the restoration project, said, "The work took place over a year-and-a-half. The project initially started with Stanley Kubrick and me for the restoration of 2001. We soon realized that we needed to do an in-depth and complete restoration on each of the films. The mixes were done at Todd-AO, Studio One."

For more information, visit www.cinemaaudiosociety.org.

Institute for Audio Excellence to Offer Free Recording Seminar Before NAMM
As NAMM approaches, so does the first training seminar offered by the Institute for Audio Excellence, "Maximizing Your Studio Time: Practical Acoustic Setup, Recording and Maintenance Techniques," to be held January 14, 2004, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Fender Museum in Anaheim, Calif.

The free seminar will cover a wide range of topics including "Studio Acoustical Setup Made Easy," "Recording and Mastering Techniques: The Basics and the Not-So-Basics" and "Studio Maintenance: How to Make a Necessary Evil Less...Evil."

For the Acoustical Setup, topics to be discussed include noise, low frequencies and speech intelligibility. The general philosophy will be to identify the problem, quantify/qualify the problem and solve the problem. This portion will not be intensive in terms of math or physics, but will assume the attendee has some grasp of basic sound concepts like decibels and frequency.

The Recording section will cover a diverse group of concepts, including techniques for normalizing the final mix, EQ'ing for consistency and EQ traps to avoid, and mastering methods—"ears vs. machine."

Finally, the Maintenance portion will cover all aspects of studio maintenance, from measuring analog components like speaker distortion and tape heads to developing good DAW maintenance routines.

"We're very excited to offer our first seminar at the Fender Museum. Their world-class facility will give all participants an opportunity to learn a variety of useful techniques in a hands-on environment. Plus, everyone will benefit from the extensive knowledge of our two instructors, Andrew Smith, former owner and operator of Colorado Sound and current CEO of TerraSonde, and Jeff Szymanski, chief acoustical engineer for Auralex Acoustics," commented Patrick O'Neal, director of marketing for the IAE.

For more information, including class content, registration and seminar schedule, visit www.terrasonde.com/training/seminars.php.

Guitar Center Opens in Music City
Guitar Center's recently opened a new 20,000-square-foot superstore in Nashville was kicked off with an opening night celebration on December 18, 2003, which featured performances by local rock act Kung Pow and music from Buzz 102.9's mobile truck, as well as appearances by the Tennessee Titans' cheerleaders and the Flirt Girls.

The new Guitar Center superstore, the company's 122nd store, is in many ways tailored to meet the Nashville music community's specific needs. Located at 721 Thompson Lane, near I-65 and the 100 Oaks Mall, Guitar Center is conveniently situated in Nashville's Berry Hill neighborhood, home to numerous recording studios and within minutes of famed Music Row and the downtown area. It's also a short drive from the growing music suburbs of Franklin and Cool Springs.

In addition to its well-equipped guitar, accessory, drums/percussion, keyboard and pro audio departments, the new Nashville Guitar Center features an expanded acoustic instrument showroom and a separate vintage room, featuring rare and one-of-a-kind specialty instruments.

"There's a reason that Nashville is called Music City," commented David Angress, executive VP of Guitar Center. "From my perspective, Nashville has the greatest concentration of recording studios and audio professionals anywhere in the world. This is a community that we can serve better than any other music and pro audio retailer, because only Guitar Center has the depth and scale of inventory and the expertise to address such a large and varied customer base. We're very much looking forward to quickly becoming part of the music community here in Music City."

For more information, visit Guitar Center online at www.guitarcenter.com.

Tascam USB/FireWire Interfaces Now Panther-Ready
Tascam has announced Mac OS X 10.3 Panther compatibility for all of its USB and FireWire computer recording products. The new Panther-ready driver for the FW-1884, Tascam's FireWire control surface and audio/MIDI interface, adds new features such as improved audio latency, flexible routing options and SoftLCD computer display. The US-122, US-224 and US-428 have had Panther-compatible drivers since the day OS X 10.3 was released.

"Tascam is committed not only to supporting new OS versions as they are released, but to take advantage of new features with each new OS release," said Jim Bailey, senior product specialist for the company. "The new FW-1884 driver adds a list of new features based on customer demand, as well as improved performance and support for the new FE-8 Fader Expander. With this new driver, Tascam has the widest selection of Panther-compatible computer interfaces and control surfaces of any audio manufacturer."

