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Dec 5, 2003 12:00 PM, By Sarah Benzuly


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News November 15 - 30 (read November 1 - 14 news)

Steve Kempster Uses Daking Compressor on Recent Projects
Recently, scoring mixer Steve Kempster has worked on new movies such as Disney's Brother Bear and the Haunted Mansion and Bad Boys II. Residing in Los Angeles, Kempster is a "first-call" recording engineer/mixer for both major theatrical releases and record projects. During the years, he has collected a large amount of expensive outboard gear, including the Daking FET Compressor II.

According to Kempster, "The Daking FET Compressor II first caught my attention when I was loaned a pair for evaluation by Brad Lunde at Transamerica Audio. I already have loads of some of the best compressors made spread out amongst the five full racks of outboard gear I own. I thought I'd just use these on drums, percussion overdubs or other things where I may not want to exercise or commit a more expensive compressor I would hold in higher regard. What I noticed was that the FET II was an incredible and useful management tool, but sonically kept itself pretty much out of the way, which a lot of compressors don't.

"Initially, when I first began using the Daking when recording and/or mixing drums, percussion and miscellaneous items, I saw that it was so fast in attack time that I could dial in good control and manage very transient material without leaving a big sonic footprint," continued Kempster. "I found the FET II very flexible in release time and the different characteristics of the release times with the seven different time constants available. Pretty soon, I was up for trying the unit on more crucial jobs like lead vocal processing. During the mixing of Brother Bear, we had a lead vocal by Tina Turner and I found the Daking FET II managed it in a very good way without sounding'compressed.'"

Kempster also used the FET II as a master stereo percussion stem compressor on Lion King 1 1/2, a Disney animation for DVD. "I used it on the percussion stem left/right. And you're talking about huge tympani hits and all kinds of percussive information that on the dubbing stage needs to be controlled, but not heard as'controlled,' so the Daking was very helpful on that stereo pair. So what started out as a curio purchase a Swiss Army knife processor has evolved into something that has become very significant to me because the FET II continually surprises me with its very clean and extremely flexible operation."

For more on the Daking, visit www.daking.com or www.transaudiogroup.com.

Native Instruments, Sonic Implants Offer Music Package to Sibelius
Native Instruments and Sonic Network, the developer of the Sonic Implants sound libraries, provided a sample-playback sound library to Sibelius, a leading music notation software. The package bundles the Kontakt Player Silver sample player and Sonic Implants sound libraries to provide Sibelius 3 with a sound-generation engine and high-quality set of instrument samples.

Kontakt Player Silver and Sonic Implants libraries allows Sibelius 3 users to play back music using high-quality instrument samples, burn compositions to CD and create audio files for the Internet. The Silver Edition contains 20 instrumental sounds covering brass, woodwind, strings, percussion, voices and other symphonic categories. Many of the instruments were taken from the Sonic Implants Symphonic String Collection. Additionally, Sibelius 3 users are able to purchase Kontakt Player Gold, which offers 64 instrumental and 100 percussion sounds.

For more, visit www.native-instruments.com or www.sibelius.com.

NMHA Launches'mpower: musicians for mental health'
The National Mental Health Association (NMHA) launched "mpower: musicians for mental health," a national youth awareness campaign that harnesses the power of music to raise awareness about mental health and substance abuse issues and encourages teens to seek help when they need it.

"Music inspires, motivates and often serves as a catalyst for social change," said Michael Faenza, president and CEO of the National Mental Health Association. "One in five young people have a diagnosable mental health problem, but more than two-thirds do not get the help they need. By working with musicians on mpower, we can really get the word out to America's youth that mental health matters."

To kick off the campaign, NMHA unveiled mpoweryouth.org, a Website that allows teens to share their real-life stories and features messages on the importance of mental health from top musicians, including Michelle Branch, Jackson Browne, Vanessa Carlton, Dakona, Fat Joe, Jennifer Holliday, The Neptunes and many others. Through concerts, special events, media outreach, PSAs and educational forums, mpower's supporting artists and youth leaders will raise awareness about mental health and substance abuse.

