On the Cover: Jungle City Studios

Jun 1, 2011, By Tom Kenny

We’re taught from a very young age that hard work pays off, that if we practice, put in the hours and hone a skill, we will find success. Parents tell us this almost before we can talk, then teachers, Little League coaches, instructors of private music lessons. Then later we hear it from college professors, who tell us that with good grades we will get a good job, if we do the work and do it well, we will be rewarded. ...

On the Cover: Manifold Recording

May 1, 2011, By Tom Kenny

Projects like Manifold Recording don’t come around often in a studio designer’s life. A client with knowledge and passion for the way music works in a space and the way every bit of detail contributes to the whole. A proposal for a carbon-neutral, ground-up facility that starts with the sweet spot in the control room and the musician in the live room and develops from there. A request for drawings that include 24-foot ceilings and visual continuity from control room to music room to three iso booths and two sound locks, through windows onto the 16-acre property in the hills south of Chapel Hill, N.C. A budget that was comfortable—not unlimited, but better than most. It did, however, grow over five-and-a-half years while other projects started and finished. And studio designer Wes Lachot had no idea what he was getting into. ...

Music: Yes Master Rises Above

May 1, 2011, By Sarah Benzuly

After 10 months, Nashville’s Yes Master Studios is up and running. In the aftermath of the devastating flood that deluged most of Nashville last May, the studio had to be de-molded; carpet, drywall and insulation removed; and the stud walls sprayed down with anti-mold solution so that studio owner Jim DeMain could bring the room back to spec. Part of the restoration included rebuilding the mastering suite’s floating floor and sub enclosures, replacing the drywall iso layers and more. ...

On the Cover: GenAudio's Astound Studios

Apr 1, 2011, By Kevin Becka

Tucked into a small building on the Westside of Los Angeles, Astound Studios is the brainchild of GenAudio chairman and CEO Jerry Mahabub. The room is designed for critical listening to surround from 5.1 sources, as well as 2-channel surround mixes created using the company’s AstoundSound® process. The room is run by a small team of mixers, including chief engineer Greg Morgenstein, and senior re-recording engineers Andy Hay and Matt Marrin. ...

On the Cover: Guilford Sound

Mar 1, 2011, By Barbara Schultz

Guilford Sound, Dave Snyder’s new studio in southern Vermont, is at once a blast from the past and the wave of the future. On the one hand, it’s the kind of facility almost no one builds anymore—ground up, big tracking and control rooms, multiple iso rooms and even an echo chamber in the attic...

Music: You Hang Up in Off the Wall

Mar 1, 2011, By Barbara Schultz

Producer/engineer Robert Venable spent the month of January in his Off the Wall Studios (Nashville, co-owned by drummer/engineer Lester Estelle) tracking alternative rockers You Hang Up. Based in Phoenix, the band is fronted by singer/songwriter/musician Aaron Brown, and features a famous drummer: Frankie Muniz, the actor/musician best known for his role as the star of the hit TV show Malcolm in the Middle....

On the Cover: Ocean Way Recording's Allen Sides

Feb 1, 2011, By Blair Jackson

Allen Sides really should write a book; very few people in the music business have had as interesting a career. Most Mix readers probably know highlights of Sides’ resumé: He started in the audio business building custom loudspeakers and doing engineering work in a converted Santa Monica, Calif., garage space; he was taken under the wing of L.A. studio owner/audio guru Bill Putnam...

Music: Introducing Blade Studios

Dec 8, 2010, By Barbara Schultz

Veteran pop/rock/country drummer Brady Blade and business partner Scott Crompton are moments away from opening a new multistudio complex, Blade Studios, in Shreveport, La. With a design by Russ Berger Design Group, the facility is set to go online in mid-December. ...

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