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Sonic Ranch: A Recording Retreat Designed to Inspire

Apr 1, 2014, By Tom Kenny

Vibe is one of those versatile descriptors that can mean nothing or everything. It can be used to describe a person, place or thing in the generic, or, when attached to a modifier, become more specific, as in a “funky, New Orleans vibe.” It can be attached to an event, like a Clive Davis after-party, or a unique piece of art, an individual rock star or a scene a la Brooklyn. It can be so overused that it loses its luster, yet can sometimes be the only word that fits. At its simplest, it describes a moment in time. At its most complex, it describes a total experience, one that is just there all the time. Sonic Ranch has vibe—all-caps, boldfaced, italicized Vibe. ...

The Great ‘Marketplace’ Studio Redesign of 2009-2014: American Public Media Updates Radio Facility for the “Connected” World

Apr 1, 2014, By Nick Batzdorf

There are no Aeron chairs or hardwood floors at the newly revamped Frank Stanton Studios in downtown Los Angeles. These are radio studios, where all the rooms are small and dry, and the machine room is loaded with floor-to-ceiling racks of networking equipment. It’s where American Public Media supports local station Southern California Public Radio (SCPR) and produces the daily Marketplace series of business news and economic life programs, heard nationally on more than 500 public radio stations by almost 11 million listeners a week....

On the Cover: Technicolor at Paramount

Apr 1, 2012, By Mel Lambert

Sometimes, when the rest of the world zigs, the smart money zags. Technicolor, the international media company that has quietly raised its stake in Hollywood over the past decade, just doubled down on its commitment to post-production with the opening of a state-of-the-art facility on the Paramount lot....

SPARS SoundBite | Fragmentation is Good!

Apr 1, 2012, By Roy Machado

As we head off to another NAB, we find that media production in general is experiencing a tremendous amount of fragmentation—a trend that is likely to continue. There are countless numbers of cable channels, Websites, and both traditional and Internet-based radio outlets, which has led to fragmented audiences, as well....

Turner Turns to Lawo

Jan 1, 2012, By Sarah Benzuly

Turner Studios, the broadcast production division of Turner Entertainment Group, has taken delivery of a second Lawo mc290 production console in its Audio Control Room 21 (ACR21), handling live sports studio shows and sports integration. The desk is configured with 48 channel faders, 16 central faders, 256 channels of AES I/O, 48 analog ins and 64 analog outs. The console’s core is tied to a Nova 73 HD MADI router with 192 channels of MADI I/O using fail-over redundant connections. For this project, the Lawo Nova 73 HD was expanded to 40 MADI I/O ports, providing access to eight sound stage/studios and other shared resources such as a 64-channel I/O Pro Tools|HD system and the other four Audio Control Rooms. The 8,000x8,000 Nova 73 HD router is configured for approximately 1,300 signals in and 1,000 signals out. ...

TRI Studios

Nov 1, 2011, By Blair Jackson

During their 30 years together, the Grateful Dead established themselves as audio innovators of the highest order (no pun intended). They were the first group to use top-shelf hi-fi components as part of their SR setup, and among the first to regularly employ monitor wedges. They hot-rodded everything from guitars to amplifiers to loudspeakers in search of cleaner and more powerful sound, and their justifiably legendary Wall of Sound system in the early ’70s remains a model (albeit a financially impractical one) of how to deliver pristine audio to large numbers of people. The Dead also always supported up-and-coming instrument and gear artisan, from Alembic and Doug Irwin on the guitar/bass front, to Meyer Sound loudspeakers and Gamble front-of-house and monitor boards. Guitarist Bob Weir and drummer Mickey Hart were both home studio pioneers. ...

The Magic of De Lane Lea

Sep 1, 2011, By Wes Maebe

I think that at some point every young aspiring sound engineer dreams of being involved with film. All those loud explosions, fantastic string arrangements, fast edits and, most of all, ginormous mixing desks. So when I moved to London as a student in the early 1990s, I walked past De Lane Lea dreaming of working on the next Bond movie. ...

SFP: New Rooms, 2011

Jul 1, 2011, By Sarah Benzuly

Mix Spotlights New Sound for Picture Post Production Facilities in 2011...

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