For more, visit www.nmha.org.

Gibson Labs, Networksound Co-Develop Technology for Electric Guitar
The electric guitar has plugged into the digital world using NetworkSound's real-time digital solutions over standard Ethernet. Developed in collaboration with Gibson Labs, the new Gibson Digital Guitar features Gibson's MaGIC connectivity protocol and a new pickup capable of isolating the vibrations of each individual string. In order to prevent loose Ethernet jacks and disconnections, the guitar is fitted with Neutrik's EtherCon RJ-45 connector.

Uusing the MaGIC protocol developed by Gibson Labs, the guitar company's technology division, NetworkSound was able to send 32 mono channels or 16 stereo channels in each direction over a single CAT-5 cable. "What you could conceivably do with this guitar is quite incredible," stated Barani Subbiah, Founder and CEO of NetworkSound. "After running out of the Ethernet port and into the 8-output Breakout Box, you can then use split mode to assign each of the six strings to a different amplifier. However, this technology just wouldn't be practical if you had frequent drops in your connections and cables, so we had to go with the tight-locking and rock-solid Neutrik EtherCon RJ-45. You could jump around onstage all day and not lose your connection."

The digital guitar uses Gibson's patented HEX pickup, which senses up-and-down motions and side-to-side motions, and can detect and isolate the vibrations of each individual string.

For more, visit www.networksound.com or www.gibson.com.

Technovoice Uses Meitner Converters for DVD-A, SACD Titles
A leader in high-resolution, multichannel music mastering, Technovoice expects to hit its 150th title in either DVD-A or SACD by mid-2004. Helping Technovoice attain this achievement are Meitner Audio Products' ADC8 and DAC8 8-channel analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, as well as the Switchman multisource controller to manage and master complex titles.

Charlie Watts, president of Technovoice and former mastering engineer at 5.1 Entertainment, and who has mastered records for blues artist Walter Trout, The Belrays and Def Jux, said that most of the sources for incoming multichannel masters are analog, so the ADC8 helps to convert those masters to the digital domain. "The accuracy and warmth of the ADC8 is tremendous," Watts said. "I know I'm getting a transfer conversion that retains the characteristics of the original analog master. I've been doing mastering for many years, and this is the first A-to-D converter I've heard that sounds like an analog tape machine." Meanwhile, during the mastering process, Watts often leaves the digital arena and sends audio data to key analog outboard processing systems, such as the Manley EQ and compression chain. "There are still a few pieces of analog equipment that digital simply can't emulate," he revealed. "When I need to access them, the DAC8 gets me there with no loss of quality in the conversion process."

During the mastering process, Watts can control all of the audio sources using Meitner's Switchman source controller, which allows him to A/B audio from the mastering console, analog tape decks and a DVD player. "What I especially like about the Switchman is that it has a Trim control on each input signal source. That lets me match levels on all input sources during comparison playbacks, ensuring that I get an accurate sonic picture of what I'm working with."

For more on the Meitner converters, visit its distributor, SADiE, at www.sadie.com. For more on Technovoice, visit www.technovoice.com.

Ashly Names International Sales Reps
Ashly Audio (Webster, N.Y.) announced the creation of three new international territories with independent representation.

For the United Kingdom, France, Iceland, India, Middle East and Africa, Graham Allen will be the representative. Peter Malech of PM Distribution will handle Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and Eastern European countries. International Sales' Joe Manning and Kris Jackson will represent Ashly in Australia, Asia and the Pacific Rim.

"As our sales and marketing efforts grow in scope, we needed to dedicate additional centrally located resources to more effectively direct and manage this growth," said Ashly Audio CEO Dave Parse. "These new people bring valuable knowledge and experience to our company and will benefit both our international customer base and Ashly Audio."

