Nov 1, 2003

M-Audio's new Transit audio interface offers an inexpensive and easy way to add up to 24/96kHz stereo digital I/O to any USB-equipped (Version 1.1) computer....

Pro Tools Free

Nov 1, 2003, By Laura Pallanck

Digidesign's Pro Tools is inarguably one of the most popular DAW applications in the professional studio, and anyone contemplating getting into the audio field should be familiar with the system....

API Audio Vision

Oct 3, 2003, Editors

The new 24-bus Vision Surround Mixing Console features three stereo mix buses, a dedicated 5-channel surround mix bus and 10 aux buses....

Field Test: Telefunken Ela M 251

Oct 1, 2003, By Mark Cross

The original Telefunken Ela M 251 microphone has quite a history....

Field Test: Stage Tec Aurus

Oct 1, 2003, By Rob Alexander

With a heritage that includes the groundbreaking Cantus and Cinetra digital mixing consoles, in 10 short years, Stage Tec has significantly influenced both the inward and outward design of digital desks....

Field Test: Dangerous Music Monitor, MQ, 2-Bus and Mixer

Oct 1, 2003, By Barry Rudolph

Dangerous Music is leading the way to a brave new world with a line of professional recording studio interfacing tools that facilitate the highest-quality sound of music recorded and mixed inside any digital audio workstation....

Field Test: Steinberg Nuendo 2.01

Oct 1, 2003, By K. K. Proffitt

It hardly seems enough to refer to Nuendo 2.0 as simply an “upgrade.” Steinberg's revision of the powerhouse DAW sports 200 new features and a sleek new look with a feature-rich implementation that supports a bevy of optional add-ons....

Snapshot Product Reviews

Oct 1, 2003

SPL MODEL 2380 Surround Monitor Controller
Sound Performance Labs has a long history of providing slick new products that do something completely different, such as its acclaimed Transient Designer....

Ina-GRM GRM Tools ST

Oct 1, 2003, By Laura Pallanck

GRM Tools ST (Spectral Transform) adds four exceptional processors — Contrast, Equalize, Freq Warp and Shift — to a plug-in family already packed with winners....

Field Test: AEA R84 Ribbon Microphone

Oct 1, 2003, By Kevin Becka

AEA's slick, retro-looking R84 ($1,000) is the newest mic in designer Wes Dooley's product line....

Field Test: TC Electronic Native Bundle 3.0

Oct 1, 2003, By Michael Cooper

TC Electronic's Native Bundle 3.0 adds an adventurous plug-in called Filtrator and new functionality to the suite of production tools previously offered....

Field Test: Waves 360 Surround Toolkit

Oct 1, 2003, BY DAVE RIDEAU

Surround-format commercial music is commonplace. There are hundreds of titles available in various formats used to both entice and confuse consumers....

Field Test: Alesis ProActive 5.1

Sep 1, 2003, By George Petersen

At Winter NAMM this year, after giving Alesis' ProActive 5.1 system a quick listen on the noisy show floor, I thought this 450-watt, THX-certified surround system was “nice,”...

Take Me to Your Master

Sep 1, 2003, By Michael Cooper

Anyone who has worked with Waves Masters Bundle knows that the included plug-ins present a depth of functionality beyond what is offered by similar plugs....

Field Test: Digidesign Pro Tools Version 6

Sep 1, 2003, By Erik Hawkins

Version 6 of Pro Tools is more than simply an update to make it compatible with Apple's new OS X operating system; there have also been many important new features added....

Field Test: Mackie HR626

Sep 1, 2003, By Daniel Keller

Let's face it, monitor reviews are tough. Trying to describe with words how something sounds is like the old tale about the four blind men and the elephant:...

Field Test: Vienna Symphonic Library

Sep 1, 2003, By Nick Batzdorf

Imagine waking up one morning and saying to yourself, “I'm not happy with what's out there....

Field Test: Propellerhead Software Reason 2.5

Sep 1, 2003, By John McJunkin

For many, Propellerhead's Reason is the go-to application when your creation requires a whole lot of virtual synthesis and sampling horsepower....

Chandler Limited LTD-1

Aug 1, 2003, By Barry Rudolph

The Chandler Limited LTD-1 is so close to the original 1073 Neve module that it's almost scary....

Schoeps CMC 6 xt Mic Body

Aug 1, 2003, By Kevin Becka

The new CMC 6 xt mic body from Schoeps is the latest update to the Colette modular mic system....

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