Green Day 2013 Tour Gallery

Green Day 2013 Tour Gallery

Mix magazine's Green Day 2013 Tour Gallery features photos of the band in concert at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, Calif., taken by photographer Steve Jennings.

© Steve Jennings

FOH effects racks; pictured here, on the left-hand side from the top down: Lexicon PCM92 (x2), Eventide Ultra-Harmonizer, Drawmer Dual Gate (x2), Chandler Limited LTD2 (x6), and Empirical Labs Distressor (x2). On the right-hand side, from the top down: Tech21 SansAmp, BAE 1028 mic pre/EQ (single-rackspace), API 3124 preamp (x2), BAE 8 CM 8-channel summing mixer loaded with BAE 1028 mic pre/EQ 500 Series modules (x7), and SSL SLogic Superanalogue X-Rack. “I have around 46 inputs, so I had to use a couple of smaller 8-channel rack-mount mixers to use ahead of the Midas [XL200 console] to get everything to fit on there,” FOH engineer Kevin Lemoine explains. “The BAE 8CM, loaded with BAE 1028s, sees the seven electric guitar mics first and then gets bused into two mono channels on the XL200. And Tre Cool's cymbals are all individually miked, as well as having two overhead channels, so a JDK Audio 8MX2 handles the four crashes, ride and overheads with great ease, again busing back in to two XL200 channels.”

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