Jack Johnson InStudio

Neve 8816 stereo submixer with 8804 fader pack.  new from Neve.

Neve 8816 stereo submixer with 8804 fader pack. new from Neve.

Drummer Adam Topol“A bunch of amps from producer J.P. Plunier’s collection.  The one on the left is a Bell stereo amplifier that has two inputs, so you can create a stereo effect.  We used that one quite a lot.  The little orange one is an old Gibson.  We also used the“We set up in the room and create a live environment.  I put an AKG 451 on his acoustic guitar.  He is such a mellow player.  Jack would sometimes play acoustic, sometimes electric, all done live in the room.Engineer Robert Carranza positions a new Telefunken | USA U 47AE large diaphragm tube mic.  “Jack has kind of a velvet voice and this is the first time I really got the sound I have been trying to get all along.”  On the guitar is an A-T 4050.From top: Studio Technologies Generation II stereo simulator; Drawmer dual de-esser MX-50; and API 512 and 312 mic pre's
From top: Summit Audio DCL-200 dual compressor/limiter, Empirical Labs EL-7 Fatso Jr., Ridge Farm Boiler ultracompressor, Tube-Tech Cl 2A, Summit TLA-100A and Teletronix LA2AG5 with Pro Tools HD3 rig with Apogee Big Ben clocking it.Neve 8816 stereo submixer with 8804 fader pack.  new from Neve.From top: Maxx AL-2, Tascam DVRA-1000 and TC Electronic TCM-6000SSL AWS-900 console and Genelec monitors
Jack Johnson with guitar on the steps of his new recording studio, called “Solar Plastic Power Plant”.From left: Producer J.P. Plunier, Jack Johnson, engineer/mixer Robert Carranza.“Merlo is playing through a vintage B-15, which has a Beta 52 on it.  He played a variety of basses, including this Epiphone Jack Casady bass.  He has his own technique of playing with his fingers.  He also used a Guild teardrop Vox-style bass.  Direct “Zach used a lot of keyboards: Celeste, Clavinet, Wurlitzer, Rhodes, Moog, piano.  He did most of the piano live.  It was blocked off, with the soundboard faced away from the drums, with a little gobo, some 451s and that was our tracking style.  Sometim
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