In addition to Panther support, FW-1884 driver Version 1.10 offers direct routing from eight analog inputs to eight ADAT outputs; expanded surround control allows the Monitor Level knob to attenuate analog outputs 1 and 2, 1 through 4, 1 through 6 or 1 through 8; three aux sends on all channels except the effects return; audio latency performance has improved on both the Mac and Windows drivers; and the FE-8 8-channel fader expander is now supported.

For more information, visit www.tascam.com.

Soundcraft COMPACT Line Brings Performance, Flexibility to Computer Music Recording
Soundcraft's newest micro-mixer, the COMPACT 4, is suited for many applications that require simple mix facilities, as well as for recording vocals and music onto a computer using a soundcard.

To route an input straight to the record output, users need select the Record button on the channel. Other features of this 4-input mixer include a wide variety of input sources, including microphone, line and a special direct input (DI) for guitars and keyboards, plus stereo inputs for keyboards, CD/tape or turntable (with RIAA equalization). This DI input matches the input impedance of the mixer to the output impedance of the instrument. In addition, listening while recording is made easier due to a special Blend control that allows users to control the mix of the computer playback and signal of the track being recorded, which are blended for the artist headphone output.

Using an external analog mixer for computer recording means zero latency monitoring. For example, musicians can listen to their tracks being recorded simultaneously with the playback from the computer.

Other standard features on the COMPACT include 3-band EQ on the inputs, along with professional 48-volt phantom power for condenser microphones, dedicated balanced and unbalanced record and playback connections, independent engineer and artist headphone outputs, and monitor outputs. All monitoring is in true stereo, rather than mono-summed.

A larger model, the COMPACT 10, is also available and features four mono and six stereo inputs, with additional 1/4-inch line input jack sockets on four of the stereo inputs.

For more information, visit www.soundcraft.com/product_sheet.asp?product_id=121.

Manhattan Center Productions, NARAS Honors Timbaland
Manhattan Center Productions (MCP) joined the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) at the Roosevelt Hotel on December 11, 2003, to salute legendary figures of music recording during the 2003 New York Heroes Awards.

Longtime friend of MCP, Tim "Timbaland" Mosley was honored with the first IMPACT Award, which was recently established by NARAS to recognize an individual or group who has influenced the arts and sciences of recording in a relatively brief time. "It was a pleasure to be there to celebrate our special relationship with Timbaland," said MCP studio manager Dax Anderson.

MCP staff and guests gathered to show support and appreciation for all of the work Timbaland has done in MCP's Studio 4. Other recipients of this year's Heroes Awards were Ruben Blades, Daryl Hall & John Oats, Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil, Frances Preston and Nile Rodgers.

For more information, visit MCP at www.mcstudios.com.

Steven Klein Completes Jim Kaufman Studio
Steven Klein SCR recently completed an acoustic transformation for Jim Kaufman, well-known writer/producer/performer for Opiate for the Masses, The Spore and others. Kaufman recently relocated to Los Angeles from Phoenix and was looking for a studio in his new home.

"Steven Klein turned my 15-by-25-foot living room into a great-sounding project studio," Kaufman said. "The acoustic treatment is totally portable: It is fixed to the walls with just five screws! And we have moveable gobos and acoustic panels. Steven came in and sorted out the room very efficiently. The room is perfect—just what I need for my productions." Studio equipment in the new facility includes a Digidesign Pro Tools TDM-based digital audio workstation rig with Focusrite Controller, and Spatial One Control Room Monitors.

"We selected materials for the walls that would help quiet the room and control sound within the area," Klein said. "Since Jim likes to record in one space—there is no separate control room—we needed to develop an environment for him that would accommodate overdubs and vocal recordings. So we ended up with a single room with a divider that creates a separate mix area in one end, plus a stand-alone vocal booth."

Current sessions at Kaufman's project studio include a new album for Opiate, plus other bands under discussion. "I plan to record vocals in my studio, having tracked the basics elsewhere and then add bass and guitar here."

For more information from Jim Kaufman, contact him at 323/650-9565 or via e-mail at jim@opiateforthemasses.com. For more information about Steven Klein SCR, visit www.soundcontrolroom.com.

