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Monitors for Surround

Feb 1, 2013, By the Mix Editors

Years ago, when the first wave of excitement for 5.1 music projects hit its peak, Mix ran a product roundup on “surround speaker systems.” We established criteria, such as they had to have their own sub, and we thought we were being cutting-edge. But then a number of users and manufacturers called in and said, “Huh? If somebody buys five speakers and a sub, it’s a surround system.” They were right. This time around, we selected monitor models from leading manufacturers that we figured would work well for a near-field, surround sound experience, starting at 6-inch woofers and up. ...

What "Inside the Box" Really Means

Mar 1, 2007, By David Weiss

At a recent Grammy Sound Table event in Anaheim, Calif., coinciding with the NAMM convention, the four producer panelists were asked what seemed like...

Keep It in the Stereo Realm

Feb 1, 2007, By Matt Gallagher

Known for their ease of use, precision, versatility and ability to quickly deliver high-quality results, dedicated stereo microphones are sometimes preferable...

The Big Boards

Jan 1, 2007, By George Petersen

Ten years ago, this article would have been very different. The concept of digital consoles for sound reinforcement was in its infancy, with a single...

A Trip to the Slammer

Jan 1, 2007, By Michael Cooper

Despite the exploding digital revolution, the popularity of analog compressors and limiters shows no sign of waning and for good reason. There is an ineffable,...

Tools for That Finishing Touch

Dec 1, 2006, By Michael Cooper

Equalization is one of the two most-common processes employed in mastering (the other being dynamics processing) to put the finishing touch on a recording...

Microphone Preamplifier Technology

Nov 1, 2006, By Eddie Ciletti

There are preamps for every purpose and budget, some with and some transparent. And while some designs may have similar origins, the fact is that a mic...

Wireless Wonders

Nov 1, 2006, By Matt Gallagher

Despite anxiety over the wireless frequency crunch that's slated for February 2009 the date that the FCC has chosen for analog transmission to cease the...

Outfitting Your Dream Room

Nov 1, 2006, By David Weiss, Kevin Becka and Barry Rudolph

Everybody loves a shopping spree. And though the same can't be said in, say, real estate or fuel, in pro audio, your dollar currently stretches farther...

Digital Consoles

Sep 1, 2006, By George Petersen

Digital consoles have become more feature-laden and smarter although not necessarily larger. Today's boards seemingly have the ability to pack hundreds...

Your Way, Right Away

Sep 1, 2006, By Sarah Benzuly

Two years ago, online delivery was the name of the game. Then last year, makers of production music libraries saw advantages in putting their deliverables...

Supersize My Mic

Jul 1, 2006, By Michael Cooper

If large-diaphragm condenser mics performed identically to their small-diaphragm cousins, engineers would probably buy the behemoth versions anyway just...

Acoustic Treatment for All

Jun 1, 2006, By Matt Gallagher

Just like life itself, audio production is grounded in balance. Great mixes translate the same sonic balance to any playback system. But in this brave...

Essentials for Going Surround

Apr 1, 2006, By George Petersen

If you've upgraded your DAW or console lately, then you've probably got surround production on your mind or at least in your eventual plans. Other than...

The Speaker Takes the Stand

Feb 1, 2006, By Michael Cooper

Several years ago, active monitors were new in town, raising eyebrows at trade shows where passive designs still ruled. How things have changed! Today,...

Essential Equalization

Jan 1, 2006, By Strother Bullins

EQs: We all need them, and most of us have a lot of them both in our racks and on our computers. Engineers have various criteria for choosing between...

Networked Amplifiers For Live Sound

Jan 1, 2006, By Steve La Cerra

These days, just about everything from your DVD player to your coffee machine can be remote-controlled, so why not your power amplifiers? Networked communication...

The Vocal Channel Processor

Nov 1, 2005, By Strother Bullins

In the pre-DAW world of music recording, a channel strip meant one thing to most engineers: one of the many narrow, vertical tactile interfaces offering...

Accessorize Your DAW

Sep 1, 2005, By George Petersen

By now, even the most ardent analog holdouts have conceded that computer-based production is here to stay. And the well-tempered modern digital audio...

Manage That Live Mix

Sep 1, 2005, By Steve LaCerra

It wasn't too long ago when snapshot recall on a live console meant that you took a Polaroid photo of the desk after the soundcheck was over. Today, snapshot...

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