In other Ashly rep news, Cordial Riley (Clarkston, Mich.) will represent the company in Michigan.

To contact these reps, e-mail Graham Allen at mail@graham-allen.fsbusiness.co.uk, Peter Malech at peter.malech@t-online.de, Joe Manning of International Sales at joe@intlsales.net or Kris Jackson of International Sales at kris@intlsales.net, and Cordial Riley at crmktgeast@aol.com. For more information on Ashly Audio, visit www.ashly.com.

Princeton Digital Now Shipping Reverb 2016 for Pro Tools|HD
Princeton Digital announced the immediate availability of Pro Tools|HD plug-in versions of the Eventide SP2016 reverbs. The plug-in set, called Reverb 2016, includes Stereo Room, Room Reverb and High-Density Plate reverb effects.

"These reverbs originally ran on a purpose-built array processor and, until recently, DSPs weren't up to the task," said Tony Agnello, founder of Princeton Digital and developer of the original Eventide SP2016. "DSP hardware has finally caught up with these algorithms, and I've got to give Digidesign credit for putting some serious, crazy horsepower in the hands of plug-in developers. These great old reverbs run with a bit of room to spare."

The set of three Reverb 2016 plug-ins requires a Pro Tools|HD or Accel system running under Mac OS X 10.2 or higher. The initial release supports 44.1kHz and 48kHz sample rates. An upgrade with support for 96kHz sample rates on Accel hardware will be available by January 2004. Purchasers of Rev 1.0 will receive free upgrades.

The Reverb 2016 reverb bundle is available now for $699 at www.princetondigital.com. A fully functional version with a 30-day demo license may also be downloaded from the Website.

Paramount/Ameraycan Studios Hires Bill Dooley
Paramount/Ameraycan Studios owners Adam Beilenson and Mike Kerns announced the appointment of Bill Dooley as chief mastering engineer and director of post-production services at Paramount Recording Studios in Los Angeles.

"We're very excited to have Bill join our team at Paramount," said Kerns. "Bill brings a wealth of talent, knowledge and experience to Paramount Mastering." Dooley, who has been involved in mastering since being the chief recording engineer at Atlantic Recording Studios in New York City, has also built and operated CD mastering facilities at the former A&M Recording Studios and the former Brooklyn, now Extasy Recording Studios. Dooley's mastering credits range from CD remastering of Madonna's Bedtime Stories and Me'shell N'degocello's Peace Beyond Passion, to Motley Crue's "Lewd, Crude and Tattooed 5.1 DVD.

For more on Paramount Recording Studios, visit www.paramountrecording.com.

Fox Television to Install SSL C200 Consoles
Fox Television has purchased six 32-fader, 96 in-line channel Solid State Logic C200 Digital Production Consoles to serve their on-air promotion and sports departments. The first four consoles, slated for installation in late 2003, will be used for on-air promotion and replaces the SSL Scenaria digital post-production mixing systems in use since 1992. The other two C200 consoles will arrive in early 2004 and be used for Fox Sports projects.

The Fox on-air promotion department is a high-volume production group that creates hundreds of promos per week. The on-air promotion group's C200s will be used in conjunction with the Fairlight editing system, with SSL customizing the console and rolling script tray to accommodate the Fairlight controller. "Fox was one of the initial companies to invest in the Scenaria digital post-production system in 1992," said Phil Wagner, senior VP of SSL. "We are exceptionally pleased to see Fox's significant re-commitment to SSL in 2003 with the purchase of our new C200 digital production consoles."

The two C200 consoles slated for Fox Sports will be used for segments that air Fox Sports broadcast coverage including NFL, MLB, NASCAR, and sports promotions and presentations. The C200 consoles replace two Scenaria digital post-production mixing systems in use since 1994. The sports consoles will be used in conjunction with the Pro Tools editing system.

For more information, visit www.solid-state-logic.com.

