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Product Reviews:
Professionals in the field test today's hottest audio gear.

Field Test: PreSonus DigiMax FS

Mar 1, 2007, By Jason Scott Alexander

It's been six years since PreSonus launched its popular DigiMax line, and nearly four years since the DigiMax last received a facelift in the DigiMax...

Field Test: Blue Sky SAT 12, Sub 15 2.1 Monitoring System

Mar 1, 2007, By Joe Hannigan

You don't often associate the word with audio systems, but it's an appropriate term for Blue Sky's latest: a 2,000-watt, 300-plus-pound 2.1 midfield monitor...

Field Test: SPL Passeq Passive Equalizer

Mar 1, 2007, By Michael Cooper

Passive EQs are generally known for their natural and transparent sound. When SPL's design engineers set out to create the Passeq, one of their goals...

Field Test: Trinnov SRP Surround Recording Platform

Mar 1, 2007, By Kevin Becka

Ever try to explain a completely new idea? Like a car that's also a tanning booth and a washing machine? Although not as crazy, that's my dilemma in explaining...

Field Test: Schoeps CMIT 5 U Shotgun Microphone

Feb 1, 2007, By George Petersen

For nearly 60 years, Schoeps has been a leader in small-diaphragm microphone design, offering a dazzling array of mics and capsules to fit nearly any...

Field Test: SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 4 Software

Feb 1, 2007, By Rick Spence

Sonicfire Pro 4 is the latest incarnation of SmartSound's Sonicfire Pro software series for creating royalty-free music for video and other projects....

Field Test: Avantone AK-Type VII Microphone

Feb 1, 2007, By Kevin Becka

The AK-Type VII from Avantone, part of the company's Signature Series of mics, is a hand-built omni made in limited quantities. The stainless-steel body...

Field Test: API 5500 Dual Equalizer

Feb 1, 2007, By Barry Rudolph

The musical-sounding API 5500 Dual Equalizer embodies more than 40 years of tradition, beginning with the original 550 console equalizer module designed...

Field Test: Retro Instruments Sta-Level Compressor

Feb 1, 2007, By Kevin Becka

The Retro Instruments Sta-Level improves on the original '50s Gates Sta-Level via some critical components and added adjustability, while staying true...

Field Test: Muse Research Receptor VST Plug-In Player

Jan 1, 2007, By Robert Brock

In the genus of digital audio effects and instruments, there are two species: dedicated hardware devices and computer-based software tools. It's hard...

Field Test: Steinberg Cubase 4 DAW

Jan 1, 2007, By Jim Aikin

Cubase has been a studio mainstay for close to 20 years now. Although it may not be the front-running application on either the Mac or the PC, Steinberg's...

Field Test: Ableton Live 6 Performance-Oriented DAW

Jan 1, 2007, By Jim Aikin

It's not boring, but it's become quite predictable: Every new version of Ableton Live boosts the feature list to a new level. That was true when I reviewed...

Field Test: Waves Tune Pitch-Correction Plug-In

Jan 1, 2007, By Barry Rudolph

One of five plug-in processors in the new Waves Vocal Bundle (which also includes DeBreath, Renaissance DeEsser, Renaissance Channel Strip and Waves Doubler),...

Snapshot Product Reviews

Jan 1, 2007

AVANT ELECTRONICS MIXCUBES Mini Reference Monitors During the '70s, '80s and into the 1990s, Auratone 5C Sound Cubes were pretty much required in every...

Field Test: IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX Bass Amp Plug-In

Jan 1, 2007, By Barry Rudolph

IK Multimedia's Ampeg SVX Bass Amp is a complete virtual bass guitar rig posing as a plug-in. SVX uses the company's DSM technology to model Ampeg bass...

Field Test: API A2D Dual Microphone Preamp

Jan 1, 2007, By Bobby G. Frasier

The A2D dual mic preamp from API is the company's first foray into the digital realm, melding tried-and-true analog technology with two channels of A/D...

Field Test: Hear Technologies Mix Back System

Jan 1, 2007, By Steve La Cerra

Having trickled down from the rich and famous to the working musician, the continued popularity of in-ear monitors has created a need for high-quality,...

Field Test: Rupert Neve Portico 5032 Mic Pre/EQ

Dec 1, 2006, By Barry Rudolph

One of the four half-rackspace modules offered in Rupert Neve's expanding Portico Series is the 5032 Mic Pre/EQ. Like all of the Portico gear, the 5032...

Field Test: LaChapell Audio Model 992 Tube Preamp

Dec 1, 2006, By Michael Cooper

When inventor Scott LaChapell set out to design the LaChapell Audio Model 992 tube preamplifier, his primary goal was to highlight the sonic character...

Field Test: TC Electronic VSS3 Stereo Source Reverb

Dec 1, 2006, By K.K. Proffitt

Although my TC Electronic System 6000 remains one of my favorite audio toys, it's sometimes maxed out in a film mix. Other times, I want to get sounds...

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