Field Test: Studio Electronics C2s Compressor

Feb 1, 2004, By Erik Zobler

Studio Electronics started rackmounting Minimoogs and retrofitting them with MIDI in 1988....

Field Test: Yamaha SPX2000 Multi-Effects Processor

Feb 1, 2004, By Barry Rudolph

Using the new Yamaha SPX2000 is like visiting with an old reliable friend....

Technology Spotlight: Mackie Onyx Console Family

Feb 1, 2004, By George Petersen

Set your time machine back to 1989, and you'll enter a different world. It's hard to believe, but just 15 years ago, everyday audio technologies and products like Pro Tools, ADATs and DA-88s simply didn't exist....

Field Test: Millennia TD-1 Twin-Direct Recording Channel

Feb 1, 2004, By Michael Cooper

The Millennia TD-1 combines an instrument/amplifier/DI input with mic and line recording paths and preamp outputs....

Field Test: MOTU Digital Performer 4

Jan 1, 2004, By John McJunkin

Mark of the Unicorn's Digital Performer is based on a very robust and full-featured MIDI sequencer that has become much more sophisticated during the years, letting users record, play and manipulate MIDI data in numerous and tremendously creative ways....

Field Test: Oram GMS Al Schmitt Pro-Channel

Jan 1, 2004, By Michael Cooper

When British pro audio manufacturer Oram set out to build the GMS (Grand Master Series) Al Schmitt Pro-Channel compressor/EQ/preamps, mass-market appeal was not at the top of its list of design criteria....

Field Test: Universal Audio Model 2192

Jan 1, 2004, By K. K. Proffitt

Universal Audio's Model 2192 Master Digital Audio Interface combines feature-rich design with impeccable audio quality....

Field Test: Event Electronics ASP8 Studio Precision Monitors

Jan 1, 2004, By Erik Hawkins

Event Electronics made a big splash years ago when it introduced the 20/20 Series of powered, direct-field monitors, which brought the price of bi-amplified, powered monitor technology to a level practically everybody could afford....

Field Test: Lake Technology Contour

Jan 1, 2004, By Bob Hodas

In 1997, representatives from Clair Brothers, along with a team of heavy-hitters in the digital world, joined forces to design the Clair iO, which ushered in the next generation of digital processors....

Field Test: Geoffrey Daking MicPreEQ

Jan 1, 2004, By Kevin Becka

In the early 1990s, when Geoffrey Daking heard that many engineers were growing increasingly dissatisfied with newer audio gear, he decided to find out why....

Field Test: Apogee Electronics Big Ben Master Clock

Dec 1, 2003, By Michael Cooper

Apogee Electronics' Big Ben is a revolutionary master digital clock that does much more than preclude clicks and pops from tainting your audio tracks....

Field Test: Digidesign Digi 002 Rack

Dec 1, 2003, By John McJunkin

Digidesign's Digi 002 Rack is the latest in the series that started with the PCI-oriented Digi 001, followed by the USB-connected Mbox, both intended for home studio use....

Field Test: ADAM Audio S2-A Powered Monitors

Dec 1, 2003, By Dr. Wes Bulla

The ADAM Audio S2-A is a 2×150-watt (RMS) powered monitor with a 7.5-inch HexaCone Woofer and a 71-cm2 Accelerated Ribbon Technology (A.R.T.) tweeter....

Field Test: MOTU HD192 High-Definition I/O Core System

Dec 1, 2003, By Michael Cooper

MOTU's new flagship DAW I/O box, the HD192 High-Definition I/O, is available as part of a core system ($1,895; reviewed here) that includes the company's PCI-424 I/O card and AudioDesk software....

Field Test: Peavey Kosmos Pro

Dec 1, 2003, By Barry Rudolph

Kosmos Pro is an expanded version of Peavey's original Kosmos subharmonic enhancement system....

Field Test: De Medio DME103 Mic Pre

Dec 1, 2003, By Erik Zobler

The DME103 Microphone Preamp is manufactured by Frank De Medio, who has a long history of circuit and console design. In the late 1960s, he partnered with Wally Heider to design and install numerous consoles in Heider's Los Angeles and San Francisco studios....

Field Test: Yamaha DM1000

Nov 1, 2003, By John McJunkin

Ten years ago, there were no digital mixers in the 5-figure range, but that changed with the introduction of Yamaha's 02R. This product's lineage has been tremendously successful and continues to be so....

Field Test: RDE NT2000

Nov 1, 2003, By George Petersen

More than 35 years ago, Henry and Astrid Freedman founded their Australian-based Freedman Group of companies to design, manufacture and install pro audio gear....

Field Test: Manley Laboratories SLAM!

Nov 1, 2003, By Barry Rudolph

The SLAM! (Stereo Limiter And Mic pre) defies categorization, combining an updated version of Manley's stalwart ELOP opto-limiter with a new FET-based brickwall limiter and two Class-A preamps with mic and DI inputs....

Field Test: Focusrite ISA428 Pre Pack

Nov 1, 2003, By Kevin Becka

Recently, Focusrite has offered a product line aimed at the home studio. However, as the $1,995 ISA428 can attest to, the company has not forgotten its high-end roots....

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