M-Audio Upgrades Delta for G5
M-Audio has been working with Apple to ensure that all of M-Audio's PCI-based products will be compatible with the PCI-X architecture introduced with the G5s. M-Audio's Audiophile 2496, Delta 1010, Delta 44, Delta 66 and Delta 1010LT are now being upgraded. The Revolution 7.1 consumer surround sound card is already PCI-X-compatible.

The original versions of M-Audio Delta cards operated on 5 volts as supplied by the original PCI bus standard. The newly revised cards are designed to be powered from the 3.3-volt standard intrinsic to the 64-bit PCI-X standard and all G5s. Onboard sensing technology will also allow the new Delta cards to be backward-compatible to work in 32-bit 5-volt PCI systems. All revised M-Audio cards will also be compatible with current and next-generation Windows machines.

For those who purchased a Delta card on or after August 1, 2003, there is no charge to upgrade the card. For users who purchased their Delta cards prior to August 1, there is an upgrade fee of $50 (plus $5 in shipping) for U.S. customers.

To arrange for your upgrade, contact M-Audio at PCIupdate@m-audio.com.

SIRIUS Broadcasts Recordings From Electric Lady Studios
SIRIUS announced that it will broadcast classic recordings from New York City's Electric Lady Studios. "Live From Electric Lady" presents interviews and performances from decades past with artists including Santana, Jethro Tull, Foreigner and Bad Company.

"The addition of'Live From Electric Lady' to our lineup of music programming is another example of the wealth of music history SIRIUS gives its subscribers," said Joel Salkowitz, VP of programming operations at SIRIUS.

"We have always worked to foster a creative environment for musicians," said Alan Selby and Richard Flanzer, co-owners of Electric Lady Studios. "These rare broadcasts reflect this and offer SIRIUS listeners a unique opportunity to enjoy some of the greatest classic rock performances in history."

The series will be broadcast on SIRIUS Sessions//100 on Saturdays and Sundays. The schedule of artists is available at www.sirius.com.

Neumann Debuts Broadcast Line
Neumann has launched its new broadcast line of microphones with the BCM 104 (MSRP: $999). The K 104 large-diaphragm condenser capsule used in the BCM 104 has a cardioid directional pattern with switchable proximity effect compensation, introducing a highpass filter that reduces frequencies below 100 Hz by 12 dB/octave. A second pre-attenuation switch allows the sensitivity to be reduced by 14 dB to optimize performance for circuits designed for dynamic microphones. Both switches are internally mounted within the microphone housing.

The K 104 capsule offers a flat frequency response up to 3 kHz, while higher frequencies have a maximum increased presence of 2 dB. The BCM 104 amplifier has a linear operation down to 20 Hz. The BCM 104 microphone head grille twists off for quick cleaning. Directly in front of the capsule, mounted on a frame holder, is a piece of fine gauze that serves as a built-in pop screen. Neumann will be offering optional, color-coded head grilles so that each announcer may use his or her individual head grille. The pop screen can be removed for cleaning without the use of tools. The BCM 104 is additionally fitted with an elastic mount against structure-borne noise that is compatible with standard broadcast-segment microphone arms.

"With the introduction of the new broadcast line, Neumann has extended the variety and applications of its microphone solutions," said Jeff Alexander, director at Neumann. "The mix of solid engineering, unique features and functional design in the broadcast line is sure to be very well received in the world of public and commercial radio broadcasting in North America."

For more, visit Neumann online at www.neumannusa.com.

Smart Loops Releases Phat to Phreaky
Smart Loops, a developer of ACID-format loop-based music content and creation tools, announced the release of Phat to Phreaky (SRP: $69), a collection of authentic hip hop loops, including urban beats, breakdowns and fills.

