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No Allusion About Auralex

Dec 1, 2011, By Sarah Benzuly

When Allusion Studios (Tucson, Ariz.) head engineer Jim Pavett made the call to overhaul the space—including the control room, live/drum room, vocal booth, iso spaces and lounge—he logged onto Auralex’s site to fill out the Room Analysis Plus service. This program allowed him to download an audio file with a swept sine signal from 20 to 20k Hz. Pavett then recorded the sweep with an omnidirectional measurement mic and forwarded it, with the Personalized Room Analysis Form, direct to Auralex for examination. ...

On the Cover: 25th Street Recording

Oct 1, 2011, By Tom Kenny

Dave Lichtenstein is an avid surfer, so it’s not really in his nature to feel the pressure to do anything too quickly. But he’s also an artist, so he knows what he wants and he cares about quality sound. After nearly 30 years in and around the recording industry—as an engineer, writer and performer, with various sidetracks along the way—Lichtenstein knew he wanted to build a big room that was comfortable for musicians, a place where a band or a small orchestra could come together to play. Now he’s got one, and it’s a beauty. ...

Extreme Mastering Makeover

Sep 1, 2011, By Sarah Benzuly

When Extreme Music (London), the production music arm of Sony ATV, wanted to upgrade its layout and acoustics in its new mastering facility, the staff turned to White Mark, which employed its Fast Studio construction method, bringing the goal to fruition in just seven days. ...

On the Cover: Pianella Studios

Sep 1, 2011, By Matt Hurwitz

After years of using a converted walk-in closet in a rental in Malibu, Calif., as a demo production studio, Oscar-nominated film composer Marco Beltrami (The Hurt Locker, 3:10 to Yuma and the upcoming remake of The Thing) decided it was time to build the kind of facility that would provide him and his sound designer/co-composer, Buck Sanders, a place to compose, record and mix final score recordings. ...

On the Cover: Blade Studios

Aug 1, 2011, By Barbara Schultz

The week that we telephoned Blade Studios (Shreveport, La.), co-owner/producer/drummer Brady Blade and chief engineer Chris Bell were in Studio A with videogame developers Rob Atkins and Adrian Carmack (Doom and Quake Series) scoring the Fallen Shadows II videogame. Action in the second Fallen Shadows game takes place in New Orleans, and Blade says the score is generally “creepy.” Over the phone, Bell played back some music from the “All Saints Morgue” scene; it’s an eerie sequence of tones and percussive sounds, built around the ominous thump of a heartbeat. ...

Studio Designers | Form & Function

Jun 1, 2011, By Barbara Schultz

Tastes and technology evolve, but the principles of acoustics remain the same. Another immutable reality: “Sooner or later, you need some kind of facility to create content,” as 40-plus-year studio designer John Storyk says. And though the music recording industry has never seen stranger times, there seems to be no end of public demand for “content.” ...

On the Cover: Jungle City Studios

Jun 1, 2011, By Tom Kenny

We’re taught from a very young age that hard work pays off, that if we practice, put in the hours and hone a skill, we will find success. Parents tell us this almost before we can talk, then teachers, Little League coaches, instructors of private music lessons. Then later we hear it from college professors, who tell us that with good grades we will get a good job, if we do the work and do it well, we will be rewarded. ...

The Class of 2011

Jun 1, 2011, By The Mix Editors

Each June, we canvas the studio scene to find the hottest new facilities to open in the past year. This year’s survey brought in more than 50 great rooms, making for some very tough decisions. Here, then, are the top 20 studios to come online since June 2010. For a look at all submissions and more detailed descriptions, go to for an extended photo gallery. ...

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