NAMM Preview: Fishman Ships Loudbox
Fishman Transducers Inc., a manufacturer of acoustic amplification products, is now shipping the Loudbox!" high-power, three-way, tri-amped acoustic amplifier.

Now shipping is the 250-watt, single-channel Loudbox ($699.95), equipped with an 8-inch woofer, 4-inch polypropylene mid driver and two soft-dome neodymium tweeters, each with components housed in their own sealed enclosures. The Loudbox features an ultrahigh-impedance input with an EQ section comprised of bass, treble, midrange and brilliance controls. Anti-feedback circuitry (notch and phase) keeps acoustic feedback under control. A spring reverb, mute switch, effects loop and an XLR output complete the features. A three-position kickstand lets the player tilt the amplifier back as a floor monitor.

The woofer delivers maximum low end with clarity and definition, while the polypropylene midrange drivers cover crucial midband frequencies and two soft-dome neodymium tweeters ensure a detailed and musical treble response.

A 500W, 2-channel Loudbox Pro with a 12-inch woofer, 6-inch midrange and three tweeters will follow later in the year.

For more about the Loudbox and Fishman, visit Booth #4258 at Winter NAMM or click here.

Metric Halo Releases OS X Support for ChannelStrip TDM
Metric Halo has released OS X support for ChannelStrip TDM and RTAS. Pro Tools HD Accel cards are not supported in the initial release. Support for HD Accel cards is anticipated at the end of January 2004. ChannelStrip is supported on HD cards and/or the older chips on the Accel cards.

Pricing for the OS X upgrade is $149.99 for immediate fulfillment via Metric Halo and $99.99 for store delivery; ChannelStrip TDM for OS X is priced at $699. Retail upgrade packages are expected to begin shipping at the end of January 2004.

For more information, visit Metric Halo's distributor, Transamerica Audio Group, at www.transaudiogroup.com.

Sample Library Creators Select Millenia Preamp
Leading sample library creators, including Vienna Symphonic Library, Garritan Orchestral Strings, Serafine and others, have selected Millennia HV-3 microphone preamplifiers for critical applications.

Jorg Mayr, chief audio engineer for the Vienna Symphonic Library, said, "We are recording the entire Vienna Symphony Library with Millennia HV-3D preamplifiers. Our main concerns are transparency, minimal coloration, the lowest possible noise floor, and absolute reliability because we record 360 days a year. I simply could not find anything better than the HV-3D."

According to Gary Garritan of Garritan Orchestral Strings, "Millennia Media is the preamp of choice. I own a number of high-end mic preamps and always reach for the HV-3 when recording orchestral samples. The sound is transparent, pristine and accurate. If I had only one preamp to choose, it would be Millennia."

For percussion, Millennia HV-3 is used as the front end for many sample libraries, including Paiste's cymbal collection. Having toured and recorded with Frank Zappa for more than 10 years, percussionist Ed Mann is both the artist and engineer for the Paiste Cymbal Sample Library. According to Mann, "Prior to the Millennia HV3 mic pre's, I used my collection of other top-quality preamps. Still, there was greater resolution and clarity that I wanted to capture in my recordings of acoustic instruments. I wanted to get beyond 'coloration' and go straight to 'stunning realism.' When Millennia sent me the HV3, I was astounded. After the first pass, I know that I had found The Holy Grail. The Millennia Media HV-3 remains my first choice for acoustic recording." Mann also used the Millennia HV-3 preamps for the EMU Orchestral Percussion ROM, Planet Earth ROM, Mo-Phatt, XL-7 and PX-7.

Millennia HV-3 preamps are also used extensively on major Foley and sound effects stages. Frank Serafine has released his personal film sound collection on a set of 16 CDs, called the Serafine SFX Collection. Said Serafine, "Everything we've ever sampled in the studio goes through our Millennia mic preamps. This includes music recording, Foley, ADR and sound effects. Three words I would use to describe the HV-3 are quiet, pristine and dynamic."

Grammy-winning engineer Dave Russell's Big Fish sample library, Roots of the Pacific, captures high-dynamic range Polynesian drumming via Millennia HV-3 preamplifiers. According to Russell, "The depth, air, placement and timbre precision, compared with other preamplifiers, especially when miking in stereo, is as close to sonic neutrality as it gets. Road-worthy and built to last, I'm looking forward to another decade of HV-3."