The set contains more than 800 grooves in a wide array of styles and includes beats from Joey P. (TLC, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, Fabolous, Jagged Edge), James "DJ Melo"” Davies of Underground Productions (Queen Latifah, Marky Mark, LFO, Popstars Eden's Crush), Dale "Rambro" Ramsey (Jay-Z, U.G.K., Ludacris, Justin Timberlake), Michael Nickolas (music for ABC, NBC, CBS and Showtime), drummer Frank Basile, Tracey Clarke (producer with RJAM/Island Records) and Corey Presley (Jagged Edge, Oprah Winfrey). Because the files are provided in .WAV format, the set works on PC or Macintosh music recording or playback software, such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic Audio, Phrazer, Unity, Live and Digital Performer.

As a free bonus to registered users of Phat to Phreaky, Smart Loops is providing additional loop variations online. After registering Phat to Phreaky, customers will receive access to more loops, breakdowns, fills, drops and variations, as well as other bonuses.

For more information, visit www.SmartLoops.com.

DMT Rentals Opens Transfer Department
DMT Rentals has established a new transfer department that is headed by Brad Cobb and Vicki Giordano. The new department's first clients include Columbia Pictures, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures and Universal Pictures, plus DTS Entertainment. In addition to high-precision archiving of film score elements to tape/optical media for the motion picture community, DMT is now handling analog and digital transfers of multichannel music material for release by DTS Entertainment.

"The new department can accommodate virtually any analog or digital tape format, ranging from 35 mm mag to DASH and ProDigi formats," said DMT Rentals president Doug Botnick.

"We can handle just about anything here at the DMT transfer department," said Cobb, who is heading up the new department, "including 24-track analog, mag elements, PCM-3324/48 and Mitsubishi X800/850/880 digital tapes. We can output to Digidesign Pro Tools, Steinberg Nuendo and Merging Technologies Pyramix drives, Genex GX9048 hard drives or any client-specified format."

Giordano will supervise the traffic department. "There is a lot of archiving going on at the moment," she said. "With our wide selection of playback systems and recorders, we can handle anything a client might ask us to transfer."

During a recent transfer project for Nancy Sinatra, multitrack elements existed on iZ Technology RADAR drives recorded at a sample rate of 44.1 kHz and needed to be transferred to a Digidesign Pro Tools|HD DAW for editing at 48 kHz. "The transfer was made in the analog domain," Cobb explained, "because it sounds better than one done through a digital sample rate converter. We came out of the RADAR, upsampling via dB Technologies digital-to-analog converters to 88.1 kHz. Since each sample is played twice, any Nyquist filter ringing is raised an octave, well beyond hearing range. We then resampled via Genex GXA8 A-to-D converters to Pro Tools|HD. This is an example of a situation where access to DMT's large inventory of converters made a big difference."

For more information, visit www.dmtrentals.com.

RubberBand Music Company Launches
RubberBand Music (Los Angeles), a company that crosses over recording artists, rock bands, DJs, and film and television composers into alternative media, recently launch. Primal Scream will operate within the RubberBand group as the selected music company for RubberBand Commercials, and has already completed a spot for Ford and a campaign for SBC Yahoo!.

Several of the industry veterans who make up the founding team include Immortal Records' founder Happy Walters, Nicole Dionne of Primal Scream, KCRW program dost Greg DaPonte and Comedy Central's "Music Geek" Andy Zax, with more to be announced. Through Primal Scream, RubberBand provides original music composition, music supervision, research and licensing to production companies and advertising agencies worldwide.

RubberBand has taken space within the offices of Immortal Records, home to Korn and Incubus. Through its relationship with Primal Scream, some of the artists that RubberBand will be working with include feature film composer Klaus Badelt, who completed the scores for Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, The Time Machine and K-19: The Widowmaker, among others; film composers Ramin Djawadi and Michael Wandamacher; recording artists Peter Himmelman, Remy Zero and Godhead; and many others.

