The Faint 2009 Tour Photo Gallery

The Faint 2009 Tour Photo Gallery

Peruse Faint 2009 tour photo gallery from Mix magazine July 2009 live sound issue

The Faint

© Photos: Steve Jennings

The bandmembers of electro-synth quartet The Faint are doing it on their own. Their latest CD, Fasciinatiion, was recorded in their private studio, Enamel, and released on their own label, Blank.Wav. Their current headlining tour finds them entertaining packed mid-sized venues, including The Fillmore in San Francisco, where Mix caught up with the act.

The FaintGuitar/bassist Dapose’s setup includes a Vox AC30 for guitar and an Ampeg 400W classic tube head with 4x10 Ampeg cabinet for bass. Worthington mikes the guitar with a Beyer M68 cardioid dynamic, while bass takes a Sennheiser 604 hung with a homemade spaGuitar/bassist Joel Peterson plays both instruments through a Fender Deluxe reverb and an Ampeg SVT 400 with 4x10 Ampeg cabinet. Both instruments’ signals run through both amps. Mics include a Beyer M500 ribbon on the Fender, which Worthington says he lGuitar/bassist Joel PetersonBackline tech/stage manager Avel Sosa
Front-of-house engineer/production manager Dutch WorthingtonMpnitor engineer  Julian GibsonDrummer Clark Baechle sings through an AKG D5 supercardioid mic. His kit is miked with a Beta 52 (kick), Audio-Technica 3040 (snare top), Sennheiser 604s (snare bottom, toms) and AKG C 430s (hi-hat, ride). There is also a kick trigger and a “52 helps ro“The Road Kill piece of equipment is a $30 distortion pedal that I was told you can buy at Walmart. I bought it off of a house guy because I had left my boutique pedal at the previous gig. Surprisingly, I get less noise and tastier distortion to give thGuitar/bassist Dapose
Synthesist Jacob Thiele’s setup comprises a Nord Lead 3 and Yamaha AN1x, and shares a controller with vocalist/keyboardist Todd Fink that is controlling a rackmounted Novation.Vocalist/keyboardist Todd Fink sings through a Shure Beta 57A; Beta 57As are also used for background vocals.


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