Class of 2008 Runner-Ups

Class of 2008 Runner-Ups

Check out more new professional audio studios that could not be featured in the Class of 2008 Mix June 2008 cover story.

<B>Studio Name:</b> Sweetwater Productions<BR><B>Owner:</b> Sweetwater<BR><B>Location:</b> Fort Wayne, Ind.<BR><B>Date Open:</b> January 15, 2008<BR><B>Designer:</b> Russ Berger/Russ Berger Design Group<BR><B>Photo:</b> Alex Davis and Tony Headrick<P><B>E

Studio Name: Sweetwater Productions
Owner: Sweetwater
Location: Fort Wayne, Ind.
Date Open: January 15, 2008
Designer: Russ Berger/Russ Berger Design Group
Photo: Alex Davis and Tony Headrick

Equipment: Digidesign ICON System (32-channel D-Control, Pro Tools HD Accel); ADAM monitors; Apogee converters and Big Ben master clock; Otari MX-80 24-track; mics by Neumann, Royer, Soundelux, B&K, AKG, Beyerdynamic, Sony, Audio-Technica, Shure, Rode, Blue, Sennheiser, Earthworks, more; preamps by Focusrite, Digidesign, Drawmer, Avalon and PreSonus; and processing and plug-ins by Waves, Sonnox, McDSP, Digidesign, Drawmer, Audio Ease, more.

Description: This studio is situated in the corporate headquarters of music and pro audio retailer Sweetwater. Russ Berger Design Group designed a 250-seat Performance Theatre and three recording studios that allow the company to showcase equipment for its customers, test and evaluate gear in-house, and provide training spaces for the sales engineers. Studio A’s spacious live room can support full bands and ensembles, and includes two iso booths. Studios B and C have control rooms with booths for recording voice or solo instruments, and feature Pro Tools systems. All of the recording spaces are networked for both video and audio, and are interconnected with the Performance Theatre, a 320-seat conference room and an outdoor amphitheater.

<B>Studio Name:</b> Apartment 408<BR><B>Owner:</b> Michael Stuber<BR><B>Location:</b> Quincy, Mass.<BR><B>Date Opened:</b> May 2007<BR><B>Designer:</b> Lou Clark/Sonic-Space<BR><B>Photo:</b> Tim Gaudreau<BR><P><B>Equipment:</b> Genelec S30 speakers, Pro T<B>Studio Name:</b> Cobaltt Mastering at Cups 'N Strings<BR><B>Location:</b> Santa Monica, Calif.<BR><B>Owner:</b> Bruce Maddocks<BR><B>Date Open:</b> September 2007<BR><B>Designer:</b> Engineer Bruce Maddocks <BR><B>Photo:</b> David Goggin<P><B>Equipment<B>Studio Name:</b> 20th Century Fox DVD Mix Room<BR><B>Location:</b> Los Angeles<BR><B>Date Opened:</b> September 2007<BR><B>Designer:</b> Peter Grueneisen/nonzero architecture/studio bau:ton<BR><B>Acoustics:</b> David Schwind/Charles M. Salter Associate<B>Studio Name:</b> hearstudios<BR><B>Owner:</b> Jason Hearst<BR><B>Location:</b> Boston<BR><B>Date Open:</b> August 2007<BR><B>Designer:</b> Lou Clark/Sonic-Space<BR><B>Photo:</b> Tim Gaudreau<P><B>Equipment:</b> Bang & Olufsen Beolab speakers, Pro Tools<B>Studio Name:</b> Murray Arts Center Studios<BR><B>Owner:</b> Mount Paran Christian School<BR><B>Location:</b> Atlanta<BR><B>Date Open:</b> February 2008<BR><B>Designer:</b> John Storyk/Walters-Storyk Design Group<BR><B>Photo:</b> Bill Massey<P><B>Equip
<B>Studio Name:</b> NFL Network Studios<BR><B>Owner:</b> NFL Network<BR><B>Location:</b> Culver City, Calif.<BR><B>Date Open:</b> March 2007<BR><B>Designer:</b> Russ Berger Design Group<BR><B>Photo:</b> Azcar Technologies<P><B>Equipment: 50-terabyte Apple<B>Studio Name:</b> Paradise Garage<BR><B>Owner:</b> Robert Clivilles<BR><B>Location:</b> Westchester, N.Y.<BR><B>Date Open:</b> May 2007<BR><B>Designer:</b> John Storyk/Walters-Storyk Design Group<BR><B>Photo:</b> Robert Wolsch<P><B>Equipment:</b> Digide<B>Studio Name:</b> PatchWerk Recording Studios<BR><B>Owner:</b> Bob Whitfield<BR><B>Location:</b> Atlanta, Ga.<BR><B>Date Open:</b> September 2007<BR><B>Designer:</b> Jean Michelle/Heber Designs <BR><P><B>Equipment:</b> 48-channel SSL Duality console, Ge<B>Studio Name:</b> Post City<BR><B>Owners:</b> Allen Ormerod and Pino Halili<BR><B>Location:</b> Toronto, Ontario<BR><B>Date Open:</b> March 2008<BR><B>Designer:</b> Andy Condon/Acoustical Symmetry<BR><B>Photo:</b> Luc Bourgeois<P><B>Equipment:</b> Two D<B>Studio Name:</b> San Luis Musica<BR><B>Location:</b> Provincia de San Luis, Argentina<BR><B>Designer:</b> Mariano Rodriguez/MBR Design Group<P><B>Equipment:</b> Four Digidesign Pro Tools HD3 Accel systems, two Digidesign ICON consoles.<P><B>Description
<B>Studio Name:</b> Sweetwater Productions<BR><B>Owner:</b> Sweetwater<BR><B>Location:</b> Fort Wayne, Ind.<BR><B>Date Open:</b> January 15, 2008<BR><B>Designer:</b> Russ Berger/Russ Berger Design Group<BR><B>Photo:</b> Alex Davis and Tony Headrick<P><B>E<B>Studio Name:</b> Tangerine Mastering<BR><B>Owners:</b> Roger Johansen and Gene Holder<BR><B>Location:</b> New York City<BR><B>Date Open:</b> January 2008<BR><B>Designer:</b> John Storyk/Walters-Storyk Design Group<BR><B>Photo:</b> courtesy Tangerine Ma<B>Studio Name:</b> Dream Center <BR><B>Location</b>: Los Angeles <BR><B>Date Open:</b> March 2008 <BR><B>Designers:</b> Carl Yanchar and David Hanley/Wavespace <BR><B>Photo:</b> Jason Brown<P><B>Equipment:</b> vintage Trident console, Pro Tools HD, Augsp
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