Garbage 2012 Tour Gallery

Garbage 2012 Tour Gallery

Garbage 2012 Tour Gallery from Mix magazine, featuring photos by Steve Jennings

© Photo: Steve Jennings

Engineer/programmer/mixer Billy Bush is responsible for the stage-left guitar, keyboards, bass, computers, and overall design and implementation of the onstage systems. “I use two laptops,” he explains. “One runs an Ableton Live session that controls sample and loop playback, Butch’s click track; plus, it also sends MIDI patch changes to both guitar and keyboard rigs, the bass rig, the [Clavia] ddrum3, and also does the more bizarre vocal effects. I use MOTU interfaces—one 828mk3 Hybrid audio interface and one midi express 128. The other laptop is a backup and also allows me to control the Muse Research Receptor via their Receptor Tools software."

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