Alter Bridge

Sep 1, 2004, By Strother Bullins

Alter Bridge, an Orlando, Fla. based newly signed rock act on Wind-Up Records, faces the universal challenge encountered by bands releasing a debut album:...

Out of the Garden

Sep 1, 2004, By Paul D. Lehrman

The other day at a party for a soprano friend (she's a singer, that is, and not a member of a certain family), I found myself performing with several...

Classic Tracks: Loggins & Messina's "Vahevala"

Sep 1, 2004, By Robyn Flans

Even though Loggins & Messina scored only three Top 40 hits hard to believe for those who grew up listening to them the duo made an awful lot of noise...

Hiding Out at Hyde Street

Sep 1, 2004, Compiled by Sarah Benzuly

Hyde Street Studios (San Francisco) had a six-week lockout with San Francisco Bay Area-based Brigitte DeMeyer and musicians Darryl Jones (bass); guitarists...

Singer/Songwriter Nellie McKay

Sep 1, 2004, By Matt Hurwitz

Criticaly acclaimed singer-songwriter Nellie McKay got to work with one of the recording world’s best on her first album—former Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick, who talks about the project....

L.A. Grapevine

Sep 1, 2004, By Maureen Droney

Larrabee North was buzzing over the new Nikka Costa project, so I stopped in for a visit with mixer Manny Marroquin to see what the excitement was all about. ...

New York Metro

Sep 1, 2004, By David Weiss


Sep 1, 2004, By Heather Johnson

Raphael Saadiq Heads to Future Disc

Sep 1, 2004, By Heather Johnson

Rush "Feeds Back" At East Iris

Sep 1, 2004, By Heather Johnson

Studio X Discovers Forgotten Realms

Sep 1, 2004, By Heather Johnson

Track Sheet

Sep 1, 2004, By Heather Johnson

Sir Elton John Stops In at Tree Sound

Aug 1, 2004, Compiled by Sarah Benzuly

Elton John was at Tree Sound Studios (Norcross, Ga.) self-producing for the first time his full-length album, Peachtree Road, which is scheduled for release...

Classic Tracks: Paul McCartney's "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey"

Aug 1, 2004, By Gary Eskow

Bach, Beethoven those guys may edge a legendary musician or group out over the long haul, but will any musician ever have a more explosive short-term...


Aug 1, 2004, By Chris J. Walker

Ozomatli's bold and energetic music possesses elements of rock espaol, hip hop, Latin, alternative, jazz, funk and various world genres. Sometimes, myriad...

Chris Vrenna's Tweaker

Aug 1, 2004, By Bryan Reesman

Sleep deprivation sounds like it would be an artistic inhibitor, yet Chris Vrenna found it to be a powerful inspiration when assembling Tweaker's new...

SRS Labs Surrounds Uncle Kracker

Aug 1, 2004, Compiled by Sarah Benzuly

Lava Recording artist Uncle Kracker relied on SRS Labs' Circle Surround multichannel encoding technology to deliver their latest release, Seventy Two...

David Crosby and Graham Nash

Aug 1, 2004, By Mr. Bonzai

Passing outside Center Staging in Los Angeles, it would be difficult to imagine what was taking place within the large rehearsal complex. Inside, David...

Avatar Relives America's Past

Aug 1, 2004, Compiled by Sarah Benzuly

Composer/producer Michael Whalen was in Avatar's Studio C (New York City) recording music for a four-part public television series called Slavery and...

Bebel Gilberto

Jul 1, 2004, By Chris J. Walker

Following in her family's footsteps, but making her own quick strides to international success, Bebel Gilberto redefines bossa nova with her tantalizing...

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