Green Day 2013 Tour Gallery

Green Day 2013 Tour Gallery

Mix magazine's Green Day 2013 Tour Gallery features photos of the band in concert at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, Calif., taken by photographer Steve Jennings.

© Steve Jennings

“For the drums, I mike the kick with a Shure Beta 91 and an old AKG D-12,” says FOH engineer Kevin Lemoine, who is assisted by drum tech Kenny Butler (pictured here). “Snare top is a Telefunken M80 and snare bottom is an AKG 451. All of these see API 3124 mic preamps and also SSL XR618 gate/comp modules from the SSL X-Logic. Hi-hat is a Neumann 185. Rack tom gets a Shure Beta 98, and floor toms each get a Josephson E22S. Again, these toms see the API/SSL combo. Cymbals are individually miked with DPA 4062s and Telefunken ELA M 260s for side heads.”

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