Field Test: Yamaha Pitch Fix, Vocal Rack and Final Master

May 1, 2004, By Barry Rudolph

Workstation users, rejoice: A trio of new plug-ins brings Yamaha's proprietary digital processing technology to your VST/AudioUnits-based projects....

Field Test: Alesis Prolinear 820DSP Monitors

May 1, 2004, By Nick Batzdorf

Until you look closely at the front panel LCD, Alesis' Prolinear 820DSP appears to be a garden-variety, two-way, active studio monitor....

Field Test: Solid State Logic XLogic Multichannel Compressor

May 1, 2004, By K.K. Proffitt

Solid State Logic continues the modern tradition of large-console manufacturers by adding processor units to its inventory with the latest release of the XLogic series, which employs the Grammy-winning SuperAnalogue technology introduced with the SL 9000 for excellent bandwidth and dynamic range, as well as surface-mount technology for compact profiles....

Field Test: Trident S40 Single-Channel Strip

May 1, 2004, By Barry Rudolph

With its signature black-anodized front panel, colored aluminum knobs and small rectangular push buttons, the S40 is clearly the progeny of Trident's Series 80 and TSM consoles....

Field Test: Sony DMX-P01 24-bit/96k Mixer

Apr 1, 2004, By Rick Spence

Sony is no stranger to video production. In fact, Sony has the whole signal production chain pretty much covered....

Field Test: Merging Technologies Pyramix 4.2 Workstation

Apr 1, 2004, By K. K. Proffitt

A solitary triangle in one of Michael Bishop's excellent recordings convinced me that DSD offered a clarity that I didn't hear in my 48kHz PCM work....

Field Test: Neumann TLM 127 Condenser Microphone

Apr 1, 2004, By Barry Rudolph

The TLM 127 is the latest FET 100 Series mic in Neumann's transformerless microphone line (TLM). Available in either black matte or Neumann's trademark nickel finish, the side-address TLM 127 starts out with the K 127 large dual-diaphragm capsule, which is based on the K 103 used in the TLM 103....

Field Test: Genelec 7070A Active Subwoofer

Apr 1, 2004, By George Petersen

When Genelec introduced its 7000 Series of active subwoofers, I was intrigued by these systems, which not only provide solid, below 20Hz LF reproduction, but also offer 6.1 bass-management capability and flexible acoustical tweaks to make the system work in nearly any listening space....

Field Test: Thermionic Culture The Phoenix Compressor

Apr 1, 2004, By Michael Cooper

Thermionic Culture's The Phoenix is a pretty rare bird. It's a variable-mu tube compressor — the first type of compressor ever made....

Snapshot Product Reviews

Mar 1, 2004


IK Multimedia now has a plug-in version of its stand-alone T-RackS mastering software....

Field Test: Waves Transform Plug-In Bundle

Mar 1, 2004, By Barry Rudolph

We've always thought of Waves as a manufacturer of solid, straightforward studio tools, but recently, the company has branched out with some really creative sound-shapers....

Field Test: Apogee Electronics Rosetta 800

Mar 1, 2004, By Michael Cooper

The Rosetta 800 ($2,995), Apogee's newest 24-bit multichannel converter, offers eight channels of A/D and D/A conversion, flexible sync capabilities and Apogee's proprietary UV22HR wordlength reduction and Soft Limit dynamics processing....

Field Test: Buzz Audio SOC 1.1 Stereo Optical Compressor

Mar 1, 2004, By Barry Rudolph

Leave it to the Kiwis to come up with a more reliable and clean-sounding version of the tried-and-true opto-compressor....

Field Test: QSC Audio SRA2422 Studio Reference Amplifier

Mar 1, 2004, By Steve LaCerra

QSC Audio has established itself as a leading manufacturer of amplifiers for live sound reinforcement....

Field Test: iZotope Ozone 3 Plug-In

Mar 1, 2004, By Barry Rudolph

The polymaths at iZotope, the company that came up with the innovative Spectron and Trash plug-ins, have significantly redesigned the manufacturer's popular Ozone 2 analog-modeled mastering suite and christened it Ozone 3....

Field Test: Brauner Phantom C Condenser Microphone

Mar 1, 2004, By Michael Cooper

Brauner has a reputation for building ultratransparent tube mics with very low self-noise and high sensitivity....

Field Test: Studio Projects B Series Mics

Mar 1, 2004, By Nick Batzdorf

During the past few years, there has been an explosion of almost unbelievably low-priced Chinese condenser mics that look like prized German beauties....

Technology Spotlight: Mackie Onyx Console Family

Feb 1, 2004, By George Petersen

Set your time machine back to 1989, and you'll enter a different world. It's hard to believe, but just 15 years ago, everyday audio technologies and products like Pro Tools, ADATs and DA-88s simply didn't exist....

Field Test: Millennia TD-1 Twin-Direct Recording Channel

Feb 1, 2004, By Michael Cooper

The Millennia TD-1 combines an instrument/amplifier/DI input with mic and line recording paths and preamp outputs....

Field Test: Native Instruments Absynth 2 and Reaktor 4

Feb 1, 2004, By John McJunkin

Berlin-based Native Instruments is known for its innovative approach to software synthesis, with unique sound creation tools that appeal across the professional spectrum, from producer to sound designer to DJ....

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