For more information on the HV-3, visit www.mil-media.com.

M-Audio Sponsors Music Education at George Washington Prep High School

M-Audio has sponsored the Friends of Washington Prep Foundation and the arts education it provides to students at George Washington Preparatory High School. During its 11 years of existence, the school's innovative arts program has provided education, motivation and direction to thousands of underprivileged students living in South Central Los Angeles. M-Audio has committed to outfit the school's music lab with a variety of hardware and software solutions.

M-Audio's contributions to the school's music lab will include M-Audio Ozone audio interface keyboards; Oxygen8 and Radium49 controller keyboards; BX8 studio reference monitors; a complete collection of ProSessions Sound and Loop libraries; Solaris microphones; Octane preamps; and Propellerhead Reason and Ableton Live.

To celebrate this new partnership, legendary recording artist Jackson Browne—a Friends of Washington Prep Foundation board member—and a group of students from the school will be giving a presentation at M-Audio's NAMM Booth (#6700) on Sunday, January 18, at 11:00 a.m.

Prior to graduating from the school, students are required to write music, choreograph dance routines or develop their own screenplay. The music department involves students in the production of an album, and the drama department stages dramatic and musical theater productions. The recent original musical theater production, Ephraim's Song, was awarded four NAACP Image Awards. In addition to receiving fundamental instruction, Washington Prep performing arts students have opportunities to gain professional experience by performing with musicians including Lionel Hampton, Wynton Marsalis, Al Jarreau, Jackson Browne and Buddy Collette.

"M-Audio is thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with such an amazing organization," said Adam Castillo, M-Audio marketing director. "It is an honor to be able to facilitate this level of character growth and creative development."

For more information on the gear, visit M-Audio at www.m-audio.com.

CAD equitek2 E100 Condenser is Now Shipping

The first in the CAD equitek2 Series condenser mics, the new e1002 supercardioid electret condenser will ship early this year. The e1002 features an extended frequency response of 10 to18 kHz; a dynamic range of 132 dB; total harmonic distortion of less than 0.15%; high-output capability of 148dB SPL with pad; transformerless balanced output circuits; and an internal power reservoir system.

Completely designed and engineered in CAD's Conneaut, Ohio, engineering department, the new equitek2 series are professional servo-condenser mics designed to provide a high level of performance distinguished by absolute transparency, rugged integrity, a natural openness and detailed imaging. The five new equitek2 Series mics are versatile and suited to numerous recording and onstage applications. In addition to the new e1002, equitek2 includes the e2002 and e3002 large condensers, the e602 instrument mic and the e802 live performance microphone.

Commenting on the new e1002, CAD's national sales manager Tony O'Keefe said, "There's been so much demand for equitek2 with our dealers, we're really excited and satisfied to have the new e1002 at the NAMM show. This mic brings back the sonic quality, performance and value of the original equitek Series, with new technology, new features and more models to excel in any application."

For more information about equitek2, visit www.cadmics.com or stop by Booth #6226 at Winter NAMM.

Sennheiser, TL Audio End Agreement
Sennheiser Electronic Corporation and TL Audio have terminated their distribution agreement, effective January 1, 2004. While Sennheiser will continue to take orders on its existing limited inventory of TL Audio products, customer inquiries should be addressed directly to TL Audio at www.tlaudio.co.uk until the company names a new U.S. distribution partner.

Sennheiser and TL Audio executives concluded that the task of implementing a full-scale marketing program in the United States at this time would require a more robust level of sales and distribution support than had been anticipated.

This decision will enable TL Audio to pursue a distribution partner more in line with their aggressive sales goals, while allowing Sennheiser to focus on other ongoing initiatives. The decision was based solely on marketing and distribution issues and was not related in any way to the company's products, cultures or personnel.

HHB's PORTADRIVE is a fully equipped portable multichannel recorder that records more than four hours of uncompressed 8-channel 24-bit/96kHz or more than 20 hours of 4-channel 24-bit/48kHz audio onto a removable 40GB hard disk.

