SPARS Soundbites

Jul 1, 2006, Compiled by Sarah Benzuly

SPARS, the Society of Professional Audio Recording Services, has worked diligently during the past few years to heighten its profile as a national networking...

Integrated Studios

Jul 1, 2006, By David Weiss

How many spins remain on the concept of the ultramodern studio? To see the very latest, a visit to Integrated Studios ( in New...

Fast Lane Remembered

Jul 1, 2006, By the Mix Editors

During Stephen St.Croix's 18 years as a Mix columnist, we received more letters in reaction to his column each month than about any other topic or article....

TEC Hall of Fame: David Hewitt

Jul 1, 2006, Compiled by Sarah Benzuly

Acclaimed remote recording engineer David Hewitt will join an elite group of individuals as he is inducted into the TEC Hall of Fame at the 22nd Annual...

Nashville Skyline

Jun 1, 2006, By Rick Clark

Last night, I had the good fortune to catch the premiere of Jonathon Demme's new film, Neil Young: Heart of Gold. It documents most of the concerts Young...

The End of Stereo?

Jun 1, 2006, By Hank Neuberger

[Editor's Note: Last month we brought you an introduction from the Society of Professional Audio Recording Services. This month we bring you opinions...

Perfect Vision

Jun 1, 2006, Compiled by Sarah Benzuly

Co-owned by artist/producer/musician Salu Zonana, 20/20 Music (; Westchester, N.Y.) provides many ways to make a great-sounding album,...

Industry News

Jun 1, 2006, Compiled by Sarah Benzuly

Music producer/Cilantro Music owner Ian Jeffreys joined Fluid Music (NYC)After three years with Tonic, New York, Emmy Award nominated audio engineer/sound...

L.A. Grapevine

Jun 1, 2006, By Bud Scoppa

Starting my second month as Mix's L.A. columnist, I figured it was time to start making the rounds, and despite the current climate, which some in the...

John Patterson, 1960-2006

Jun 1, 2006, Compiled by Sarah Benzuly

John Patterson passed away on March 28, 2006, following a lengthy battle with cancer. Patterson joined Yamaha in 1997 as R&D manager, focusing on the...

Cleveland Rocks With Fairlight

Jun 1, 2006, Compiled by Sarah Benzuly

Cleveland's Commercial Recording Studios ( recently installed a Fairlight DREAM Constellation-XT to broaden its HD and 5.1...

New York Metro

Jun 1, 2006, By David Weiss

How many millions of tons in raw materials would it take to build a bridge from Manhattan clear to Ethiopia? If the mind boggles at the thought of all...

Chapman Recording Revisits Analog

Jun 1, 2006, Compiled by Heather Johnson

While many studios have either converted to digital consoles or opted for a workstation-compatible control surface, Chapman Recording (

Incubating in The Loft

Jun 1, 2006, Compiled by Sarah Benzuly

Jesse Deese, founder of, has partnered with Joe McClure (McClure Broadcast Group) and Buddy Nelms (The Loft Entertainment Group) to form...

Credit Where Credit's Due

May 1, 2006, By Maureen Droney

For producers, engineers, musicians and songwriters, proper crediting is the lifeblood of a creative career. It's how the world knows what you've done,...

The Versatile Engineer

May 1, 2006, BY KEVIN BECKA

Today's lean-and-mean studio economy is a scary world for freelance audio engineers even for established mixers who in the past had little trouble finding...

Where's the Money?

May 1, 2006, By Blair Jackson

What's that sound? Is that flap-flap-flap you're hearing the sound of money flying out your window on little white wings? Is that VROOM outside in the...

Avatar Studios: "Analog Is Back"

May 1, 2006, Compiled by Sarah Benzuly

Avatar Studios (New York City) boasted as many as six Studer A800 machines running simultaneously on different sessions on the same day, as well as multiple...

New York Metro

May 1, 2006, By David Weiss

Everybody knows what Frankie said about making it in New York City; is it possible he was crooning to the audio engineer who captured those legendary...

Studio Survival

May 1, 2006, By David Weiss

There's been a lot of anxiety lately over major studios closing. New York, Los Angeles, Nashville each have their stories, from rental prices in New York...

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