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Mix Tips: James McKinney

Feb 1, 2013

James McKinney is a happy man with an infectious smile and a passion for all aspects of music production. He is a true multi-hyphenate, working as songwriter, arranger, producer, performer, label owner and industry advocate through his position as Trustee of the local chapter of the Recording Academy and co-chair of the P&E Wing....

TechTalk: It's All About Trust

Jun 1, 2011, By Kevin Becka

As I was learning the craft of engineering, I was fortunate enough to assist some of the best ears in the business, which gave me a rare opportunity to see and hear what they trusted. They all trusted their ears. That comes from working with great gear and putting in your 10,000 hours. (Google “Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers.”) Their gear choices and techniques intrigued me, providing me with something I could quantify and immediately put into my own bag of tricks. ...

Locked and Loaded

Mar 1, 2007, By Robert Hanson

It's no secret that the gaming world has changed by leaps and bounds over the past decade. We've all heard the comparison: With today's high-def consoles,...

Sound Integration

Mar 1, 2007, By Michel Henein

A revolution is taking place in the game world: increased budgets, more hardware resources on target platforms and more high-level software integration...

The Noise in the Box

Mar 1, 2007, By Paul D. Lehrman

In last month's discussion about game audio, I focused on the challenges of making soundtracks for PC-based games. But PCs, of course, are only part of...

Steinberg WaveLab 6

Mar 1, 2007, By Steve Cunningham

For years, I've been using WaveLab to edit half-hour radio shows and assorted podcasts, as well as for CD mastering. My own decision to upgrade to Version...

The Inside Track: Mixing Vocals

Mar 1, 2007, By Kevin Becka

A well-mixed and -sung lyric is the emotional centerpiece of any song. But because of the complexity of pitch, tone, nuance and lyrics, vocals need the...

Ableton Live 6

Feb 1, 2007, By Robert Hanson

Over the course of its short history, Ableton Live has moved quickly from a novel live performance/looping tool to a full-featured audio, MIDI and now...


Feb 1, 2007, By Eddie Ciletti

My focus this month is on the AKG C-414, a venerable studio condenser mic that has about as many permutations as the Universal Audio 1176. At first glance,...

Breaking the Rules

Feb 1, 2007, George Petersen Executive Editor

History is filled with cases of inventions that either happened by accident or yielded results that were far from the original intent. In 1928, researcher...

Notes From the P&E Wing

Feb 1, 2007, By Mark Rubel

If someone asks you what you do, you're likely to say, I make records, or I mix concerts. After all, it's a natural tendency for us to focus on external...

Recording Wild

Feb 1, 2007, By Sarah Jones

FIDDLERS ON THE ROOF Last year was my fourth year working as a research SCUBA diver in the U.S. Antarctic Program. I was also moonlighting as producer,...

Virtual Instruments—Virtually There

Jan 1, 2007, By Paul D. Lehrman

This month, I expect to be helping to cut the ribbon on a brand-new lab in a brand-new music building at my school. It will be equipped with a dozen Intel...

Guitar Distortion

Jan 1, 2007, By Eddie Ciletti

If you have ever felt that guitars are bullying the vocals and the drums, then it's time to take a closer look at those subtly subversive guitar multi-effects...

The Inside Track: Mixing Drums

Jan 1, 2007, By Kevin Becka

Mix is proud to introduce a new article series for 2007: the Inside Track, a bi-monthly feature by Mix technical editor Kevin Becka that explores the...

Apple DVD Studio Pro

Dec 1, 2006, By Kevin Monahan

Now that DVD Studio Pro is part of Apple's Final Cut Studio bundle, professional DVD authoring is available to most production pros. Having worked with...

Precision and Beyond

Dec 1, 2006, George Petersen
Executive Editor

Way back in high school science and math classes, we learned about precision and the concept of three significant figures (sig figs). For example, the...

Once Upon a Studer

Dec 1, 2006, By Eddie Ciletti

A few months ago, a Studer A827 multitrack came within my depth of field. During the troubleshooting process, one of my student assistants commented that...

Dialog Replacement 101

Nov 1, 2006, By Blair Jackson

So far in our periodic in-depth series about the film sound chain, we've looked at production sound mixing (April 2004), sound effects recording (July...

Outfitting Your Dream Room

Nov 1, 2006, By David Weiss, Kevin Becka and Barry Rudolph

Everybody loves a shopping spree. And though the same can't be said in, say, real estate or fuel, in pro audio, your dollar currently stretches farther...

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