Input and output connectivity includes eight line inputs, four line outputs, eight channels of digital I/O and six high-gain, very low-noise XLR microphone inputs. All mic inputs feature individual phantom powering, gangable limiters, input pads, a highpass filter, adjustable delay and phase reverse.

For more information, visit HHB's distributor, Sennheiser, at www.sennheiserusa.com.

Deepsky Spins With Allen & Heath at NAMM Show
Scott Giaquinta and Jason Blum, the electronica and dance music duo known as Deepsky, will make an appearance at the Allen&Heath booth at the NAMM Show 2004 on Saturday, January 17, at 5:00 p.m. The duo will be on-hand to demonstrate Allen&Heath booth at the NAMM Show 2004 on Saturday, January 17, at 5:00 p.m. The duo will be on-hand to demonstrate Allen&Heath's best-in-class professional DJ mixers, which include the Xone:62 and audiophile Xone:V6 as well as the new Xone:92, which will debut stateside at the NAMM Show.

Allen&Heath's line of professional DJ mixers and the highly anticipated new Xone:92 may be seen at the NAMM Show 2004 on Booth #7019 (Arena, Anaheim Convention Center; January 15-18, 2004).

For more information on Deepsky, visit their website at www.deepsky.net. To find out more about Allen & Heath's latest mixers, including the Xone:V6, go to www.allen-heath.com.

M-Audio Now Shipping Evolution X-Session
M-Audio announces shipment of the new Evolution X-Session, a USB MIDI control surface specifically designed for computer-based DJs.

X-Session boasts 16 knobs that users can assign to any MIDI parameter in MIDI-compatible music software and hardware, such as volume, panning, effects and synth parameters. The 10 assignable buttons trigger loops and effects, or mute and unmute tracks. The classic 60mm cross-fader allows DJs to mix between two assignable audio sources, as well as perform scratches. X-Session comes bundled with Ableton Live XS and Arturia Storm XS.

X-Session retails for $149.95.

For more information, visit www.m-audio.com.

M-Audio Ships Sonic Reality Sonic ReFills
M-Audio is now shipping 15 new volumes of Sonic Reality's Sonic ReFills for Propellerhead Reason. Performed by top session players in world-class studios, this collection includes classic keyboards, vintage drum kits, world percussion, obscure ethnic instruments, vintage guitars/basses and more. Many are the actual instruments used on recordings from the past half-century.

Vol. 1: Synths 1 includes phat analog, searing digital and retro rock synths, including the latest styles of electronic music. Vol. 2: Synths 2 offers rich analog pads, ethereal and moody textures, expressive FX and a variety of atmospheric soundscapes. Vol. 3: Rhythm Section is geared for songwriters and producers that offers highly playable guitars, basses, percussion and dynamic drum multisamples, including fingered, picked, harmonics, mutes and more.

Vol. 4: Pianos and Organs is a collection of authentic chromatic instruments including classic Rhodes, Wurlitzers and FM electric pianos, concert grand pianos, B3s, Clavs and other keyboard instruments.

Other volumes include Symphonic, OmniSoundz GM, which is geared for Reason's NN-XT module by adding 128 pro-quality general MIDI orchestral/acoustic/electric/ethnic/percussive instruments, Reality Drums, Monster Drums, Vintage Drums, Instruments of the '60s and '70s, Retro Keys, Acoustic Folk, World Percussion, Ethnic Instruments and Film Orchestra.

"The quality mark that comes with Sonic Reality is that the sounds we use are really the sounds used on professional records," commented Sonic Reality founder and CEO David Kerzner. "We record these samples in top-notch L.A. studios and other 'in-the-know' spots around the world. This method enables us to bring the sounds used by professionals to somebody in a far-away place that would normally never have access to a rare keyboard instrument or a drum kit in a $250/hour studio. We package all of those sounds into extremely affordable packages so Reason users can have access to real playable instruments."

Sonic ReFills are now shipping at an MSRP of $49.95.

For more information, visit www.m-audio.com.

London Club Upgrades With BSS Audio
Dave Parry, technical manager for the London-based club Fabric, has recently upgraded his venue with equipment from BSS Audio.

