Field Test: Focal SM8 Powered Monitors

Jan 1, 2006, By Joe Hannigan

Having seen them at several industry shows, I've admired the Focal SM Series' look and sound for a while now and looked forward to giving them a serious...

Field Test: Mackie Tracktion 2 DAW Software

Jan 1, 2006, By Jim Aikin

The big-name sequencer/recorders have dominated the market for close to 20 years. With Tracktion, Mackie aims to shake up the scene. Tracktion is quite...

Field Test: Universal Audio LA-3A Audio Leveler

Jan 1, 2006, By Michael Cooper

Universal Audio has a wonderful habit of reissuing some of the most beloved vintage processors known to gear mavens worldwide. Now, the company has re-created...

Field Test: Submersible Music DrumCore Loop Library

Jan 1, 2006, By Jim Aikin

That next big thing rock vocalist is due in your studio in an hour to record a demo, but the drummer didn't show up to lay down the backing tracks. Do...

Field Test: RTZ 9762 Dual-Combo Mic Preamp

Jan 1, 2006, By Barry Rudolph

The 2-channel RTZ 9762 is a single-rackspace remake of the Class-A Neve 1272 microphone preamp. The 9762 adds to the original's operation and sonics with...

Field Test: MOTU Traveler FireWire I/O With Preamps

Jan 1, 2006, By Steve La Cerra

These days, laptop computers provide as much if not more horsepower as your desktop behemoth. As a result, the availability of audio interfaces for mobile...

Field Test: Phonic PAA3 Portable Audio Analyzer

Jan 1, 2006, By Steve La Cerra

At some point, every engineer needs to measure audio. Audio test instruments have traditionally been cumbersome and expensive, but progressing technology...

Field Test: Rupert Neve Designs 5012 Duo Mic Preamp

Dec 1, 2005, By Michael Cooper

The 5012 Duo Mic Pre belongs to Rupert Neve Designs' new line of affordable, all-analog signal processors dubbed The Portico Series. Products in the series...

Field Test: M&K MPS-1611P Powered Monitor

Dec 1, 2005, By Michael Cooper

I've heard many two-way monitors during the years that delivered on the promise of deep bass extension; however, all but a few did so at the expense of...

Field Test: db audioware Quantum FX Version 2

Dec 1, 2005, By Jim Aikin

Creative effects processing is the lifeblood of pop music mixes. Doubtless your DAW provides basic tools for sonic mangling, but what if you need more?...

Field Test: Groove Tubes Glory Comp

Dec 1, 2005, By Kevin Becka

In 2001, Groove Tubes established a beachhead in the high-end market with its ViPRE mic preamp, an all-tube unit with specialized features such as variable...

Field Test: Heil Sound PR 40 Microphone

Dec 1, 2005, By Barry Rudolph

Although Heil Sound has decades of experience in the live sound and custom home theater industries, and is highly regarded for its quality microphones...

Field Test: Joemeek oneQ Channel Strip

Dec 1, 2005, By Tony Nunes

Joemeek's new channel strip series maintains that classic Joemeek '60s midrange boost and presence, while better integrating into today's modern analog/digital...

Field Test: InnerTUBE Audio Dual Atomic Squeeze Box

Nov 1, 2005, By Michael Cooper

We've all been here before: You slam a snare drum track with a compressor to put a point on it and then suffer the tedium of gating the resulting pumping...

Field Test: Helios 1r Twin Type 69 Mic Pre/EQ

Nov 1, 2005, By Barry Rudolph

The Rolling Stones had a silver one in their mobile truck, The Beatles had two green ones at Apple Studios and 10cc had a red one at their Strawberry...

Field Test: PreSonus ADL 600 High-Voltage Tube Preamp

Nov 1, 2005, By Michael Cooper

The PreSonus ADL 600 is proof that marriage is a beautiful thing. The dual-channel, all-tube preamp was designed by Anthony DeMaria of boutique tube gear...

Field Test: Apex 460 Tube Microphone

Nov 1, 2005, By Kevin Becka

In a sea of inexpensive mics, there is a new contender for your dollars: the Apex 460. Squarely aimed at the engineer on a tight budget, it offers features...

Field Test: Earthworks DK25/R DrumKit

Nov 1, 2005, By Steve La Cerra

Getting a great drum sound is an art that lies somewhere between science and black magic, with myriad variables complicating the process. Techniques vary...

Field Test: DTS Pro Series Surround Encoder

Oct 1, 2005, By Kevin Becka

Since Pro Tools 6 arrived, there's been a scarcity of DTS surround software products for the Mac. Back in the old days of Pro Tools 5, you could do a...

Field Test: SPL MixDream Summing System

Oct 1, 2005, By Barry Rudolph

Sound Performance Lab (SPL), known for its unique vision of analog signal processing gear, has released the 16-channel MixDream Model 2384. With its advanced...

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