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SPARS SoundBite | Fragmentation is Good!

Apr 1, 2012, By Roy Machado

As we head off to another NAB, we find that media production in general is experiencing a tremendous amount of fragmentation—a trend that is likely to continue. There are countless numbers of cable channels, Websites, and both traditional and Internet-based radio outlets, which has led to fragmented audiences, as well....

SPARS SoundBite | The Future In Numbers

Oct 1, 2011, By Kirk Imamura

Every organization related to pro audio has been affected by the democratization of content creation. New, powerful tools that aid songwriting, music creation/production and audio recording have opened the doors to many, many more individuals, whether in music, sound design or post. To illustrate the macro effects of this type of explosive growth, let’s look at the recent experience of ASCAP. ...

Editor's Note: Being a Good Stewart? What Does That Mean?

Oct 1, 2011, By Tom Kenny, Editorial Director

I was on the phone with Kirk Imamura, president of Avatar Studios in New York City, talking about his SPARS column for this month’s issue. He said, "It's the issue that’s going to AES, right? I thought I would talk about being a good steward of the industry, you know, in how you run your business and how you help promote the industry at large.” “Good,” I said. “I like it.” We talked a little more, hung up and a bit later in the day I thought, “Huh. Steward. That’s a word you don’t hear very often. Do I need to go to Wikipedia?” It got me thinking: What does it mean to be a good steward today, one who helps take care of things, both at home and as part of an industry? ...

Wire Road Studios Opens

Sep 1, 2011, By Sarah Benzuly

Houston’s music community came out in force to celebrate the grand opening of Wire Road Studios on July 31. After sipping on drinks and snacking on Texas-style appetizers, guests took a tour of the new Russ Berger Group–designed facility, which features two recording studios and a video editing suite. During the tour, three bands—Hazy Ray, Trucker’s Choice and Mantis—recorded in the live room. Evesborough Films, which works out of the Wire Road video editing suite, showcased its video production talent with a montage of its latest work, including music videos for hip-hop artists in the Wire Road family. The studio is now officially open and booking recording projects ...

SPARS SoundBite | What Makes a Quality Recording Studio

Aug 1, 2011, By Kirk Immamura, president/director

SPARS has embarked upon a quest to seek out recording studios that have not only survived but are thriving today, in an effort similar to what Tom Peters did when he wrote In Search of Excellence. We recently talked to a few studio owners who have done a really good job adapting to the conditions of their respective markets. ...

SPARS SoundBite | Local Music Communities

Jul 1, 2011, By Kirk Immamura, president/director

Welcome to the new SPARS column, where we will inform you of what we are doing to move the industry forward. Last month we spotlighted our new Board of Directors, including five newly elected pros representing Los Angeles, the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest. The geographic diversity is important, as one of the primary initiatives of SPARS in the coming years will be to bring national focus on each and every recording community. ...

On the Cover: Rose Mann Cherney

Oct 25, 2010, By Maureen Droney

Rose Mann Cherney is the quintessential studio operator. She’s spent the bulk of her 30-plus-year studio career at Record Plant in Los Angeles, and truth be told, the two are so intertwined it’s hard to imagine one without the other. And it’s not just a career; it’s a lifestyle....

Editor's Note: Studio Business With Style

Oct 25, 2010, By Tom Kenny, Editorial Director

We love this cover shot of Rose Mann Cherney. It was taken very early on a late-summer morning along the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago. The photographer was her brother-in-law, award-winning former Chicago Tribune staffer Charles Cherney. ...

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