Class of 2008 Runner-Ups

Class of 2008 Runner-Ups

Check out more new professional audio studios that could not be featured in the Class of 2008 Mix June 2008 cover story.

<B>Studio Name:</b> Cobaltt Mastering at Cups 'N Strings<BR><B>Location:</b> Santa Monica, Calif.<BR><B>Owner:</b> Bruce Maddocks<BR><B>Date Open:</b> September 2007<BR><B>Designer:</b> Engineer Bruce Maddocks <BR><B>Photo:</b> David Goggin<P><B>Equipment

Studio Name: Cobaltt Mastering at Cups 'N Strings
Location: Santa Monica, Calif.
Owner: Bruce Maddocks
Date Open: September 2007
Designer: Engineer Bruce Maddocks
Photo: David Goggin

Equipment: Mac G5 dual-core, Pro Tools HD V. 7.3, Bias Peak V.5, Waves plug-ins, UREI 1178 with PSU Mod, TL Audio Fatman tube compressor with PSU mod, A-Designs Hammer Tube EQ, TL Audio EQ 1 tube EQ with input mod, Magnetek R-29 Class-A transistor EQ, Aphex Exciter with “Big Bottom” with PSU mod, TC Electronic 96k Finalizer, Hafler amplification, custom in-line loudspeakers and discrete subwoofers.

Description: The room was built as a testing and proving ground for several acoustic paneling and wall design systems developed by owner Bruce Maddocks. The framing wall structure was created to act as several low-frequency and mid-frequency panel absorbers. Liquid ceramic was used inside the walls as a construction sealant and mass dampener, and it provides greater thermal control. Wall-mounted diffusion panels are designed to perform as wide-band diffusers, mid-band absorbers and fixed low-frequency panel absorbers. The front wall corner-mounted “Ripple” polys provide wide-band diffusion and low-frequency absorption. The main design consideration was not only for the treatments to be effective, but also that all elements of the design could be purchased at a D.I.Y. store and be assembled on site by the studio owner. Several of the room’s design treatments have made their way into other new studio construction projects in Los Angeles.

<B>Studio Name:</b> Apartment 408<BR><B>Owner:</b> Michael Stuber<BR><B>Location:</b> Quincy, Mass.<BR><B>Date Opened:</b> May 2007<BR><B>Designer:</b> Lou Clark/Sonic-Space<BR><B>Photo:</b> Tim Gaudreau<BR><P><B>Equipment:</b> Genelec S30 speakers, Pro T<B>Studio Name:</b> Cobaltt Mastering at Cups 'N Strings<BR><B>Location:</b> Santa Monica, Calif.<BR><B>Owner:</b> Bruce Maddocks<BR><B>Date Open:</b> September 2007<BR><B>Designer:</b> Engineer Bruce Maddocks <BR><B>Photo:</b> David Goggin<P><B>Equipment<B>Studio Name:</b> 20th Century Fox DVD Mix Room<BR><B>Location:</b> Los Angeles<BR><B>Date Opened:</b> September 2007<BR><B>Designer:</b> Peter Grueneisen/nonzero architecture/studio bau:ton<BR><B>Acoustics:</b> David Schwind/Charles M. Salter Associate<B>Studio Name:</b> hearstudios<BR><B>Owner:</b> Jason Hearst<BR><B>Location:</b> Boston<BR><B>Date Open:</b> August 2007<BR><B>Designer:</b> Lou Clark/Sonic-Space<BR><B>Photo:</b> Tim Gaudreau<P><B>Equipment:</b> Bang & Olufsen Beolab speakers, Pro Tools<B>Studio Name:</b> Murray Arts Center Studios<BR><B>Owner:</b> Mount Paran Christian School<BR><B>Location:</b> Atlanta<BR><B>Date Open:</b> February 2008<BR><B>Designer:</b> John Storyk/Walters-Storyk Design Group<BR><B>Photo:</b> Bill Massey<P><B>Equip
<B>Studio Name:</b> NFL Network Studios<BR><B>Owner:</b> NFL Network<BR><B>Location:</b> Culver City, Calif.<BR><B>Date Open:</b> March 2007<BR><B>Designer:</b> Russ Berger Design Group<BR><B>Photo:</b> Azcar Technologies<P><B>Equipment: 50-terabyte Apple<B>Studio Name:</b> Paradise Garage<BR><B>Owner:</b> Robert Clivilles<BR><B>Location:</b> Westchester, N.Y.<BR><B>Date Open:</b> May 2007<BR><B>Designer:</b> John Storyk/Walters-Storyk Design Group<BR><B>Photo:</b> Robert Wolsch<P><B>Equipment:</b> Digide<B>Studio Name:</b> PatchWerk Recording Studios<BR><B>Owner:</b> Bob Whitfield<BR><B>Location:</b> Atlanta, Ga.<BR><B>Date Open:</b> September 2007<BR><B>Designer:</b> Jean Michelle/Heber Designs <BR><P><B>Equipment:</b> 48-channel SSL Duality console, Ge<B>Studio Name:</b> Post City<BR><B>Owners:</b> Allen Ormerod and Pino Halili<BR><B>Location:</b> Toronto, Ontario<BR><B>Date Open:</b> March 2008<BR><B>Designer:</b> Andy Condon/Acoustical Symmetry<BR><B>Photo:</b> Luc Bourgeois<P><B>Equipment:</b> Two D<B>Studio Name:</b> San Luis Musica<BR><B>Location:</b> Provincia de San Luis, Argentina<BR><B>Designer:</b> Mariano Rodriguez/MBR Design Group<P><B>Equipment:</b> Four Digidesign Pro Tools HD3 Accel systems, two Digidesign ICON consoles.<P><B>Description
<B>Studio Name:</b> Sweetwater Productions<BR><B>Owner:</b> Sweetwater<BR><B>Location:</b> Fort Wayne, Ind.<BR><B>Date Open:</b> January 15, 2008<BR><B>Designer:</b> Russ Berger/Russ Berger Design Group<BR><B>Photo:</b> Alex Davis and Tony Headrick<P><B>E<B>Studio Name:</b> Tangerine Mastering<BR><B>Owners:</b> Roger Johansen and Gene Holder<BR><B>Location:</b> New York City<BR><B>Date Open:</b> January 2008<BR><B>Designer:</b> John Storyk/Walters-Storyk Design Group<BR><B>Photo:</b> courtesy Tangerine Ma<B>Studio Name:</b> Dream Center <BR><B>Location</b>: Los Angeles <BR><B>Date Open:</b> March 2008 <BR><B>Designers:</b> Carl Yanchar and David Hanley/Wavespace <BR><B>Photo:</b> Jason Brown<P><B>Equipment:</b> vintage Trident console, Pro Tools HD, Augsp
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