The active divisions under the RubberBand umbrella include RubberBand Commercials, in partnership with Primal Scream, and RubberBand Trailers, with additional divisions to be announced. RubberBand Trailers has been actively licensing tracks for television film trailers including, The Knack's "My Sharona" for Charlie's Angels, Andy Hunter's "Go" for Catch That Kid, original tracks from Godhead and Julian Beeston for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and KG's "Stomper" for Scary Movie 3, among others.

For more information, visit www.rubberbandmusic.com.

Shepard's Mobile Recording Setup Pits Analog With Digital
Engineer/producer Chris Shepard's Tour My Studio (Chicago) mobile recording setup can be packed into six road cases and features 40 channels of True Systems Precision 8 transformerless microphone preamps and a collection of high-quality microphones, including models from Neumann and Sennheiser, and a Digidesign Pro Tools|HD Version 6.0 workstation.

"It's a great-sounding preamp, and the noise floor is incredible," said Shepard, studio manager at the Chicago Recording Company and owner of Tour My Studio. Shepard established Tour My Studio three years ago to complement CRC by providing location recording services. "The two are linked together and work hand-in-hand real well. The combination of reaching out from a major studio and being able to supply a live rig is key to both ventures staying current."

According to Shepard, Tour My Studio was born out of necessity. "I was doing more and more engineering and producing for people who were asking me to set up studios in weird environments with bastard gear. I wanted better tools. So I went and I put together what I figured was going to be the ultimate studio, with the best mics and preamps I could afford, the ultimate headphone mixing ability, the best mic stands, and put that together as a package that people can actually afford. My goal is to provide musicians a way of doing remote recording economically with quality gear. All projects vary in cost due to complexity and time. But the key here is having a musician walk away from a show with a CD of the recording, a good decent mix and a hard drive with the individual tracks. This is what musicians want. It's empowering the artist. They walk away with the hard drive or their performance."

Commenting on the preamp, Shepard said, "It's just great stuff and dependable. Plus, the built-in splitting ability comes in handy for me. I put DB25 panels on the back of both my racks," explained Shepard. "So basically, all I'm using is a DB25 patch cord to connect the preamp rack to the Pro Tools rack. It's so simple, clean and fast. Our rig is set up in about half-an-hour. It loads off the truck, the fronts of the cases come off, just a few wires connect it together and we're rocking.

"The road case that holds the mic pre's took a hit at the House of Blues recently, doing KMFDM," he continued. "It came off of the loading dock with their loaders and went face down. And it went real hard. But we tested them and they were fine."

Regarding his mic collection, Shepard enthused that "the Neumann KM 184s are probably my most desired room mics. I carry a Neumann TLM 103 and use that a lot for low end or for strings. We do a lot of gospel work, where we go to a church and record the full strings, piano, choir, and obviously the room mics are so important in that scenario."

For more information, visit Chicago Recording Company at www.chgo-rec.com. For more on Tour My Studio, visit www.tourmystudio.com.

"Prince Charles" Alexander Installs Event Speakers
Only a few short months after the release of Event's Studio Precision 8 Biamplified Direct Field Monitors, multi-Platinum, award-winning producer/engineer "Prince Charles" Alexander (Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans, Luther Vandross, Alicia Keys, Destiny's Child) has installed a set in his studio.

"When I'm in the studio, I need the artists to be excited about what they're hearing," Alexander explained. "I can't expect them to imagine the bass frequencies and high-end snap that my old monitors simply didn't reproduce. The Studio Precision 8 gives me smooth, full-range reproduction that sounds great and has plenty of low-end thump, which is essential for hip hop and R&B production. And when my clients play my Studio Precision mixes at home or in their car, they sound just like they did in the studio."

For more information on the Studio Precision line, visit www.event1.com.

New Studio Installs Genex Hard Disk Systems
Genex Audio supplied a pair of GX9048 48-track and a single GX9000 8-track Multiformat Digital Systems to a new studio based in Montana, owned and operated by Brett Allen and his father. Scheduled to open in the spring of 2004, Lookout Studios will feature a main recording area equipped with a Solid State Logic XL9048 K Series analog console and online delivery systems for Internet streaming.