Part of room 1's redesign includes a new DJ booth constructed from reclaimed timber. Mounted in a rough-hewn custom elm rack flown overhead, a pair of new BSS FDS-366T Omnidrive Compact Plus units (with WHISEWORKS-Neville Thiele method filters) are called upon to optimize the high and sub frequencies of the installed line array system.

Parry plans to add further control and sound-mapping capabilities, using the flexibility of BSS Audio's newly released SB2 software (operating on the 366Ts) in conjunction with a tablet PC, which will allow him to manage the speaker system remotely on a wireless LAN. With an access point in each of the three rooms, the club will be able to manipulate the system using SB2 in conjunction with the Soundweb Designer file. This new signal path operates entirely in the digital domain, with the FDS-366Ts—fed from the existing Soundweb network via an AES digital output card down a multi to the DJ box—managing the house system parameters.

"It's important to keep the audio in the digital domain for as long as possible before converting to analog," commented BSS Audio's Richie Rowley. "With the addition of SB2 control and the Thiele tuning, the sound reinforcement system now has wings. The Thiele filter allows the club to feed in more power without fear of overexcursion, which reduces the distortion. The highs are much cleaner and lows so much tighter."

For more information on the gear, visit BSS Audio at www.bss.co.uk. For more information about Fabric, visit www.fabriclondon.com.

Winter NAMM Preview: Hercules Technologies HERCULES 16/12 FW

Hercules Technologies will be showing its new Hercules 16/12 FW, a FireWire 24-bit/96kHz 16-in/12-out audio and MIDI interface for PC and Macintosh, at the upcoming Winter NAMM show in booth #6809.

Features include a sturdy external FireWire audio interface mountable in a standard 1U/19-inch rack-unit; 16 independent inputs including 12 analog in, one coaxial in (stereo) and one optical in (stereo); 12 independent outputs including eight analog out, one coaxial out (stereo) and one optical out (stereo); two mic/instrument preamplifiers with switchable 48-volt phantom power via Neutrik combo (XLR/TRS) connectors with direct input for guitars (hi-Z); two MIDI In and two MIDI Out via standard DIN jacks (32 channels in/32 channels out); word clock I/O synchronization via BNC connectors; no latency with direct hardware monitoring; compatible with popular audio software applications; and full driver package for Mac OS X (CoreAudio) and Windows (ASIO2.0, GSIF, .WAV, DirectSound).

Hercules 16/12 FW comes bundled with an innovative music software suite that is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X and more than 90 0MB of high-quality sound files, including Version 2 of Arturia's STORM!" Special Edition and Live Special Edition from Ableton.

Hercules 16/12 FW is now available at an estimated street price of $599.

For more information, visit www.hercules.com.

Heading North Mastering Upgrades Mastering Suite
Heading North Mastering (Toronto) has recently upgraded its mastering suite with Z-Systems z-16.16 Digital Detangler and Universal Audio 2192 Master Digital Audio Interface.

Heading North Mastering is a home-based mastering suite that caters primarily to independent music clients. The decision to upgrade to the Z-Systems z-16.16 was to increase flexibility and increased workflow while providing improved digital signal distribution throughout the mastering suite. After listening to several digital converters, Heading North Mastering chose the Universal Audio 2192 Master Digital Audio Interface as the AD/DA for the studio's analog signal path.

Heading North Mastering has also been celebrating the recent Best Latin Jazz Grammy nomination of EMI/Bluenote recording artist Jane Bunnett's most recent CD A Cuban Odyssey. The CD was recorded at various studios and concert venues in Cuba and was mastered at Heading North.

For more information on Heading North Mastering, contact Ron Skinner at 416/778-7789 or e-mail heading_north@hotmail.com. For more information on the gear installed, visit Z-Systems at www.z-sys.com and Universal Audio at www.uaudio.com.

Primal Scream, RubberBand Music Collaborate on Scoring Projects
RubberBand Music and Primal Scream announced a creative alliance with film composers Ramin Djawadi, Simone Benyacar, Jerry Brunskill and Todd Haberman for commercial and film trailer projects. Between them, these composers have scored soundtracks for a variety of films, including Pirates of the Caribbean, The Recruit, K-19: The Widowmaker, Cecil B. Demented, Fargo and The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Past TV credits include The Practice, Best of VH1 Live American Dreams and JAG; and commercial clients include Hummer, Coca-Cola, Sony Playstation, Miller Genuine Draft and Toyota.

