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Mix goes on the set and in the studio to get the story behind the sound for today's blockbusters.

Sound Design for 'The Three Stooges'

May 1, 2012, By Matt Hurwitz

What makes a Stooge sound like a Stooge? Like when Curly gets conked on the head with a pipe or when Moe pokes Larry in the eyes? A certain generation knows those sound effects so well that it proved a challenge for the sound design team to create an instantly recognizable soundscape for The Farrelly Brothers’ new Fox release, The Three Stooges, that would consistently evoke from the audience the response, “Yup, that’s our boys.”...

Sound for 'The Hunger Games'

Apr 1, 2012, By Blair Jackson

With the highest first-day advance ticket sales in history and an enormous worldwide fan base certain to fill seats for weeks to come, The Hunger Games, based on Suzanne Collins’ mega-popular Y.A. (young adult) novel about a 16-year-old girl’s fight for survival in a brutal dystopian future, is poised to become a rare early-spring blockbuster....

Oscar Sound Watch: Daft Punk Score and SFX Blend Together in Tron: Legacy

Jan 11, 2011, By Blair Jackson

The hit film Tron: Legacy features a unique blend of electronic and symphonic score elements from the French techno duo Daft Punk (Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter) and futuristic sound effects. We asked supervising sound editor/sound designer Addison Teague (Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End) a few questions about this interesting marriage....

Unraveling the Sound for Zodiac

Mar 1, 2007, By Blair Jackson

The Zodiac murders were a series of brutal, seemingly random killings in Northern California that baffled police and terrified residents in the late '60s....

Freak Out

Feb 1, 2007, By Glen Yard

Freak Out is a comedy/horror film best described as the bastard offspring of Weird Science and any of the Friday the 13th films. It's the story of two...

Conflagrations and Claustrophobia

Jan 1, 2007, By Blair Jackson

Now in his mid-70s, director Clint Eastwood continues to amaze and provoke. His latest artistic (and critical) triumph is a pair of films about the pivotal...

American Hardcore

Dec 1, 2006, By Iain Blair

In our current era of safe, blow-dried, corporate rap and rock, and super-bland pop, the snarling, spitting, angry punk acts profiled in the new film,...

New York Metro

Dec 1, 2006, By David Weiss

Sometimes when you listen to the music on a kids' show, you wonder if kids were in charge of making it, too. While there are always a few gems for the...

Stage to Screen

Dec 1, 2006, By Blair Jackson

Nearly 25 years to the day after the musical Dreamgirls opened on Broadway and began a triumphant four-year run, a film version is finally hitting theaters....

Dialog Replacement 101

Nov 1, 2006, By Blair Jackson

So far in our periodic in-depth series about the film sound chain, we've looked at production sound mixing (April 2004), sound effects recording (July...

Good Night, and Good Luck

Oct 1, 2006, By Heather Johnson

For their critically acclaimed film, Good Night, and Good Luck, co-producers George Clooney and Grant Heslov wanted the activity on the CBS Radford Stage...

A Scanner Darkly

Oct 1, 2006, By Matt Hurwitz

Drug-induced paranoia: If you want to know what it looks like, ask A Scanner Darkly director Richard Linklater and his team of rotoscoping animators....

Surrounding the Audience

Oct 1, 2006, By Paul D. Lehrman

In last month's column, I looked at some of the issues involved in putting together surround mixes for live sports events through the eyes of Phil Adler,...

Shawn Clement

Sep 1, 2006, By Gary Eskow

During the past four decades, some talented guitar players have passed through Mr. C's Music Store, including Jeff Baxter and the owner's son, Shawn Clement....

Composer Alex Wurman

Sep 1, 2006, By Bud Scoppa

During his 15 years in Los Angeles, the versatile composer Alex Wurman, who deftly and seamlessly integrates traditional orchestrations, electronic elements...

Beau Hunks and The Little Rascals

Sep 1, 2006, By Matt Hurwitz

Good Old Days, Dash and Dot, On to the Show, Nearly every person on the planet knows these songs, though most don't know their names or who wrote them....

The Surround Game

Sep 1, 2006, By Paul D. Lehrman

A few years ago, the chief engineer at one of the busiest audio post houses in Boston, a multiroom facility that does mostly TV commercials and hosts...

SPARS Soundbites

Sep 1, 2006, By Michael Davis

High-definition television is taking hold after years of fits and starts and format skirmishes. Channels are continually being added, and television set...

Trailer Mixing and Music

Aug 1, 2006, By Blair Jackson

At its best, a movie trailer gets the heart racing, the mind reeling and prompts a little voice in your head that says, I've gotta see this film! Creating...

Engine FX With Personality in Pixar's Cars

Jul 1, 2006, By Blair Jackson

Pixar, the animation studio that can apparently do no wrong, continues its amazing string of successful films with Cars, in which anthropomorphic autos...

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