"We are a private facility that will experiment with modern production and streaming of data transfer over the Internet," Brett Allen said. "The studio will be for our personal use, in addition to selected professional clients and nonprofit organizations. We envision archiving and recording sessions, and Webcasted house concerts."

Regarding his choice of recording hardware, 24-year-old Allen said, "The Genex systems are a key factor to the uniqueness of our studio. Our new SSL console offers an extended bandwidth performance and was designed with DSD in mind. And our network-based server will have the ability to provide simultaneous multiformat Webcasts."

Tom Paddock, CEO of the San Francisco-based Sonic Focus Inc., and David Schwind, VP of Charles Salter Associates, are handling acoustic and systems design for the new facility.

For more information on Lookout Studios, e-mail Brett Allen at brett@sran.com. For more information on Genex, visit www.genexaudio.com.

ILIO Distributes Applied Acoustic Systems in North America
ILIO Entertainments has announced that it is the exclusive distributor of Applied Acoustic Systems' products in North America. Applied Acoustic Systems is a Montreal-based company specializing in software-based synthesis tools. The company's product offerings include the Tassman, an expansive collection of synths and presets, and the Lounge Lizard EP, a virtual electric piano.

"We are very excited to work with Applied Acoustics," said Mark Hiskey, principal of ILIO Entertainments. "They're a research-driven company whose unique blend of music and science has resulted in innovative instruments that teem with musical and artistic integrity. We look forward to delivering these virtual instruments to our client base."

For more, visit www.ilio.com.

ATR Services Intros Replacement Headblock for Studer A827
ATR Services Inc. has introduced a new, custom-made 2-inch 8-track headblock specifically designed to convert Studer A827 transports into high-end, surround sound mixdown and mastering recorders.

The new headblock plate, manufactured in-house by ATR Services, is machined to extremely close tolerances from a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum. The headblock package comes complete with a set of Flux Magnetics Mastering heads (including extended response play head) optimized for use with the Aria Reference Series Class-A discrete electronics. Designed by David Hill, Aria electronics are available separately through ATR Services.

"The A827 is a great transport, and with the addition of our Aria reference electronics and new head block, the sonics of the machine are greatly enhanced at both the 15 and 30 ips speeds," said ATR Services president Michael Spitz. "High-definition recordings made on these modified A827s will translate perfectly to our ATR108C compact mastering decks, which are also equipped with Aria electronics."

ATR Services also offers another version of the headblock designed for use with the 16-track 2-inch format. It includes the connector mounting bracket and the "D" connectors for plug-and-play using the stock Studer electronics. Flux Magnetics heads are standard on this version, as well.

Contact ATR Services Inc. at 717/852-7700 or www.atrservice.com for pricing.

Pioneer Electronics Announced New DVJ-X1
Pioneer Electronics announced its new DVJ-X1 digital audio and video turntable, which allows users to manipulate and playback synchronized digital audio and video.

DJs will be able to use Pioneer's new unit to manipulate DVD visuals in the same way as they would music. So real-time digital video scratches, loops and instant cues are all possible with the DVJ-X1, while the video and audio streams stay in sync, even when they're being reversed and pitched. The DVJ-X1 brings together existing A/V technologies into a single unit that interfaces with currently available software and hardware.

The DVJ-X1 offers onboard memory capacity and a SD Card slot similar to the CDJ-1000MK2 for flexibility in performance. This allows for A/V loops and cue points to be stored either onboard or on a removable memory card. A memory card that is bundled with the DVJ-X1 can store up to 500 loop or cue points. During playback, the saved cue and loop points can be searched, selected and previewed using an external preview monitor. An emergency loop automatically loops four beats seamlessly. Pioneer will offer a video switcher to interface with the Fader Start function of many professional audio mixers.