These composers are the latest to be recruited by Primal Scream and RubberBand Music, which have been actively connecting the music and film worlds into music for commercials, trailers and the branded entertainment space.

To find out more, visit Rubberband at www.rubberbandmusic.com or Primal Scream at www.primalscreammusic.com.

RealNetworks, Coding Technologies Announce Upgrade to Consumer Player Products
RealNetworks Inc. and Coding Technologies announced the licensing and incorporation of Coding Technologies' MPEG-4 AAC/aacPlus technology and software within RealNetworks' commercial media creation and consumer software player products. High-fidelity digital audio can be created in RealNetworks' RealAudio 10 format by using RealProducer 10. Third-party encoding products that incorporate RealNetworks' Helix Producer SDK can also produce content in RealAudio 10; additional licensing from Coding Technologies enables these products to produce content in MPEG-4 AAC and aacPlus.

RealNetworks' newest consumer player, RealPlayer 10, provides comprehensive media file playback, including prior versions of the RealAudio file format such as RealAudio 10 with AAC, RealAudio 10 Lossless and MultiChannel, MP3, WMA, MPEG-4 AAC and aacPlus. Consumers can use RealPlayer 10 to convert music on their CDs into RealAudio 10 with AAC and access a vast online library of digital music from the new RealPlayer Music Store in high-fidelity 192Kbps RealAudio 10 with AAC.

Digital music can be securely and legally downloaded to RealPlayer 10 and then transferred from the RealPlayer to a growing collection of consumer devices enabled to playback industry-leading MPEG-4 AAC.

For more information about RealPlayer, go to www.realnetworks.com. To download RealPlayer software, go to www.real.com. To find out more about Coding Technologies, visit www.codingtechnologies.com.

Unveiled: Peavey's Sanctuary Series
Peavey Electronics Corporation (Winter NAMM booth #5740) announced the debut of its new Sanctuary Series, a line of audio products and collateral materials dedicated to maximizing the sound and aesthetics of houses of worship.

The Sanctuary Series includes mixers with built-in Feedback Ferret automatic feedback elimination and Automix technology, a feature that can automatically switch from lapel to pulpit microphones and even mute mics not in use, minimizing ambient noise.

The Sanctuary Series products were designed and engineered with the intent of preserving subtle aesthetics of a sanctuary, creating unobtrusive loudspeakers. The products are available in white, black and unfinished stainable wood for color. These enclosures are also mountable and flyable.

Peavey offers special financing options for the Sanctuary Series through PV Finance. Reference the Celestial Sound brochure or Website (www.sanctuary-series.com) for instructional articles on the Sanctuary Series sound system or to find out more about the Churchwise online audio installation and training course. Hosted by praise and worship sound expert Kent Morris, this course will teach church leaders the basics of audio, acoustics, loudspeaker placement and how to setup and operate Sanctuary Series audio systems.

Sanctuary Series by Peavey will be available in March 2004. For more information, visit www.peavey.com.

Debut, Party Scheduled for Telefunken NA at Winter NAMM
Telefunken North America is exhibiting at NAMM for the first time at Booth #6999. The two-year-old company manufactures a full line of handbuilt condenser microphones, including the Ela M 251, which has been used in such films as Seabiscuit and Scary Movie III.

Following in the tradition of handcrafted vintage microphones, the expanded ELEKTROAKUSTIC line now includes the Ela M 12, Ela M 14, Ela M 270 (stereo version of the 251) and the U47.

The Ela M 14 features a single-sided CK-12-inspired capsule, NOS Telefunken EF732 tube and custom transformer. The M 14 is the first original design microphone from Telefunken NA, taking the best elements of the Ela M 251 and the Ela M 12 and combining them into a new and affordable version.

Telefunken NA is hosting a gala listening party at Ocean Way's Record One Recording Studios on the evening of Friday, January 16, 2004, from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Studio owner/engineer Allen Sides will man the console with performances by the Howard Fishman Quartet, a popular jazz ensemble. Record One is located at 13849 Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks, Calif. To RSVP, contact Alan Veniscofsky at 860/882-5919 or David Goggin at 323/465-5637.

To learn more, go to www.telefunkenusa.com.

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