Editor's Note: Sound and Picture

Sep 1, 2011, By Tom Kenny, Editorial Director

We’ve seen this happen before, with a medium birthed on audio giving way to dominance by video. It happened in broadcast, where radio—the original WiFi, albeit one-way—was overtaken by television, and later cable, on the news and drama front, then decades later by MTV on the music front. In broad and simple terms, you can replace broadcast with Internet/mobile, and plug in Napster for radio and YouTube, a seemingly legal peer-to-peer for video, and you can see the parallels. Only this time, it didn’t take video 30 to 40 years to assert itself; it simply required more bandwidth and greater storage, and then it seemingly happened overnight. ...

Film Mixers on the Move

Sep 1, 2011, By Tom Kenny

It was a summer of musical chairs in Hollywood as a couple of high-end post facilities announced the hiring of A-list recording mixers to their teams. In July, Technicolor announced the hiring of Scott Millan and Greg P. Russell as its theatrical sound mixing duo for the company’s new sound mixing stages located at Paramount Studios. Meanwhile, Michael Keller has returned to leading independent sound company Todd-AO in Hollywood, and will team with re-recording mixer Mike Prestwood Smith. Keller has mixed more than 75 films, including Oliver Stone’s Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Roland Emmerich’s 2012 and Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof. Keller and Prestwood Smith are currently mixing Abduction for director John Singleton and Lionsgate. ...

Ready for Football!

Sep 1, 2011, By Tom Kenny

When Full Sail University launched its partnership with ESPN in late 2010, the goal was to get students involved in real-world production—audio, video, gaming, motion graphics; everything that goes into a professional program. The relationship has paid dividends right away, as 56 students—along with a jersey-wearing crowd from the community at large—took part in a multi-day shoot in mid-July for the opening video sequence of Hank Williams Jr.’s hit song “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Monday Night” for ESPN Monday Night Football. ...

Creating the Sonic Worlds of 'Terra Nova'

Sep 1, 2011, By Matt Hurwitz

It’s a great gig to land if you work in sound for picture. A hotly anticipated sci-fi series with the name Spielberg attached. A plot set in the future and the prehistoric past, opening up all kinds of sound-design possibilities. Machines and gadgets, weapons and vehicles, nature and science, humans and dinosaurs. Supervising sound editor Michael Graham, MPSE, knew that he and his team at Smart Post Sound (Burbank, Calif.) were in for an exciting challenge when they picked up Terra Nova. But there was one catch. ...

Abbot Mixes 'X Factor' on Yamaha DM2000

Sep 1, 2011, By Tom Kenny

The X Factor will make its U.S. debut on Fox September 21, and Michael Abbott, owner of All Ears Inc., has chosen a Yamaha DM2000 for the broadcast mix of the audition phase of the production taped in Los Angeles, Dallas, Newark, New Jersey, Miami and Seattle. Sweetwater Video/NEP provided the audio/video facilities. The Simon Cowell–created show went across America to find the next global superstar or group who will ultimately win a $5 million Sony Music recording deal. ...

SPARS SoundBite | Film Is a Sound Idea

Sep 1, 2011, By Jonathan Pekar

At Ardent Studios, our job is to create entertainment­—any way possible. While we are rooted in the foundations of rock ’n’ roll from our 45 years in Memphis, we have seen the power of the visual. Sound and picture have gone hand-in-hand since the 1920s, and today the relationship is even closer. There isn’t a music industry or a film industry anymore, and soon there won’t even be a traditional broadcast industry. There is just the entertainment industry. The demand for video content—with superior audio—is exploding with the advent of streaming and downloads. ...

'Cowboys & Aliens'

Aug 1, 2011, By Blair Jackson

On paper, it’s an idea that can’t miss: Cowboys (and Apaches) in 1873 Arizona are confronted by an alien invasion! It’s spaceships against horses; six-shooters, single-shot rifles, bows and spears against horrifying, zapping destructo rays from beyond the galaxy. Cowboys & Aliens is two—yes, two!—movies in one: an Old West saga about a mysterious amnesiac who stumbles into the town of Absolution only to learn he’s wanted there for committing heinous crimes he doesn’t remember, and one of the strangest sci-fi adventures you’re likely to see. Jon Favreau (the two Iron Man films) directed this intriguing hybrid, which is based on a 2006 graphic novel by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg. The appealing leads are Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde. ...

'Cars 2'

Jul 1, 2011, By Blair Jackson

Rather than just being a formulaic re-tread (sorry) of the mega-successful 2006 Cars, Disney/Pixar’s Cars 2 ups the ante by being much more than a racing movie. ...

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