The DVJ-X1 will be available in spring 2004. For more information, visit www.PioneerProDJ.com.

Instrumentalist/Producer Rick Braun Purchases Blue Sky System
Instrumentalist and producer Rick Braun has purchased a Blue Sky 5.1 Sky System One monitoring system, which was installed in Braun's Los Angeles-area home studio, where he is preparing to do remixes on several of his solo recording releases.

"I first encountered the Blue Sky monitors at [film scoring composer] Gary Chang's personal studio, and I was told by several musicians that these were the monitors to get," remarked Braun, whose work as a producer has led to Number One records for artists David Benoit, Marc Antoine, Avenue Blue and Bryan Savage, has outfitted his home studio facility with Cubase and Nuendo software systems and a Yamaha DM2000 digital console. "What I needed was a great surround monitoring system so that, in preparation for remixing my own records in 5.1, I could give myself an education in surround mixing by listening to what other artists I respect have done with it. The Blue Sky 5.1 system has really let me hear those recordings in a way that no other speaker system has ever done."

For more information, visit Blue Sky online at www.abluesky.com.

Patent Awarded to Shure for KSM141
Shure Incorporated announced that its KSM141 studio mic has been awarded U.S. Design Patent No. Des. 478,068. Entitled "Microphone (KSM141)," the patent was granted on August 5, 2003, and will be in force until 14 years from its date of issue.

"As vital components within the Shure catalog of intellectual property, patents contribute greatly to our competitive market position," said Rick Frank, Shure's category director of performance microphones. "With the issuance of the KSM141 patent, kudos should go to our KSM141 design team, which once again has done its best to demonstrate technological leadership."

The KSM141 offers users a selection of either cardioid or omnidirectional polar patterns with the simple turn of a rotating mechanical switch. Other features found on the mic include Shure's Class-A transformerless preamp circuitry; an ultrathin, highly sensitive diaphragm; and a switchable three-position low-frequency filter that limits unwanted background noise and proximity effect. Operable between 20 and 20,000 Hz, the microphone offers a switchable pad (15 or 25 dB) for managing extremely high SPL sources such as electric guitar cabinets and snare drums.

A single-pattern (cardioid) version of the KSM141, Shure's KSM137, was also granted a patent recently (No. Des. 479,837). Like its dual-pattern counterpart, the KSM137 sports a champagne finish and comes with accessories including a break-resistant mic clip, carrying case and Popper Stopper!" pop filter.

For more information, visit Shure online at www.shure.com.

Composer Doug Hall to Open Own Company
In January 2004, composer Doug Hall will open PROPELLER, New York's newest full-service music company. Partnering with former MTV producer Iris Schaffer, Hall has created a state-of-the-art boutique dedicated to providing innovative original music and sound design complemented by over-the-top client services.

PROPELLER's new midtown Manhattan space is being designed from the ground up. The West 45th Street studio features a John Storyk-designed live recording room, which can accommodate a dozen musicians. The MIDI composing room, with a view of Rockefeller Center, is outfitted with MOTU's Digital Performer running on a Macintosh G4, a variety of soft synths and other music software, and an inventory of analog preamps and outboard processing gear.

"What I've missed most while freelancing was not having direct contact with agency creatives," he said. "One of my strengths is being able to draw out the information I need when I talk to them about their projects. It really puts clients at ease when they know that a composer begins the creative process with a clear understanding of their vision.

"Music and sound have the uniquely powerful ability to elevate meaning and emotion when combined with visual image. The right sounds can take a message and propel it directly into the viewer's subconscious. The music and sound created by PROPELLER can take messages to the next level of emotion and memorability.”"

PROPELLER will also provide a platform for developing a roster of fresh, young music talent. "We want to be thought of as a creative resource, which features exciting up-and-coming composers and sound designers who can bring some really unique points of view to the mix," Hall said.

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